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To: Dr.

Lisa Bergson
Subject: URI Community Impact Week

URI News Release

For Immediate Release
Sept. 27, 2016
URI students give BIG to support local nonprofits
Not only do University of Rhode Island students think big, but this
October they will give big, too. Students are taking it upon themselves
to help out the local community by teaming up with Rhody Outpost
and the Jonnycake Center. Students support the community by
donating time and creativity to these non-profits during the first annual
Community Impact Week.
The University of Rhode Island operates under the motto to, Think Big,
We do. This idea is one that drives the school to lead, create, and
achieve. The University of Rhode Island holds giving back near and
dear to its heart. Supporting on campus food pantries, as well as
getting Greek Life and Athletics involved in community efforts, are only
a few of the ways URI gives back. The Public Relations department at
URI is also one that understands the importance of giving back, and
integrates learning opportunities with supporting the local community.
According to Communication Studies Department Chair Dr. Kevin
McClure, Community Impact Week gives students a chance to give
back to their community and apply information obtained in the
This is a great opportunity for our public relations students to share
their time, talents, and knowledge with worthy, local nonprofits,
McClure said.
The Jonnycake Center hopes to improve the quality of life of individuals
and families through their efforts. Since its opening in 1924
community members have been impacted greatly by the Jonnycake
Centers tireless efforts to make a difference.
According to The Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless,
approximately 4,067 people, including 535 families and 986 children
are homeless in the state of Rhode Island. Finding a way to make a
difference and give back is what Community Impact week is all about.

Students will unpack boxes of food, conduct a warm clothing drive, and
share their creativity with local nonprofits in order to positively impact
the community.
Samantha Roberts, a third year Public Relations student at URI,
explains her experience. The Public Relations Major has brought me
more than just an education, but an understanding of the importance
of community involvement, and Community Impact Week is a prime
example of that, Roberts said.
Public Relations students at URI are turning this opportunity into a way
to benefit not only their studies, and future careers in PR, but also the
Rhody Community. Students in the Public Relations program are never
too busy studying to make a difference in the Rhody community.
Thinking big, and giving big, these students will make a difference.
Marie Gillcrist