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MEC 321 Thermodynamics-II

Fall 2016-17 Semester

Project (9% marks)
You have already studied the first and second law of thermodynamics in the first
thermodynamics course. For this course project, you have to build an apparatus, perform
experiments, and analyze and present data to prove/verify the first and second laws of
thermodynamics. The experiment should be such that it can be performed in a typical
university classroom without violating any safety or security policy. Do not perform any
experiment that may be dangerous or risk safety. Try to keep the apparatus as simple and
inexpensive as possible.
Some other important requirements are:
1- Initial report: Make a team (maximum of four students). In addition to the details of the
team members, also report what apparatus you plan to build and experiment you plan to
perform. You may include sketches of the apparatus. Furthermore, prove that the
experiment is; safe and related to MEC 321 Thermodynamics II course contents. The
document (hard copy) with all the required details is to be submitted in the course
instructors office by September 04, 2016.
2- Project progress report: I expect the abstract, introduction and some of other work that
you have already done by this date to be documented in this report. Mention what work
needs to be carried out by the time you finish this project. Also explain you
plans/strategy to verify the two laws of thermodynamics in your project. Hard copy of
this report is to be submitted in the course instructors office by October 02, 2016.
3- Comprehensive final project report (7 marks): Final report should be submitted in a
proper technical report format, properly typed. Some of the important sections are
Abstract, Introduction, details of the apparatus, the mechanism, experimental procedure
. . . . . . . . . . . . Data Analysis, Conclusion, Impact of your project on the environment
etc. Make sure you also include sections of how you checked the reliability and safety
of the apparatus that you built to perform the experiments. Also include a section of
what software you used in your project and how was it useful. Hard copy of this report
is to be submitted in the course instructors office by November 20, 2016.
4- Presentation (2 marks): 10 minutes presentation + 5 minutes for Q/A session. Submit
soft copy (e-mail) of the presentations by November 20, 2016. Presentations will be
scheduled on November 21st and 23rd.You will be required to demonstrate the working
of the apparatus during the presentation session.
Projects of students/group who miss any of the above due dates listed in 1 thru 4 above
will not be considered.

Best of Luck