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107 YOUR LOVE Words and Music by JIM BRICKMAN, SEAN HOSEIN Slowly = 64 and DANE DEVILLER ¢ FO) EIA ¢ CE nf (with pedal) Verse: FO) Am? FO) Dm? Dmi/G G < 1.13 not the flow'rs.. wrappedin fan - cy fil 2. See additional lyrics Aro? FO Dm? DaxiG Am? Dm? = = = Is not the ring, I wear fin - ger, There'snoth-ing in all___ the world. 1 need_ {© 1996 MULTISONGS, ING, (A vision of CAREERS-BMG MUSIC PUBLISHING, INC), BRICKMAN ARRANGEMENT, ‘CAREERS BMG MUSIC PUBLISHING, INC. BUBALAS MUSIC and ON BOARD MUSIC. [AI Rights lor BRICKMAN ARRANGEMENT Aaminstered by MULTISONGS, NC, (A Dison of CAREER-24G MUSIC PUBLISHING, INC) 'AITights Reserved Used by Permason 108 ant Chorus: ‘4 Your tove-5-2 Dm? wien I have you near So you could give me wings. to Or pull the stars down from___ the But Tcould-n't ask FO) a £0) ‘cause your love is FO EIA GB here be - side GB and catch me E/A GB can wish on them —all.__ = all the great - est gift of_ CE tO) c Bridge Gm? You could of fer me_ the the _ moon, and Em? ENG Fmi/Bb You gave me ev - = thing, when you gave your heart. 10 Eb EWG Your Love-5.3 would AWC By/D is 109 cm? Fm? ALO) FmBs But Lcould-n't ask. for more, “cause your love is the est So you could give me — wings. Or pull the stars_ down from__ the can wish on them all, Fm? Ye But Tcould-n't ask_ for more, ‘cause your love is the great - Bb ENG AL) Your love is the great - est gift. ofall. Ab) Fm/Bb Bb Verse 2. In your arms, found a strength inside me. ‘And in your eyes, there's light to guide me, Would be lost without you ‘And all that my heart could ever want has come true. (To Chorus:) YourLove- 5-5