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Microteach Reflection


Lucas Willumsen

This reflection needs to have a 5-10 sentence

paragraph completed for each category in the
Reflection template. Consult with the rubric
below to guide your responses.








his/her own

reflection that
considers self and
peer feedback
and determines
personal goals for
the future (with
strategies to
address them)

Completes all
specific portions
and feedback
from peers

Completes all
specific portions
of the lesson and

Completes all
components of
the reflection

provides little
insight or
evidence of
critical analysis

minimal or does
not critically
components of
the lesson

Strengths of the lesson

I was quite pleased with the number of aspects of my lesson that were overall
successful. My lesson went almost entirely as planned which I was quite happy about, even
if it was only a fifteen minutes long. The introduction I felt was successful in tying in to past
material, introducing the new concept, and creating student interest. I felt I maintained a
generally professional demeanor, and treated the class as if they were actually Grade 4
students. A strength of the lesson that wasnt particularly difficult for my chosen subject
matter, but nonetheless important was my knowledge of the subject, which I felt was fully
sufficient. And finally, I was quite pleased in regards to how the back-to-back, face-to-face
activity went, as well as how it provided variety within the lesson, both physically and
socially. I felt that it contributed to the lesson objective, which was to introduce the subject
of the different regions of Alberta.

Revisions that could be considered

In spite of the strengths of the lesson, as an introduction to both lesson planning and
execution, there was of course many things that could have been improved. Primarily, there
were various logistical elements that could have been improved. For example, ideally there
would have been an image of Alberta with the regional borders already in place on a
projector or Smart Board, thereby saving the class from my lackluster artistic abilities. I also
found an excellent online resource with a more interactive map on it, which could have
improved the accuracy of the lesson and also allowed me to place cities on the map to give
greater contextual understanding to the students. That being said, even without a Smart
Board, I could have improved my lesson on the whiteboard by giving more labelling or
writing down of student answers, allowing them to get a visual of the words being discussed,
and catering to a greater spectrum of learning styles. A final thing that could be improved
was my awareness of time, which is a skill that I am aware that I need to further develop
over my education. This, in turn, could have improved my closure of the lesson, which ended
up being rather non-existent, due to time constraints. Could also be helped by using a
wristwatch or just having a greater awareness of the clock.

Overall evaluation of the lesson and next steps

Overall, as a first or second lesson in a teaching role, I was rather pleased with the
success of the lesson as a whole. My plan proved to be quite reasonable and I was able to
relatively accurately follow it in practice. While I dont believe that this lesson alone would
fulfill the learning objectives outlined in the curriculum, I do believe it succeeded in its

ED 2500 Orientation to Teaching

objective which was to introduce the various geographic regions of Alberta, and to generate
some interest in them. Most of the many things that could be improved could be applied to
any lesson, such as time management, and speaking effectively to the class, but there still
aspects specific to this lesson that I would change if I had the opportunity to give it again.
While it wasnt quite an authentic classroom experience as my students were in university,
not Grade 4, I think it still provided me with a valuable experience in preparing, performing,
and reflecting upon the lesson.

ED 2500 Orientation to Teaching