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Through this humanities course I was able to get a bunch of new insights on different
religions, races, societies and so many others. This course helped me to have a more open
minded approach when it comes to looking at different things in our world today. I was able to
develop new and useful thinking skills when it comes to analyzing situations and events that
have taken place. Before taking this course I was very close minded and didnt really ever want
to step out of my comfort zone when it came to expressing what I thought. But after taking this
course I have come to realize that I need to always be willing to share my thoughts and opinions
on things, because it helps build my thinking abilities and brings up conversation among peers.
I was really grateful for two assignments that were given to us throughout this course.
One of them was getting to attend a church service that was not of our own faith or religion.
Going into this assignment I was very nervous because I didnt know what to expect and change
is a hard thing for me. But after I was able to attend the service I did, it gave me a whole new
perspective on the different ways other people can experience religion around the world. The
other assignment I really enjoyed was our civic engagement project. I was able to give my time
by helping an event put on by Delta Airlines, and I was truly life changing. This event helped me
open my eyes and see just how lucky I am to be in good health. Kids from Primary Childrens
Hospital and Shriners hospital got to come on a fun North Pole adventure, and not think about
their illness for a few hours. I was grateful I got to do this and hope the opportunity comes
around for me in the years to come.
Throughout the rest of my college courses I will defiantly use thinking skills and
perspectives I was taught in this course. In every class you are going to earn something new, and
I have come to find that I always need to have an open mind and not be so closed off with how I
think. This course really helped me to think critically and be able to put that in writing.