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Name: Tamera Tillman

Directions: Using the template below, describe how students could use a blog, wiki, or other websitecreation tool to learn required learning standards in your content area: For an A grade provide an idea that
reaches a Level of Technology Implementation of 4 or above. Remember higher levels (4-6) require that
students assume adult/professional roles; engage in higher-order thinking; and use technology
create/publish original content for their classmates and/or others beyond their school/classroom. The
learning activities and products should be engaging and meaningful to the students and to others who will
view/use/benefit from students work. Review your handouts on Engaged Learning, Authenticity, and LoTi.
Grade Level: 2nd Grade
Content Area: Social Studies
Technology Used (check all that apply):
Website Creation Tool (list):
Content Area/Grade/Standards/Topics Addressed:
SS2G1 The student will locate major topographical features of Georgia and will describe how these
features define Georgias surface.
a. Locate all the geographic regions of Georgia: Blue Ridge Mountains, Piedmont, Coastal Plain, Valley
and Ridge, and Appalachian Plateau.
Brief Description of Learning Experience:
The standard that will be addressed is a social studies standard that address the topographical regions in
Georgia. For this lesson the teacher will have her blog set up and allow students to access it while they are
at home over the weekend. On this blog page it will have the information that the students will need to go
over before class on the following Monday. The students will then access the blog, look at the flipped
classroom section of it and listen to the audio file and listen to the transcript attached to it.
For this lesson, I do not have the students creating anything because it is at the introductory level. But I will
have the students access the blog and comment on the lesson and say what they liked about it. To introduce
this, I will do so in the class Friday before the weekend. I will show them our classroom blog and let them
know that they are able to access the blog from home and at school to review the topics we will be
discussing in the classroom. The audience that will care about the students products will be administrators,
teachers and parents. They will all be concerned about what the students are accessing and as well as the
products they are creating.
Blooms Level of Critical Thinking Required (check all that apply):






Student Engagement/Level of Technology Implementation (LoTi): What LoTi would this lesson be and
When accessing and creating blogs, the LoTi level for the students will be a level 2. This is because for this
class they are not actually creating a blogs. The level 2 of LoTi is the Exploration stage. At this stage the
students are remembering and understanding the information given to them. Because I do not have them
doing anything interactive, this is why it is at a LoTi level 2. In order to reach a level 4 I would have to
have the students work in class to create a product where the assume the major role.
Importance of technology: Why is using a website-creation tool critical to the project? Could the project
be completed without this technology? What would be lost without using it? What other types of
technology, if any, are going to be used in the learning experience?
This website creation tool is critical to the project because this lesson could not be executed without
technology. The students will need to complete this assignment using the blogs website to access the lesson.


Some things that would be lost without the multimedia are the introductions to the lesson. Also the students
would have to access the information in the classroom. The students would not be able to complete this
without technology because in order to access the information needed they need the technology.
Inspiration (optional): If you used existing example as a model for your project (whether in part or
whole), include the URL(s) so we can visit. Explain what concepts you borrowed from others.
Internet Safety and Student Privacy.
Some issues that could arise with Internet safety and student privacy are that their privacy and safety could
be compromised. To avoid this, when allowing the students access, I will make sure that only the students
first name, last initial or a pseudonym is displayed. It is also important to keep location information, such as
the classroom number off of the site. I would also have myself, parents and administrators to sign a privacy
form to let parents and administrative staff know that there will be no violations of the Internet
Safety/Acceptable Use Policies.
Describe your personal learning goal for this activity.
Some things in this lesson that I am trying that I have not tried before are using a blog to introduce a lesson.
What I hope to gain from this lesson is knowledge of how to use a blog. I also want to learn how well
students are able to use and properly access the internet. It lets me know that the students are engaged and
want to use the technology provided to them. I hope the students learn how to properly access the internet
on their own as well as in the classroom. I also hope this helps the student to create their own blogs pages.
Other comments about your proposed activity: