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Bre-Anna Terry

Mrs. Crist
English 4
November 10, 2016
Service Issue Paper
Many people in America deal with depression. People with depression sometimes do not
know how to deal with it. Most people need something to help them cope with depression,
because they may lead to harming themselves or suicide. People with depression go through a lot
every day because depression is all the time, it doesn't just go away.
Depression is a very big deal it does not just go away. People who have depression may
feel alone. Coping with depression is not just doing something to help keep your mind off of it, it
is also having people help you deal with it also. There are many different ways to cope with
depression such as, reaching out and talking to people, writing in a journal, drawing, listening to
music, or eating healthy (Smith). These things are very good strategies to help people cope with
their depression. There are also many horrible ways of coping with depression such as, Booze,
sleeping, or self-mutilation (Vann).
People do not know what to do sometimes when they are depressed. Some people go to a
therapist to talk to them about their problems. Therapists help people in many different ways,
such as, helping people understand their illness, define and help reach wellness goals, and also
help with overcoming fears and insecurities (Hotline Information). Sometimes talking to a
therapists will treat the depression so well that it may go away but that is not always the case.

Therapists most of the time prescribe medications to help the depression, but sometimes The
medications might, paradoxically, worsen depression. Alternatively, they might energize people
who previously were too paralyzed by depression to act on their suicidal thoughts (Freedenthal).
In some cases a person with depression can use things to help cope like a animal or
hobby. Some animals help with depression, Dogs in particular can reduce stress, anxiety, and
depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve your
cardiovascular health (Robinson). A animal can help fill a void. There are some good things to
do as hobbies to help cope. There are many good hobbies people can do such as, Drawing or
painting, Baking, Scrapbooking or crafting, Sewing or knitting, Singing or playing an
instrument (Remmington).
People with depression can get help with coping from therapists. Some people can get the
help from therapists and not have depression anymore. Some people can do hobbies to help cope
with the depression. Many people get their help from having pets because animals help cope with
the depression by maybe bringing happiness to the person's eyes. Some seek help in medication
and sometimes it actually works but sometimes it makes their depression worse or even makes
them suicidal.

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