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Name: Lopez, Arvin Bejer
Section / Major: IV-A1 / Mathematics
Chapter Title: A Person of Influence Listens to People

LISTENING: The Doorway for the Birth of Connection
Active listening gives the birth to connection. Also, it develops commitment. Thus, people who
don’t feel heard resist and people who don’t agree, but feel listened to, will commit.
While some may be impressed with how well you speak, the right people will be impressed
with how well you listen. Great teachers are said to be great listeners. Also, they are proactive,
strategic, and intuitive listeners. They recognize knowledge and wisdom are not gained by talking, but
by listening.
It is simply not possible to be a great teacher without being a great communicator. In
academe, teachers are not always right. Thus, if you desire to be listened to, then give the courtesy of
listening to your students. Controlling what people say isn’t listening. Anyone can add value to your
world if you’re willing to listen. Hence, wisdom doesn’t just come from peers and those above you – it
can come from anywhere at any time, but only if you’re willing to listen. Teachers could expand their
sphere of influence and learn from those with different perspectives and experiences.
Also, listen to non-verbals because people say as much with their actions, inactions, body
language, facial expressions, etc., as they do with their verbal communications. In fact, most people
won’t overtly verbalize opposition or disagreement, but they will almost always deliver a very clear
message with their non-verbals. Teachers as intuitive listeners are looking for the story behind the
message, and the opportunity beyond the issue. Listening is about discovery, and discovery doesn’t
only impact the present, but it can also influence the future.
Listening demonstrates that you respect others, and is the first step in building trust and
rapport. Moreover, listening recognizes the contributions of others. One of the most often overlooked
aspects of listening is thanking others for their contributions. If you glean benefits from listening to
someone, thank them. Even if no value is perceived, thank them for their time and input. Never forget
to acknowledge those who contribute energy, ideas, actions or results. Few things go as far in building
good will as recognizing others.
Don’t just listen to those who agree with you, but actively seek out dissenting opinions and
thoughts. Listen to those that confront you, challenge you, stretch you, and develop you because true
wisdom doesn’t see opposition, only opportunity. Finally, listening is absolutely critical to creating an
environment in which will decide on their own to become highly motivated, committed, and fullyengaged. Indeed, ears expand influence because the secret to expanding your influence is in your

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