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Back Care

Back Care energy system brings you easy to activate soothing comfort for
your back care needs. Your Back Care Team of helping, healing responsive
beings of love, light and life bring you immediate energy assistance.
After your attunement you may activate it anytime and anywhere you are,
simply with thought intent. Back pain can occur as a result of many different
reasons. Any type of pain discomfort can be lessened with Back Care!
Back Care channeled and manual written by:
Mariah Windsong Couture ~September 2nd, 2011 ~All Rights Reserved

Your back houses your spine, the structural integrity of your ability to stand
upright and bend in various ways. Many of a person's back pain arises not
from the bones in their back, but from the muscles and tendons therein.
If you twist or move quickly, usually while carrying something, a muscle may
become strained. Back Care energy system brings you individualized
assistance to bring comfort and heal underlying issues about your back.
Often times, the emotional record of a wound, worry or fear can be held in
your back. If you constantly tighten back muscles, even if you don't realize it
consciously, they are already tired. Then, a wrong twist or move physically to
these already stressed muscles yields a bigger pain than it would have had the
muscles been relaxed and fit. The lack of flexibility that a tightened stressed
muscle has, makes it more susceptible to getting hurt.
Back Care energy system works both ethereally, with your emotional concerns
and the spiritual energy it delivers is received physically by your body as
replenishing and soothing of all your back's physical components.
The food you eat is turned into energy by your mitochondria in each of your
body's cells. Spiritual energy brought to you by your Back Care Team is also
received by your body as nurturing energy. This is readily useable by your
body when delivered to the exact areas you need it most. CARE means:
Calling all Responsive Eternals. Eternal Beings of Love, Light and Love
respond when you activate Back Care energy system with thought intent.
You might not see them, you might not feel them. You may notice that you hurt
less in the minutes, hours and days after activating this energy. You may
notice that your injuries heal faster than usual or that your daily stress can be
offloaded from your body easier than before you activated Back Care.
As with all energy systems, continued use is important. A body can only "fill
up" and receive a certain amount of energy at one time. There is a need to reactivate this energy system anytime you think of it, or set a schedule for you.
After you receive your attunement, it does not cost you anymore to use this
energy system!

How wonderful to have an unlimited supply of Back Care assistance

available to you. It is up to you to consciously turn it on daily.
An attunement or empowerment is a dose of energy frequencies that match
the energy of this Back Care energy system.
Once you have received that dose of energy, your body and spirit will
recognize that energy and easily access the energy stream from Eternal Sacred
Source that IS the energy stream of this particular energy system.
Attunements can be sent long distance by means of an energy sphere, often
called a chi-ball and it is kept safe by your Angels and guides of Eternal Light.
It is released to you when you call it in, like a prayer to receive it.
Please spend a few minutes to invite the attunement your teacher sent you of
Back Care, to release fully unto you. Simply say, out loud or in your mind:
I ask to fully receive my Back Care attunement as sent out by my teacher
and made perfect by Eternal Sacred Source, NOW!
Think of a ball of light and energy above your head that opens up and streams
down into the top of your head.

Your attunement will easily arrive to you because Eternal Source is not limited
by space or time. Back Care arrive to your body and energy fields,
providing your body with a "meet and greet" with your Back Care Team.
In this way your body will become quickly comfortable with receiving
energies from Divine Beings who you may not be able to physically see.

Your body will be glad to receive energies and help from your Back Care
Team. Whether you feel subtle energies or not, Back Care will help you.
If you don't usually feel subtle energies in your body when you receive Reiki
and other holistic energy healing modalities here is some of what you may
notice in the days and weeks while you activate Back Care regularly:
More solid sleep.
More relaxed and flexible muscles in your back.
Less medicine is needed to feel alright.
Less pain in general in your back.
Other healing modalities work better.
Medical treatment is more effective.
You can resume your regular daily activities faster in the morning.
Slowing of degenerative diseases.
Your chiropractic adjustments stay in place longer.
You can be active for more time in the day.
You notice that you have an uncharacteristic cheerfulness develop that you
hadn't experienced since before your back pain started.
You are able to drift into sleep faster when you are ready to sleep.
If you do feel subtle healing energies, when you activate Back Care
you may notice and enjoy:
Your feet heat up when you activate Back Care.
The area of discomfort is eased by a gentle warmth or cooling feeling.
Back Care energy is soothing and you feel taken care of.
It is easier to breathe deeply because your back muscles instantly relax.
You feel a cushion of gentle energy assist "slipped disks".
You feel an easing of the sharp pain usually associated with sciatica.
You feel the repairing energies of Back Care working with you.
If you wake up at night with back pain, activate Back Care and
go back to sleep comfortably and quickly.
Other areas of your body may be tended to if your back's pain and tension
has radiated to other areas.
If you recline while you activate Back Care, giving your Back Care Team
more time to work with you,
they will be able to do deeper healing work with you.
When you are physically still and reclined, more delicate healing happens.

Think about healing work as ethereally surgery. Sometimes there is work that
can be done to remedy a back problem. Sometimes the necessary assistance
can not be received while your body is in motion. That is why it is so
important to allow time for your Back Care Team to work with you while you
are reclined. Simply set aside about 20 or 30 minutes and say, audibly or in
your mind with strong feeling of wanting to receive:
"Back Care Team , please give me a Back Care Session Now!"
"Back Care Team, please activate a Back Care Session Now!"
"Back Care Team, please attend to my back Now! Thank You!"
Now your job is to relax and let these eternal beings work for you!
If you are not accustomed to having Beings of Eternal Light work with you,
think of any spiritual figure you would trust. Maybe an Angel, maybe Mother
Mary, maybe Jesus or Buddha. The Back Care Team can approach you
through the authority of any eternal spiritual being who you trust.
This may make you more open to their healing and presence with you.
Think of the phrase, Weve got your back!. In English that is a term we use
when we want to tell someone that we support them and are watching out for
them. When we want to tell a person that we are there for them and will
protect them. So too, it is that your Back Care Team is there for you anytime
you call upon them. Sometimes they are angels, other times ancestors who
have been in physical body at a previous time, and had skills of back care.
Now these people and beings are there for you in the spiritual realm.
They are skilled at bringing healing energy from beyond this time and space
and sending it to you and your body in an easy to receive way. It doesnt
matter if you feel anything or not. Give them the opportunity to help.
It is important to re-activate the energies of Back Care frequently. This is
because only so much healing can happen at one time. Any change, even good
change is change. Change itself can be stressful. Therefore, healing happens
incrementally, a little bit at a time so that it is best received.

When you want to reactivate Back Care energy system, you need only to say
the name of the system, with strong intention for it to turn on. This is the
same energy received when you recline and ask your Back Care Team to work
with you. But it can also be activated when you are up and about attending to
your daily life activities. It can also be activated by thought intend instead of
speaking the words audibly. Think or say:
Back Care, Activate!
Back Care, Turn On for me!
Back Care, On!
Saying the name of and instruction to the energy system 3 times makes the
energy flow to you faster and stronger. The number 3 is a sacred number and it
is a number that has power. Whenever you say something 3 times you are
increasing the intention for what you are saying to happen, NOW!

There are many massage and holistic spas that utilize warm stones, placed
along a persons spine. This radiates heat out to all of the persons back.
It may be helpful for you to think about and visualize several warm, healing
stones, being places along your spine as you activate Back Care energies.
This gives your mind and body a reasonable explanation for why it may be
starting to feel warmth in its back area. Sometimes that is all that is needed for
a person who did not previously feel subtle energies, to feel the energies.
Sending Back Care energies to other people is easy to do if you have been
attuned to at least level 2 of Reiki or Seichim. This is because in those energy
healing modalities, the second level teaches you how to send energies long
distance with the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen and Dai-Ko-Myo symbols.
If you have practiced and are accustomed to sending energies long distance
using another healing modality, yet havent studied Reiki or Seichim, you may
still be able to. I would advise that it may be best to limit yourself to activating
these energies in person for someone if you havent already studied and
practiced sending energies long distance.
Back Care energy system is designed to be activated for yourself or
others. This means that there is no need to channel the energies through
your own body. This is important because Back Care energies, once activated
for a person, will arrive to the person in the energy octave and frequencies that
are appropriate for that person. That means that they are for that person, not
you, and may feel strange or be unbalancing to you if you attempt to channel
the energies.
When you activate Back Care for a person, the thought intent that you hold is
that the energies will arrive to that person. The energies are not to arrive to
you and then have you send them to the person. Your job is only to activate,
not channel Back Care energies. If the person is reclined and consciously
ready to receive a Back Care Session from the Back Care Team, you may
activate their Back Care Session for them. This is as a prayer, calling to the
Back Care Team to deliver the session for (name of person), perfectly.

Anyone attuned to Back Care may activate a Back Care Session remotely.
Please note that Back Care energies are the stream of energies that will care
for your back. An energy stream opens and flows to and through you or those
you activate it for. You can lay on your back, you need not recline face down.
A Back Care Session is a deeper session, more involved and delicate healing
work can be provided. It is a complete session delivered by a Back Care Team
of Eternal Beings from the spiritual realms to you or the recipient.
It is similar to etheric surgery. The energies are brought by sentient beings.
If you are a Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher, you can confidently send a
Back Care attunement in the manner which is most sacred to you.
Advise your student on the best way to receive the attunement you have sent
out. Back Care manual must be included fully intact with no changes when
its attunement is provided.
If you are not a Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher, you can still pass along an
attunement to Back Care by following these directions and sincerely wanting
to pass the attunement.
Please ask your energy team, your helping healing guardians in the Light of
Eternal Sacred Source, to bring you a Sphere of Light.
It doesnt matter if you can see it or not. It doesnt matter if you can perceive
it or not. Trust that the Sphere of Light is there and ready to hold a dose of the
energy frequency of Back Care.
Activate and pray, asking for all of your helping healing ones in the Light of
Eternal Sacred Source to send the Back Care attunement for (name of
student) into the Sphere of Eternal Light. Ask that it be sealed and carried to
(name of student).
Ask that it be securely protected by that persons guardians in the Light of
Eternal Sacred Source until the person calls in their Back Care
attunement. Intend that their attunements release perfectly to them at that time.
And so it is complete!

Now notify your student that their empowerment is ready to be called in and
tell them to relax and spend a few minutes receiving their meet and greet their
Back Care energies!
Back Care is an original energy system channeled by Rev. Mariah
Windsong Couture, RGMT and is unlike any other or any system that may
arrive in the future by anyone.
September 2nd, 2011 ~All Rights Reserved

Attention Resellers: From September 2nd through September 13th, 2011

Mariah Windsong and Rosemary Noel have exclusive rights to sell, or gift
Back Care energy systems attunement and manual.
Resellers: Back Care attunements have a minimum resale price of $25.00
USD each or the equivalent in your currency and do so after. Always provide
this manual with any Back Care attunement, fully intact, with no changes.
Please sell this energy system for $25 or a higher amount compensatory with
other highly respected, pure divine energy system in your local region or
By accepting these attunements, you agree that Back Care may NEVER be
traded for another system. You agree that if you pass an attunement of Back
Care it will either be sold by accepting money in currency or youll gift it
if you feel so guided.
Uncertified self attunements of this energy system may be used for personal
self healing, but do not certify you as a Master or teacher of this system.
Uncertified self attunements do not provide you with a certificate, lineage or

If you copy text or any portion of this manual please display my name
prominently as author.

Please contact Mariah at for permission to

translate this manual. If you translate you agree to send author a copy and
manual must portray the meanings of the energy descriptions accurately.

For Legal Reasons, Mariah Windsong Couture states that this Back Care

attunement/empowerments is/are for entertainment purposes only. It is not affiliated with any form of
natural energy healing, and is not to be confused with any other system of attunement, empowerment or
initiation now, in the past, or to come in the future. This empowerment/attunement is not meant to
replace any professional medical or legal advice. Mariah Windsong Couture is not engaged in rendering
medical service or diagnosis of any kind. Mariah Windsong Couture has made every effort to provide
accurate information and takes no responsibility for recommendations made and no guarantees are
issued toward the validity of information. By receiving the empowerment/attunement in this manual
you are agreeing to indemnify Mariah Couture from and against any and all claims of libel, defamation,
and violation of rights of privacy or publicity and infringement of intellectual property or loss or damage
allegedly caused. Mariah Windsong Couture is not responsible for claims made by others in advertising
this empowerment. You further agree to indemnify Mariah Windsong Couture from all liabilities and
expenses including lawyers fees arising from such claims based on this manual. This manual may contain
inaccuracies and typographical errors. Mariah Windsong Couture does not warrant the accuracy or
completeness of the materials or the reliability of any advice, opinion, statement or other information
displayed or linked in this manual. By purchasing this manual or receiving this empowerment or
attunement, you acknowledge that any reliance on such opinions, statements, energy or energy streams
or information shall be at your sole risk. Mariah Windsong Couture reserves the right, by her discretion
to correct any error or omission or change this manual as she sees fit, by revising the manual. It is your
duty to check and see if updates and revisions to the manual have been made.
September 2nd , 2011
Some content falls under the fair use permission to copy.
All photos I own lifetime license to use commercially.

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