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wp1 final

Political Genres

have found literary genre in Political Issues that I thought was

interesting. Political issues may be the topic , but when it comes to

genres I have found 3 Political issues that can be considered as
genres. These issues are drugs, crime, and education. I know your
probably thinking to your self whats genre right? I know that when
you heard the word "genre" the first thing that probably came to
your head was music genres. Well I'm here to tell you that, thats not
the only kind of genres. Genre can be any thing that can be written
in texual form.
The first political issue that I have found to be a genre is
"Drugs". This issue can be considered a genre because I have found
different ways people writes about "drug abuse" or "war on drugs".
For example I have found a mini article about Bernie Sanders
agreeing with rapper Jayz about ending the war on drugs. Rapper
Jayz had tweeted " The war on drugs is an epic fail. Why are white
men poised to get rich doing the same thing African Americans been
going to prison for?". (us Bernie Sanders replied to that
tweet "Jayz is right we need to end the war on drugs".

The war on drugs exploded the U.S prison population

disproportionately locking away blacks and latinos. Our prison
population grew more then 900 percent. When the war on drugs
began in 1971 the prison population was at 200,000. Today it is
over 2,000,000. The article stated "Venture capitalists migrate to

[states where marijuana has been legalized] to open multibillion dollar

operations, but former felons can't open a dispensary," Jay Z
continues. "Lots of times, those felonies were drug charges caught by
poor people who sold drugs for a living but are now prohibited from
participating in one of the fastest-growing economies"

The second political issue that I have found to be a genre is

crime rate. I have found another form of writing about this topic.
Which makes it a genre. I have found another article about this topic
that was on The article stated that CLEVELAND, Ohio

- Republican presidential nominee D

onald Trump h
as made violent crime in
American cities a major issue in his campaign. Inner cities, he says, are a

"living hell" of increasing violence and homicide". Democratic presidential

nominee Hillary Clinton says the opposite. In the first debate on Sept. 26,
she said, "Violent crime is one-half of what it was in 1991." The question

you might wanna know is who is right? Well in a weird way both of
them are right.! Trump is correct because in some cities the violent
crime rat has went up in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Clinton is correct that
while the numbers have spiked in some major cities, the national trend
shows a steady decrease over several
The third political issue that i found to be a genre is "education".

Education is a big part of America's political issues. I decided that

this issue was a genre because I have found a couple different
ways people write about education. I have found a news paper article
that talks about why American students are falling behind.
( In the article it stated that t he fact that the nations

high school graduation rate this year rose to the highest rate in three
decades, that college enrollment has grown, particularly for Hispanic
students, and that fourth and eighth graders saw small gains in both
reading and math on the 2013 National Assessment of Educational
Progress, known as the Nations Report Card, which was released
Nov. 7. A secretary named Arne Ducan stated In a knowledge-based,

global economy, where education is more important than ever before,

both to individual success and collective prosperity, our students are

basically losing ground, Duncan said. Were running in place, as

other high performing countries start to lap

Now I know your probaly thinking what makes all these genres
"genres"? Well I have found different conventions and terms in
writing that makes these genres "genres".
1.Rhetorical writing
I know if your new to genres and your looking at this list of
words your probably thinking to your self what the hell do those
mean?! These are just some of the terms you can use to check if a
peice of writing is a genre.

All these articles all had theses terms in common. I would say
that all the aritcles had rhetorical writing in them. Rhetorical writing is
when a writer is trying to persude you through writing. All three of
the articles were trying to persude the reader to belive what they
were talking about in the article. Whats the purpose of the article if it
cant be persuasive? The articles also showed examples of Logos.
Logos is when it is apeeling to the audience sense of logic, facts,
and satisistics. In all three articles they were showing examples of
satisitics and facts based on research. These articles also showed
different conventions. Conventions are the ingrediants or charicteristics
to identify a text. The article showed conventions by having different
aproaches and appels to the audince. The articles had different
forms of writing that makes up these coventions. Ethos played a part
in these articles too. Ethos is the credibility of a writer or rhetor.
These articles all gave credibility to the writers in the beginning of
each article. The last thing I noticed these articles had in common
was Pathos. Pathos is reading something that evolks emotion. All the
genres I picked all are major issues in america. People actully care
about these things. For a person to care about these things such as
my self, reading these articles evolked emotion because I can relate
to all these genres in real life.

ENG 101-108 Feedback Matrix for WP1

Table of Textual Features and Qualities
Did Not Meet



Thesis Statement

Use of Textual Evidence from


(in the way that
you used them
it wasnt clear
how it related
back to your

Use of Course Readings





Attention to Genre/Conventions
and Rhetorical Factors

Main Focus was Placed on the

Writing Itself and the Writers
Choices (Rather than the Topic)


Sentence-level Clarity,
Mechanics, Flow

Comments and Grade

Please read through my comments and check out some of

these thoughts:

-First and foremost, I need you to choose 3 TEXTUAL

-Next, I need you to find out what, exactly, youre trying
to convince me of. Whats your argument? You need a
thesis statement, and you need to make it as crisp and
specific as you can. What, exactly, are you arguing in this
paper? What are you trying ot convince me of? Try to
capture that idea in 1 sentence. The more direction you
give me from the get-go, the more Ill be able to follow
your thought process as I read your paper.

-I wasnt really sure about what vocab you were using

until the last paragraph of the whole paper. Again: the
more of a roadmap you give me from the start, the easier
of a job Ill have in following you throughout the paper.
-There were some areas where I thought you focused too
much on the topic itself and not the WRITING. Use
made textual references (to the genres), but I wasnt clear
on how/why they supported your argument. (Partially
b/c I wasnt sure what you argument is.)
-Id like you to ask yourself: what overall organization
would work best for the argument youre making? How
can you best lay out your argument/paper for your
reader, one chunk (paragraph) at a time?
-Lastly, Id like you to focus a bite more on the different
ways of readingI think that could add a
super-interesting component to your paper here.
Youre making progress, and I think you can make this a
very strong paper when it comes time for the portfolio
submission. Read through my comments multiple times,
and give it your best shot. Dont give up.