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Prostaglandin Care

This is the Master Teacher manual for Prostaglandin Care.

Channeled and manual written by Mariah Windsong Napieralski Couture, April 24th, 2015

Prostaglandins are lipid (fat) compounds that act like hormones and are
found in tissue organs in our bodies. They are made up of 20 carbon atoms.

The arrangement of the carbon atoms determine which receptors in various

types of tissue that they can fit into, thus having an effect. The same
prostaglandin can have a different effect depending on what type of receptor
it binds to. This means that they can stimulate or inhibit certain responses in
a cell depending on which receptors they connect with.
Prostaglandins are made within the cells they affect whereas most other
hormones are made and travel in the bloodstream to other cells and organs.
Prostaglandins are responsible for inflammation. Inflammation brings more
white blood cells and nutrients into the tissue. This is good for healing soon
after an injury. Initially, inflammation is the immune systems way of
fighting off microbial invaders that may have entered a wound.
Chronic inflammation seems to turn against our body because it confuses the
normal communication between the cells and body systems. Because
inflammation remains, the body thinks it is still on the attack. It can get tired
and not have the resources for other immune system jobs. Chronic
conditions that are ones that are long lasting, usually longer than three
months. Inflammation turns chronic when a stimulus keeps the messages for
inflammation to keep happening. The stimulus could be a low level infection
that lingers. It could be an allergen, free radicals, or other contaminates such
as pesticides that our body considers toxic and worth fighting against.
Physical help for chronic inflammation are eating more antioxidants,
turmeric (curcumin), omega-3 fatty acids. Reduce the amount of white sugar
and refined carbohydrates and soda pops (colas) that you consume.
Most of the wheat in modern day foods has an inflammatory effect on your
body because it is grown from extremely hybridized plants which are high in
starch and lower in protein and trace minerals than previous generations of
harvests were.
Many people are aware of the damage inflammation can do in their joints.
Some people know about how bad chronic inflammation can be in arteries.
Fewer people are aware of how long term inflammation in the colon and
intestines can increase the risk of cancer, even if you arent uncomfortable.

Most of the medications for reduction of inflammation target specific

prostaglandins. Cycloosygenases (COX2) converts arachidonic acid to
prostaglandin endoperoxide H2. Many people rely on medications to reduce
inflammation. There are problems with relying solely on these medicines.
The same COX1 enzyme inhibitor medications that reduce inflammation in
your joints, can also reduce the nice protective mucus in the lining of your
Common NASIADS such as aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen work to block
some of both COX1 and COX2 as they reduce inflammation anywhere in
the body. COX2 inhibitors such as the arthritis medication meloxicam,
blocks specifically the COX2 enzyme. Since COX2 is not involved with
stomach lining protection, there is less risk to stomach upset or ulcers when
taking that medication. But these risks are not ruled out completely.
The longer a patient is taking the medication the more risks there are. Blood
pressure reduction medications are less effective when a person is taking a
COX2 inhibitor such as meloxicam.
Please do use the medication your doctor has prescribed. However, with
regular re-activation of this energy system, it is my hope that you will either
be able reduce your medication (after speaking with your doctor) or at least
stay at the same dosage with no need to increase it as time goes on. Most
people with chronic inflammatory conditions reach for a higher milligram
dose of medication when the current amount of medication is not strong
enough to counteract their increased pain due to worsening inflammation.
Prostaglandin Care works with your body to keep the lines of
communication between your organs and various body systems accurate.
Some prostaglandins are inhibited and others function normally after you
activate this energy system. Your helping healing angels, guides and
guardians, in accord with Eternal Sacred Source and your bodys natural
intelligence determine which prostaglandins are activated and which are
calmed/inhibited in various areas of your body.
Prostaglandin Care does not interfere with any medication you are currently
taking for inflammation reduction in the areas of your body where such
reduction/inhibiting is necessary.

This energy system helps your body to resume normal communication and
functioning in the body areas that really do need prostaglandins to be active,
thus reducing some of the unwanted side effects of anti-inflammatory
The attunement is an education for your energy fields and all parts of who
you are (even if you werent aware of anything happening after saying the
attunement call-in statement).and education about the energy system
and a receipt of a key of privilege to activate these energies at will forever
more by their name and strong desire to receive their assistance.

Now spend a few minutes to invite your attunement for Prostaglandin Care.
Simply say, out loud or in your mind: I ask to fully receive my
Prostaglandin Care Master Teacher attunement as sent out by my teacher
and made perfect by Eternal Sacred Source and delivered to me by my
helping healing guardians and angels now!
Think of a ball of light and energy above your head that opens up and
streams down over your head for about 5-10 minutes.
Prostaglandin Care attunement arrives unto your body and energy fields,
providing your body with a "meet and greet" with your Prostaglandin Care
Team. In this way your body will become quickly comfortable with
receiving energies from Divine Beings whom you may not be able to
physically see. Your body will be glad to receive energies and help from
your Prostaglandin Care Team. Whether you feel subtle energies or not,
Prostaglandin Care can help you.

Now you have the privilege of consciously activating this energy system.
Say, audibly or in your mind with strong desire to receive:
Prostaglandin Care Activate!
Prostaglandin Care Activate!
Prostaglandin Care Activate!
Generally Prostaglandin Care is active for 2-6 hours.
Reactivate for more assistance.

If you specifically want inflammation reduction,

Think of the area of your body you want prostaglandins to calm and say:
Prostaglandin Reduction, Activate!
Prostaglandin Reduction, Activate!
Prostaglandin Reduction, Activate!
Remember that there are a lot of good benefits from prostaglandins being
activated in various areas of your body, so please be specific when you are
asking for reduction of their activity.
Think about healing work as ethereal surgery. Sometimes there is work that
can be done to remedy a back problem. Sometimes the necessary assistance
cannot be received while your body is in motion. That is why it is so
important to allow time for your Prostaglandin Care Team to work with you
while you are reclined. Simply set aside about 20 or 30 minutes. Say audibly
or in your mind with strong feeling of wanting to receive:
"Prostaglandin Care Team, please activate Prostaglandin Care Session!"
"Prostaglandin Care Team, please activate Prostaglandin Care Session!"
"Prostaglandin Care Team, please activate Prostaglandin Care Session!"

Now your job is to relax and let these eternal beings work for you!
If you are not accustomed to having Beings of Eternal Light work with you,
think of any spiritual figure you would trust. Maybe that would be an Angel,
or Mother Mary or Jesus or Buddha. The Prostaglandin Care Team can
approach you through the authority of any eternal spiritual being whom you
This may make you more open to their healing and presence with you.
Your Prostaglandin Care Team is there for you anytime you call upon them.
Sometimes they are angels, other times ancestors who have been in physical
body at a previous time, and have skills of communication with human
bodies. Now these people and beings are there for you in the spiritual realm.

They are also skilled at bringing healing energy from beyond this time and
space and sending it to you and your body in an easy to receive way. It
doesnt matter if you feel anything or not. Give them the opportunity to help.

It is important to re-activate the energies of Prostaglandin Care frequently.

This is because only so much healing can happen at one time. Any change,
even good change is change. Change itself can be stressful. Therefore,
healing happens incrementally, a little bit at a time so that it is best received.
Saying the name of and instruction to the energy system 3 times makes the
energy flow to you faster and stronger. The number 3 is a sacred number and
it is a number that has power. Whenever you say something 3 times you are
increasing the intention for what you are saying to happen, NOW!
Sending Prostaglandin Care energies to other people is easy to do if you
have been attuned to at least level 2 of Reiki or Seichim. This is because in
those energy healing modalities, the second level teaches you how to send
energies long distance with the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen and Dai-Ko-Myo
symbols. It is wise also to activate the Cho-Ku-Rei symbol.
If you have practiced and are accustomed to sending energies long distance
using another healing modality, yet havent studied Reiki or Seichim, you
may still be able to. I would advise that it may be best to limit yourself to
activating these energies in person for someone if you havent already
studied and practiced sending energies long distance.
The Prostaglandin Care energy system is designed to be activated for
yourself or others. This means that there is no need to channel the energies
through your own body.
This is important because Prostaglandin Care energies, once activated for a
person, will arrive to the person in the energy octave and frequencies that are
appropriate for that person. That means that they are for that person, not you,
and may feel strange or be unbalancing to you if you attempt to channel the

When you activate Prostaglandin Care for a person, the thought intent that
you hold is that the energies will arrive to that person. The energies are not
to arrive to you and then have you send them to the person. Your job is only
to activate, not channel these energies.
If the person is reclined and consciously ready to receive a Prostaglandin
Care Session from the Prostaglandin Care Team, you may activate their
Prostaglandin Care Session for them. This is as a prayer, calling to the
Prostaglandin Care Team to deliver the session for (name of person),
Anyone attuned to Prostaglandin Care's Master Teacher level may activate a
Prostaglandin Care Session remotely. An energy stream opens and flows for
those whom you activate it for. The recipient can then access the energy so
that it will be received by their body, moving through it and supporting it.
A Prostaglandin Care Session is a deeper session, therefore more delicate
healing work can be provided. It is a complete session delivered by a
Prostaglandin Care Team of Eternal Beings from the spiritual realms to you
or the recipient.

Sending attunements of this energy system to your students:

Pray, asking your energy team and your helping healing guardians in the
Light of Eternal Sacred Source, to provide you with a Sphere of Light to
maintain the attunements within. It doesnt matter if you can see it or not. It
doesnt matter if you can perceive it or not.
Trust that the Sphere of Light is there and ready to carry these attunement
energies to your student. Mentally clarify if you are sending Master level or
personal use only attunements to this student.
Ask all of your helping healing ones in the Light of Eternal Sacred Source to
send Prostaglandin Care attunements for (name of student) into the Sphere
of Eternal Light. Ask that it be securely protected by that persons guardians
in the Light of Eternal Sacred Source until the person calls it in. Intend that
their attunements release perfectly to them at that time. And so it is

Now notify your student that their Prostaglandin Care attunement is ready to
be called in and tell them to relax and spend a few minutes receiving it.
Prostaglandin Care is an original energy system channeled by Rev. Mariah
Windsong Napieralski Couture
April 24th, 2015 ~All Rights Reserved
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