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Jeremy Michalk

Mr. Thompson
English 1301
15 November 2016
Unity in the World of Pandora
James Cameron uses many themes that really connect the audience to the storyline due to
the many allusions he uses. Along with allusions, Cameron also uses a theme of unity that
connects to the audience in many ways, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Unity is a very
complex element in the world of Pandora, throughout the movie many instances show unity in a
unique way: the bond or the tsaheylu, the sacred trees and their roots, and the communication
between the Navi during the battle scenes.
Tsaheylu or the bond, is a connection between two queues. Almost all animals on
Pandora have one. Tsaheylu is used to create bonds with animals, as Jake did with the Ikran. The
Irkran had to choose Jake and he knew it chose him when it began to try and kill him. Jake got
thrown off the Irkans back and over the edge of the cliff. Barely catching a limb, he was able to
climb back up. Not scared, he succeeds to pin the mountain banshee to the grounds and uses his
legs to lock down its head. He then connects the queues and starts the bond only completely
sealed by the first flight between the pair. (Avatar, Movie). Tsaheylu is not only with animals,
but the bond is also used between the Navi. In the natives culture, the bond is also used to mate
and is a lifelong bond when done before Eywa. When Tsutey finds out about Jake and Neytiri he
becomes furious because he was promised her. We are mated before Eywa. It is done. (Avatar,
Neytiri). This act of bonding is also a way the Navi tribe members can speak or pray to Eywa.
The sacred trees have many different queues to allow many Navi to connect at one time.

The most sacred of trees in Pandora are The Tree of Souls, The Home Tree, and The Tree
of voices. All of which have connection to each other and to Eywa. The roots of the trees have
some kind of electrochemical communication between the roots of the trees. Like the synapses
between neurons. Each tree has ten to the fourth connections to the trees around it, and there are
ten to the twelfth trees on Pandora Thats more connections than the human brain. You get it?
Its a network a global network. And the Navi can access it they can upload and download
data memories (Grace). The Tree of souls is the closest connection to Eywa on Pandora
and dates back to over 3,000 years old. (Tree of Souls). It is located near the Omaticaya Home
tree inside the floating Hallelujah Mountains. It has housed the Omaticaya clan for almost 10,000
years (Tree of Souls), and was destroyed for unobtanium by the RDA. There are many Home
trees throughout Pandora, most tribes make their homes within the walls of these 150 meter
gigantic trees. (Hometree). The Tree of Voices was an important spiritual site because the Navi
could connect and hear the voices of ancestors through tsaheylu. This tree was bulldozed as the
RDA made a path towards Home tree to destroy it. The Tree of Souls was the only tree to be
unharmed or even still standing at the end of the war with the RDA. During the war, the Navi
had an advantage besides Eywa helping them. Communication between troops could happen at
any time.
The Navi could touch their neck and speak into each others minds from any place at any
time. One instance is when Jake is flying and Neytiri has crashed and is trapped in the forest.
Jake touches his neck and speaks to her from up in the sky, He orders her to not engage and fall
back. She is about to disobey when the ground begins to shake and the RDA troops come to a
halt. She heard you Jake! Eywa heard you! (Avatar, Neytiri). This communication helped Jake
and the other leaders communicate on what was happening around the different places where

battles were happening. The Navi also had a way of communicating with the animals of
Pandora. The way one could call their Irkan or the way the Viperwolf and Neytiri communicated
before it allowed her to connect the queues and control it.
Unity is portrayed in many more and different ways than just these, but the Omaticaya
people use these three things so often throughout the movie. The connection between the
spiritual and the physical, the tsaheylu, the trees of Pandora and the way the roots connect and
have the power to hear ancestors and Eywa, and the communication between each other are all
interwoven within the Navi people. Making it seem as the entire clans minds are all connected
and everyone is in perfect sync with the physical and spiritual world of Pandora.

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