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The Origins of the 9th Chakra Activation Technique

By Rosalene Bussiere

As a Healing Arts Practitioner I look for blocked areas in the energy field that is
restricting the flow of energy to the physical body causing the physical disorder. Thus,
leading me into a new but old World of healing modality, the 9th Chakra. As you read
below you will understand the history of man and my work the 9th Chakra Activation
Sacral Cranial work was nearly extinct due to the rise of anti-Buddhist factions in Tibet.
Due to these factions the monks and their healing practices which were passed down
orally from deeply devoted Tibetan Monk teachers to apprentice was nearly lost. For
thousands of years the monks knew that applying manipulation of the sacral cranial
area reconnected us to our great healing capacities by releasing pressure on the brain
steam; the medulla. They also knew that the human body was not designed flawless by
the gods. Recognizing that when a fetus is being created in her mothers womb all her
joints are also being full formed and functional except one; the Sub-Occipital joint.
It is common knowledge that the neck and head is not fully formed after birth therefore
this joint is highly probable to be dislocated from the beginning of life. Hence why an
Infants head must be protected from injury until the child is old enough to support its
own head. The monks knew that this work has been proven to alleviate great suffering
from minor to chronic conditions and promote a sense of well-being and that the suboccipital joint needed to be corrected and maintained throughout a persons life in order
for transformation of the human experience to happen on my levels, whether physical,
mental, emotional or spiritual.
Based on this knowledge many religions and cultures have quoted similar connections
regarding the expansion of man and the physical defect that all humans share; a under
developed joint the sub-occipital joint. Take the Ancient God Titan Atlas who carried the
weight of the world on his shoulders. This was said to be punishment from Zeus, the
king of the gods. Atlas would have to stand and carry the heavens on his shoulders.
Perhaps from keeping the world from sinking; a metaphor I believe to be based on
cranial vertebral instability (dislocated joint). Therefore, the neck structure does not
have the ability to support the skull, which can then sink into the brain stem blocking the
normal flow of cerebral spinal fluid leading to issues related to autonomic nervous
system failing.
Indian Gurus call the Sub-occipital joint the Mouth of God or the 9th Chakra. The 9th
Chakra is also a lineage of sacred knowledge passed down through a disciplined
technique and a deep understanding of attuned intuition. So what is the 9th Chakra?

The 9th Chakra has been referred to as the "Mouth of God" and its opening is exactly at
the back of the neck where the skull lays on top of the spine. It connects to the Medulla
Oblongata and the reticular formation of the brain and spinal cord as well as the Silver
Cord (spinal cord) in the Crown that connects to the Threefold Founder Flame also
known as the Universal Consciousness. This area esoterically has been called the
Golden Chalice for it is the Occipital Cup that holds the Cosmic Intelligence or Wisdom.
It is a literal brain rewiring (spiritual body activation) in order to hold and be receptive to
the "Golden Chalice" of Universal Knowledge which is transmitted through the Silver
Cord (Spinal Cord) in the Crown once Kundalini activation has taken place.
What happens when the 9th Chakra is misaligned?

Distorted Brain messages

Misalignment of the spine
Headaches/neck pains
Contracted shoulder muscles (shoulder/arm pain)
Contracted spinal muscles (back pains)
Contracted hip muscles (hip pain)
Tighten hamstring (knee pain)
Tight calf muscles (foot pain)

Resulting in Body imbalance and shortened leg lengths

This technique not only re-aligns the spine/9th Chakra promoting healing but changes
peoples lives and helps them move forward. Disturbances such as displacement of the
Occipital joint can affect matter, consciousness and every cell of the body. The 9th
chakra is activated by correctly seating the principal joint into correct alignment. This is
the entry point of life force (prana) into the body.

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May you always be well