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English class x sem 1

Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, d, or e.

This monologue is for question 1 and 2.
Good morning everybody. I am Irfan Bachdim.My father is Dutch, and my mom is Indonesian..I
just stay here. And now, I study in this school. And I got to to school by motorcycle, sometimes by
taxi..OK, I think its enough, thanks.





What is the boy doing?

a. He is going to leave
d. He is introducing himself
b. He is greeting someone
e. He is introducing his new friends
c. He is introducing his family
Where does Irfan Bachdim introduce himself?
a. At a restaurant
b. On the street
c. In his classroom
d. In his friends house
e. In the library
: Well, students! I want you to meet your new classmateAntony.
: Good morning, fellow!
: Antony!
a. Hi Good morning
b. Hello Nice to see you
c. This is Good morning
d. Good morning Good bye
e. I`m glad to see you We are too
Deborah : How do you do ? My name`s Deborah. I am from LA.
: ..? I am Kelly, from Melbourne. I`m glad to meet you.
Deborah : I`m glad to meet you, too
a. Hello
b. Good morning
c. I`m fine
d. How do you do
e. Not so bad
Shelly : How are you ,Roy ? `
: Not too bad, thank you.
The underlined words mean that Shelly
a. asks Roy for some money
b. asks Roy for some help
c. greets Roy
d. cares for him
e. greets and wants to know Roy`s condition

6. Ayu
: Hello. I`m Ayu. I just moved here.
: ..let me introduce you to the others.
: Thanks,
What should Ani say to respond to Ayus statement ?
a. How are you ?
b. Glad to meet you
c. Hi, Ayu .Im Ani
d. See you tomorrow
e. Is that you, Ayu

7. Wisnu : How are you, Den?
Denis ; .
Wisnu : Well, you look different today.
Denis : Really? How do I look?
Wisnu : You look great.

Denis : Thanks. You do too

a. Nice to meet you
b. Nice to meet you ,too
c. Good morning
d. I`m fine
e. How are you
8. Ihza : Why didn`t you come to Arman`s party yesterday?
Faridz : IEnglish home task.
a. Do
b. Doing
c. Have did
d. Did
e. Had did
9. Maya : Good morning.
: .
Maya : Do you know when the class meeting starts?
: It starts at 10 a.m. today.
Maya : I see, Thanks for telling.
: You`re welcome.
a. Good morning
b. How are you?
c. I`m fine
d. Nice to meet you
e. Nice to meet you , too
10. Who speaks in text?
a. Mr.Atmajaya
b. Kartika
c. Mrs. Wulansari
d. Hasna
e. Wulan
- Dialogue is for number 11 - 15.

: Hi,Ello.(11) of your success.

; ..(12) Bat how was my performance?
: ...(13) You really have beautiful voice.All the audience looked impressed whenYou were singing.
: .(14)?
:Yes ,(15)They gave you big applause, right ?
:Yeah, you are right.

11.a. thats terrific

b. Good job
c. Well done
d. Congratulations
e. I am so sorry
12. a. Thank you
b. No problem
c. Don`t mention it
d. Never mind
e. I am so sorry
13. a. You looked enchanted.
b. Yes, you were
c. I`m happy for you
d. Thank you so much
e. I am so sorry
14. a. You can`t be serious, can you?
b. Are you joking?
c. Are you sure?
d. No way
e. I am so sorry
15. a You are welcome
b. Thank you
c. I`m pretty sure
d. No problem
e. I am so sorry
16. Text is for number 16 18..

Dearest Hanifa,
You are quite a smart and intelligent girl. You have achieved the highest score on the UN
examination this year. Congratulation ! We are proud of you. Go better !
Tour teachers
16. What is Hanifa?
a. She is smart and intelligent
b. She is a teacher
c. She is fine
d. She is proud
e. She is a student
17. From the text we know that..
a. The teachers are proud of you
b. Hanifa is proud of the teachers
c. Hanifa is proud of the girl
d. The teachers are proud of Hanifa
e. Hanifa is a lazy girl
18. The sender of the card is
a. Your teachers
b. Our teachers
c. Hanifa`s parents
d. Hanifa`s teachers
e. English teachers
Text is for number 19 23
Dear Egi,
I`m going to visit my grandma, so I go to your house tonight. About English newspapers,Don`t worry! I will buy it for you when I get back.
19. Why can Ferry not go to Egi`s house?
a. He is busy
b. He should buy newspapers
c. He is going to visit his grandmother
d. He doesn`t get back.
e. He doesn`t worry
20. I will buy it for you when I get back. The word it refers to
a. Stationary
b. English book
c. English newspapers
d. Ferry`s homework
e. Notebook
21. I`m going to visit my grandma. The underlined sentence show the expression of
a. Showing care
b. Compliment
c. Intention
d. Congratulating others
e. Guessing
22. Deborah : My America for continuing his study next week.
Roberta : Thats great.
a. leaves
b. leaving
c. has left
d. will leave
e. leave
23. April : My brother has got a scholarship to continue his study in one of prominent
University in America.
Ivone: ..
a. I`m sorry to know that


I`m glad to hear that

It`s common
I`m not surprise
I`m not satisfied

Text is for questions 24 26.

Bali is an island in the Indonesia archipelago. It is in the south of the equation and has warm
weather all the year..The rainy season is November to April, but it can rain anytime.cBali is 120 kilometer
wide from east to west and 80 kilometer from north to south, so everywhere is quiteClose to the sea. Bali is shaped like a diamond. Mount Agung is a volcano, 153.142 meters high and
It is visible from far away. Most of the people are Hindus. There are many temples and many religions
Tourism is the most important industry, many tourists visit Bali to see the beautiful sceneryMany tourists visit Bali to see the beautiful scenery and interesting festival, to swim in the warm seas
To look at the beautiful mountains and valleys and to shop for inexpensive and beautiful clothes,Painting and wood crafts.
24. The last paragraph is about..
a. the locations of Bali
b. the festival in Bali
c. beautiful mountains in Bali
d. the most popular things in Bali
e. the most important industry in Bali
25. The tourism industry in Bali offers the following things,except.
a. culture and nature
b. handicraft and tradition
c. belief and religion
d. wood crafting and painting
e. temple
26. Which one the following statement is NOT TRUE acoording to the text?
a. Bali is an island in Indonesia archipelago
b. Bali is one of tourism destination in Indonesia
c. Bali has four seasons
d. Bali is beautiful and interesting
e. Bali is the surrounded by the sea
The following text is for question 27 29.
Singapore is a city state, it is a city but it is also a state .It is a republic. Along with IndonesiaMalaysia, Thailand, the Philipines and Brunai ,it belong to ASEAN, the Association of South East
Asian nations.
Like Indonesia, Singapore is a country of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.Chinese, Malaya Indians
And Eurasians make up its citizens. Other Asians, including Indonesia, Japannese, Philippines, KoreaThailand`s and Arabs also live on that tiny island. Singapore is sometimes called Instant Asia because you can see varieties of customs, cultures and foods of nearly all Asia in Singapore.
27. The text mainly talks about Singapore as..
a. a member of ASEAN
b. a nation

c. an island
d. a republic
e. a city state
28. Singapore`s citizens consist of ..
a. Brunei, Indians
b. Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Eurasians
c. Eurasians and Philippines
d. Asians and Arabs
e. Chinese, Thais and Arab
29. .Koreans, Thais and Arab live on that tiny island.
(Paragraph 2)
The underlined word may be replaced by very.


30. The following are members of ASEAN except.

a. Brunei
b. Indonesia
c. Thailand
d. Philipines
e. India
Fill in the blank with the suitable answer.
1.Happy Lebaran Day!
The day is a special day for us
The function of the text is
The following text is for questions number 2 5.
2. Andi

: Good morning, My name is Andi

Denias : Good morning Andi,I am Denias


: Denias this is Adib .We were classmate the junior high school

Denias : Hi Adib, How do you do?

Adib : How do you do?
Andi : By the way, did you join Pencak Silat extracurricular activity in the junior high school?
Denias: Yes, I did
Andi : Oh, thats great ! Adib and I have never joined it before.
Adib : We hope you can help us.
Andi : Okey, see you this afternoon.
Adib : See you Denias.
Denias: See you.
2. The function of Good morning is ..
3. The function of My name is Andi is
4. The function of Denias, this Adib. We were classmates the junior high school is .

5. The function of Oh, thats great! is ..

The following text is for questions number 6 -10
Karimunjawa is located between Java island and Kalimantan island. It is about 83 km from Jepara
city. It covers about 111,625 Ha wide are.
This area has been determined as National park based on the degree of forestry minister dated 19
January 1998. It covers 111,625 Ha consisting of naturally small island group white sand beach and clear
water sea, underwater panorama with its water biota as decorative fish, black sharks Dolphins, ridge of rocks are heaven for tourists ,especially for whose fishing, diving and snorkeling.
There are supporting equipment fulfillments as restaurant, hotel/motel and various waterIncluding motor boat.
Answer the questions based on the text.
6. Where is Karimunjawa located?
7. What activity can you do there ?
8. What does Karimunjawa consist of ?
9. Mention some water biota you can find in Karimunjawa!
10. What does the text tell us about ?
Answer: ..

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