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INSTRUCTIONS: Select the best answer for each of the following

questions. Shade the letter of the correct answer on the answer
sheet provided.
1. Which development stage is sometimes called the pre-school
a. Middle Childhood
c. Early Childhood
b. Late infancy
d. Early Infancy
2. Under which category will a globe as an instructional material
a. Picture
c. Mock up
b. Model
d. Realia
3. Which is NOT supportive of the development of creative thinking?
a. Open classroom atmosphere
b. Authoritative teacher
c. Divergent question
d. Authoritarian teacher
4. The following are features of the Re-structured Basic Education
Curriculum EXCEPT:
a. Stronger integration of competencies and values within and
across the learning areas
b. Greater emphasis on content, less on the learning process
c. Increased time for tasks to gain mastery of competencies
d. Interdisciplinary modes of teaching
5. Below is list of methods used to establish the reliability of the
instrument. Which method is questioned for its reliability die to
practice and familiarity?
a. Spilt hall
c. Test retest
b. Equivalent forms
d. Kuder Richardson
6. Which one holds true anecdotal records?
a. Combining facts with interpretation
b. Ease in writing objective, descriptive behavior
c. Describing behavior in natural settings
d. Describing behavior in a laboratory setting
7. As a teacher you are a rationalist. Which among these will be
your guiding principle?
a. I must teach the child that we can never have real
knowledge of anything
b. I must teach the child every knowledge, skill, and value that
he needs for a better future
c. I must teach the child to develop his mental powers to the
d. I must teach the child so he is assured of heaven
8. Which is a characteristic of DEVELOPMENTALLY
a. Contextual learning
c. Experiential learning
b. Highly structural teacher d. Integrated learning skills
9. With knowledge explosion which image of teacher is
a. Questioner
c. Facilitator of learning
b. Guide on the side
d. Omniscient teacher
10. These are also known as combination classes organized in
barrios/barangays where the required number of pupils of the
same grade level has not met the required number to make up a
separate class thus the teacher apportions class time for
instruction to every grade level within class. These are:
a. Extension classes
c. Heterogenous classes
b. Homogenous
d. Multi-grade classes
11. What is a possible effect of an overcrowded curriculum?
a. Lifelong learning skills tend to be fully develop
b. Lack of mastery of essential competencies
c. In-depth learning tends to be given greater emphasis
d. There is greater concept understanding
12. Roberto who is in Grade IV has the following grade norm
equivalents: Math-4; Reading 8: and Science 5. What can be
said of Roberto? Compared to the average Grade IV pupil,
Roberto is
a. Behind in Math
b. Average in Science
c. Behind in Math and average in Science

d. Advanced in Science
13. Rights and duties are correlative. This means that
a. Right and duties regulate the relationship of men in society
b. Each right carries with it one or several corresponding duties
c. Rights and duties ultimate come from God
d. Rights and duties arise from the natural law
14. Which of the following activities is the LEAST brain-compatible?
a. Explaining how the CPU can function like the brain
b. Detecting error in the computer program
c. Making a flowchart of a computer process
d. Encoding a paragraph with speed and accuracy
15. Which physical arrangement of chairs contributes to effective
classroom management?
a. That which makes it easier to clean the room
b. That which distinguishes teacher from students
c. That which sticks to the traditional chair arrangement in the
d. That which enhances classroom interaction
16. For mastery of learning and in line with the Outcome-Based
Evaluation model which element should be present?
a. Inclusion of non-performance objectives
b. Construction of criterion-referenced tests
c. Construction of norm-referenced tests
d. Non-provision of independent learning
17. As a naturalist, Jean Jacques Rcusseau claimed that everyone is
essentially good.
a. Dealing with misbehaving students
b. Helping the slow learners in class
c. Teaching the students some values
d. Knowing the students potentials
18. With specific details in mind, which one (s) has stronger
diagnostic value?
a. Restricted essay test
b. Non-restricted essay test
c. Restricted and non-restricted essay test
d. Multiple choice test
19. Teacher U teaches to his pupils that pleasure is not the highest
good. Teachers teaching is against what philosophy?
a. Empiricism
c. Hedoism
b. Epicureanism
d. Realism
20. Teacher C teaches in a remote multigrade class. She is seldom
visited by her principal and supervisors. She teaches when feels
like teaching and not when she does not feel like teaching. What
trait of a good teacher does she lack?
a. Emotional Intelligence
c. Competence
b. Integrity and accountability
d. Intelligence
21. Which may work against collaborate teaching?
a. Establishment of mutual goals
b. Joint rewards
c. Homogenous grouping
d. Knee-to-knee seat arrangement by group
22. Which statement about standard deviation is correct?
a. The lower the standard deviation the more spread the
scores are
b. The higher the standard deviation the less spread the scores
c. The higher the standard deviation the more spread the
scores are
d. It is a measure of central tendency
23. Which one of the following is NOT a measure of central
a. Median
c. Variance
b. Mean
d. Mode
24. What type of test is given to determine the admission or nonadmission of a student to the program?
a. Placement
c. Aptitude
b. Diagnostic
d. Achievement
25. What is an advantage of point system of grading?












It does away with establishing clear distinctions among

b. It is precise
c. It is qualitative
d. It emphasizes learning not objectivity of scoring
Which according to Jocano is strength of the Filipino people?
a. Sense of commitment to nationalistic ideals
b. Sense of historical or national identity
c. Sense of humor
d. Sense of national pride
Which is a classroom management practice?
a. Apply rules and policies on a case to case basis
b. Apply reactive approach to discipline
c. Avoid establishing routines; routines make your students
d. Establish routines for all daily needs and tasks.
What is the possible effect of an overcrowded curriculum?
a. In-depth hearing tends to be given greater emphasis.
b. There is greater concept understanding
c. Lifelong learning skills tend to be fully developed.
d. There is lack of personal analysis and reflection on major
Matthew Arnolds ideal person was the person whose powers
were all in balance. The following enumerate which have to be
developed for a person to become Arnolds ideal person,
a. Head, heart, hands, health
b. Knowledge, skills, attitudes
c. Brain, mind, reason
d. Cognitive, psychomotor, and affective powers
How student learn maybe more important than what they learn.
From this principle, which of the following is particularly
a. Knowing how to solve problem
b. Getting the right answer to a word problem
c. Determining the given
d. Solving the problem within the time limit
If you want a child to eliminate an undesirable behavior, punish
him. This is accordance to Thorndikes law of_______.
a. Reward
c. Punishment
b. Exercise
d. Effect
In which cognitive development stage is a child unable to
distinguish between own perspective and someone elses?
a. Sensorimotor stage
c. Formal-operational stage
b. Concrete-operational stage
d. Pre-operational stage
With which will the existentialist agree? The school is a place
where individuals
a. Can reflect on ideas.
b. Can observe by using their senses to the maximum.
c. Can meet to pursue dialogue and discussion about their own
lives and choices
d. Listen and accept what teacher say
A person is held responsible for his actions because
a. He is mature
c. He has instinct
b. He has a choice
d. He has reason
Teacher Q does not want Teacher B to be promoted and so
writes an anonymous letter against Teacher B accusing her of
fabricated lies. Teacher Q mails this anonymous letter to the
School Division Superintendent. What should Teacher Q do if she
has to act professionally?
a. Hires a group to distribute poison letters against Teacher B
for information dissemination.
b. Submit a signed justifiable criticism against teacher B, if
there is any.
c. Instigate student activist to read poison letter over
d. Go straight to the school division superintendent and gives
criticism if any
What psychological principle is invoked when a teacher connects
the new lesson to the one just completed so that the student may
gain a holistic view of the subject?











a. Stimulation
c. Recognition
b. Conceptualization
d. Apperception
Which prescribes the abolition of private property by force?
a. Moderate capitalism
c. Communism
b. Socialism
d. Exaggerated capitalism
Under which category does the MPS that we talk about in the
measurement and evaluation of learning fall?
a. Mode
c. Median
b. Mean
d. Ratio
Which attitude is exemplified by a Boy Scout who says Bahala
na! and dives into a pool to save drowning boy?
a. A daring attitude
b. A sigurista attitude
c. A daring attitude combined with pagmalasakit
d. An I dont care attitude
My lesson is on methods of family planning. I wanted my class to
gain a wholistic understanding of family planning methods. So I
invited a priest to talk on morality of family planning methods, a
doctor on the physiological aspect of family planning, an officer of
Population Commission for his experiences as officer, and a
couple who practices family planning to talk before my class and
to answer questions raised by the class. What technique did I
a. Forum
c. Debate
b. A panel discussion
d. Symposium
The state shall protect and promote the right of all citizens to
quality education at all levels. Which government program is in
support of this?
a. Exclusion of children with special needs from the formal
b. Free elementary and secondary education
c. Deregulated tuition free hike
d. Re-introduction of the NEAT and NSAT
Which is the Magna Carta for public School Teachers?
a. RA 7836
c. RA 7722
b. RA 4670
d. P.D. 1011
Which is an indicator of teachers effectiveness in instilling
discipline among children?
a. Teachers presence is needed for discipline
b. Students have developed concern for one another
c. Students behave for fear of punishment
d. Students behave because of a promised reward
Based on Magers approach in writing lesson objectives, which
lesson objective is written correctly?
a. At the end of the period, 80% of the class is able to compose
a seven-to-ten sentence paragraph that observes unity and
b. At the end of the period, 80% of the class is able to solve the
5 word problems correctly
c. At the end of the period, the student is able to compose a
seven-to-ten sentence paragraph that observes unity and
d. At the end of the period, 80% of the class is able to solve the
5 word problems with 90 accuracy
Which items do not affect the variability of test scores?
a. Test items that are a bit easy
b. Test items that are moderate in difficulty
c. Test items that are a bit difficult
d. Test items that every examinee gets correctly
The attention to the development of a deep respect and affection
for our rich cultural past is an influence of ___.
a. Hegels
c. Deweys
b. Confucius
d. Teilhard de Chardins
As reported by the committee on Information Technology,
Science, Mathematics Educational Reform, the elementary
curriculum is __.
a. reclustered
c. overcrowded
b. integrated
d. innovative
Which is a feature of exaggerated capitalism?
a. Abolition of private properly
b. Sense of social justice

c. Individual concept of wealth

d. Social ownership of some means of production
49. In the parlance of test construction what does TOS mean?
a. Term of Specification
c. Table of Specific Test Items
b. Table of Specifics
d. Table of Specifications
Study this matching type of test that answers the question:
Column A
Column B
____1. Equilateral
a. With 3 equal sides
____2. Right
b. With 5 equal sides
____3. Octagon
c. Has a 90-degrees angle
____4. Pentagon
d. Means many
____5. Heptagon
e. With 7 sides
____6. Poly
f. With 8 sides
50. Which defect does the matching test above have?
a. An obvious pattern is followed in the answering.
b. It is an imperfect type of matching test.
c. The item are quietly easy
d. The item are not homogenous
51. An industrial arts teacher is very strict in the classroom, yet he
smokes inside the room whenever he wants to. His pupils even
see him with his barkada drinking liquor in public places. If you
were the principal, how would you deal with him?
a. Explains to the pupils that smoking is bad for young people
but not to adults
b. Be tolerant about his behavior for it is openly a manifestation
of Pakikisama
c. Express disapproved in writing the unbecoming behavior of
the teacher.
d. Talk with him about the importance of being consistent on
others action and in the rules of discipline enforced in the
52. Teacher B wants to diagnose in which vowel sound (s) her
students have difficulty. Which tool is most appropriate?
a. Portfolio assessment
c. Performance test
b. Journal entry
d. Paper-and-pencil test
53. Honesty remains a value even if nobody in an organization
values it. This pronouncement comes from the mouth of a (an)
a. Pragmatist
c. Reconstructionist
b. Idealist
d. Progressivist
54. The index of difficulty of a particular test item .10. What does this
mean? My students ______.
a. gained mastery over that item
b. performed very well against expectation
c. found that test item was neither easy nor difficult
d. were hard up in that item
55. To develop scientific thinking and problem solving skills which
activity will be most appropriate?
a. Brainstorming
c. Buzz groups
b. Role play
d. Inguary group discussion
56. A catalyst teacher as good at the following skills, EXCEPT:
a. Makes effectives use of cooperative learning techniques.
b. Ask thought-provoking questions
c. Require uniform reports
d. Do inquiry teaching
57. Which of the 3 id, ego, and superego is consists of instinct?
a. Ego & superego
c. Id
b. Ego
d. Superego
58. A good classroom manager has eyes on the back of her head.
This means that the effective teacher _____.
a. has eye contract with its students
b. gives penetrating looks to his students
c. looks at his students from head to toe when he expresses
legitimate anger
d. is aware of all actions and activities in the classroom
59. Which describe(s) inappropriate practice in the education of
young children?
a. Individual differences are expected and accepted
b. Integrated teaching-learning
c. Isolated skill development

d. Positive guidance techniques

60. What is the rule of the learner in the Continued Basic Education
a. Passive recipient of knowledge
b. Rival of classmates in earning
c. Active partner in learning
d. Object of pedagogy
Study this group of tells which was administered with the following
results, then answer the question.
Ronnels Score
61. In which subject(s) did Ronnel perform best in relation to the
groups performance?
a. Physics and Math
c. Math
b. English
d. Physics
62. Which is also called a bar graph?
a. Lithograph
c. Holograph
b. Hectograph
d. Histogram
63. Which is a good practice that a teacher uses in correct students
a. Encourage the students to read books and magazines to
improve their spelling.
b. Readily correcting the error upon utterance to distract the
students flow of though
c. Nothing students errors and dealing with them after the class
d. Ignore the mistake; anyway she will commit the same error
in the future.
64. With knowledge explosion, which image of teacher is
a. Questioner
c. Guide on the side
b. Facilitator of learning
d. Flow chart
65. I want my students to show historical ages graphically. Which will
be most appropriate?
a. Fishbone diagram
c. Series of events chain
b. Continuous scale
d. Flow chart
66. In Piagets concrete operational stage, what is it that a child can
NOT do?
a. Doing mentally what was done just physically done
b. Reasoning applied to specific example
c. Classifying objects into different sets
d. Imagining the steps necessary to complete an algebraic
67. Which is supportive of the development of creative thinking?
a. Judgmental atmosphere
b. Brain storming technique
c. Authoritarian teacher
d. Convergent questions
68. With social development in mind, which is most effective?
a. Computer assisted instruction
b. Games
c. Cooperative learning
d. Puzzle
69. Which is a characteristic of skill-based instruction for language?
a. It is discovery-based learning
b. It is student centered
c. It is school learning
d. Students take part in planning lessons
70. Which question demands the highest level of thinking?
a. How should you present a report in class
b. What conditions must be met for reporting method to be
c. What steps are followed in class, reporting
d. Was the student reporting well done? Support your answer
71. Which is more of a spatial task?
a. Read a book then write a response
b. Examine a statistical chart then write a response
c. Watch a movie then write a response
d. Go on a field trip then write a response

72. Which principle is observed by Ausubels schema theory?

a. Learners have stock knowledge of things based on
background information and experiences
b. There is no need to provide background information
c. Children can be taught how to study
d. Teachers must presume that learners know everything.
73. Which one uses a projector?
a. Model
c. Mock up
b. Slides
d. Realia
74. Perrenialism advocates for the development of the cognitive
faculties. Which of the following teachers objective taps higher
mental functioning?
a. Label the parts of the butterfly on the pape
b. Sequence the figures of the butterflys life cycle
c. Name the different stages a butterfly goes through
d. Compare and contrast butterflies from moths
75. According to Piagets theory in which developmental stage, can
the child do symbolic thinking and go beyond the connection of
sensory information and physical action?
a. Sensorimotor
c. Formal operational
b. Concrete operational
d. Pre-operational
76. The computer is user-friendly. This means that
a. The computer lets the user win
b. The computer program has menus
c. A touch screen is used for input
d. The computer program is easy to use
77. I am reminded of my Grade I teacher every time I see Miss
Valdez because their mannerism are alike. Which principle of
association explains this?
a. Contiguity
c. Frequency
b. Similarity
d. Contrast
78. People have ideas about the world and they learn these ideas by
reflecting upon them, according to the _____
a. Empiricist
c. Rationalist
b. Existentialist
d. Pragmatist
79. Under no circumstances shall a teacher be prejudiced nor
discriminatory against any learner, say the code of ethics. When
is a teacher prejudiced against any learner?
a. When he refuses a pupil with a slight physical disability in
b. When he makes a farsighted pupil sit at the back
c. When he makes a nearsighted pupil sit in front
d. When he considers multiple intelligences in the choice of his
teaching strategies
80. In what developmental stage is growth most rapid?
a. Adolescence
c. Infancy
b. Middle childhood
d. Early childhood
81. Being part of the total guidance program, the first task of the
classroom teacher is to
a. exemplify a high level of personal adjustment and selfactualization
b. foster the development of positive attitudes
c. know and understand the student
d. be warm to each other
82. In which type of grading do teachers evaluates students learning
not in terms of expected and mastered skills?
a. Point grading system
c. Mastery grading
b. Relative grading
d. Grade contracting
83. If we teach our student to think creatively. What do we encourage
them to do?
a. To question the illogical
b. To criticize the unreasonable
c. Think within the box
d. Do outside-thebox thinking
84. Which learning activity is most appropriate if teachers focus is
attitudinal change?
a. Exhibit
c. Game
b. Field trip
d. Role play
85. Where in the three-level teaching strategy does the teacher pose
the question: Can we say that the root cause of water pollution is










our very own indifference? How can we fight our indifference to

the water pollution around us?
a. Concept-level
c. Valuelevel
b. Facts and concept level
d. Concept and value level
Which practices speak of education of the human spirit?
I. Familiarizing the learner with the worlds heritage of art
in all its forms
II. Encouraging the learner to be practical
III. Studying the biographies of heroes and martyrs
IV. Teaching the learner how to learn
a. I, II
c. II, III
b. I, IV
d. I, III
Which may be an undesirable result of the misuse of education
technology on human development?
a. Brain-drain
c. Dehumanization
b. Mechanical
d. Knowledge explosion
To the rationalist which is the highest faculty of man?
a. Emotion
c. Senses
b. Will
d. Reason
Teacher F teaches the tear of the class while one group works in
a study area on a special task. Student share materials help one
another and assess each others ideas and assignment. What
approach does the teacher use?
a. Cooperative learning
c. Adaptive instruction
b. Integrative learning
d. Independent study
The concluding part of the three-level approach is the
a. Concepts level
c. Experiential level
b. Value level
d. Facts level
The Venn diagram is most fit for lessons on
a. Comparison
c. Categorization
b. Contrast
d. Analogy
Man may understand all about the rotation of the earth but he
may still miss the radiance of the sunset, said Dr. Martin Luther
King. Which is an educational implication of this statement?
Stress on
a. Science education
c. Liberal education
b. Skill education
d. Technical education
A son put a time bomb in the luggage of his mother who took it
aboard a Philippine airliner. The bomb exploded while the
airplane was in flight killing the mother and forty other
passengers. Although the motive of the criminal act was never
revealed by the son, he aroused suspicion, when he named
himself beneficiary to an insurance policy he had previously
taken out on his mothers life. Was the son accountable for the
death of his mother and the other passenger?
a. No, He did not directly the death of his mother and the other
b. Yes, if he got the insurance money after the death
c. Yes, He may have been indirectly as a foreseen
consequence, he willed the deaths of all passengers.
d. No, if he refused to get the insurance money after the
My lesson is on methods of family planning. I would like my class
to have a wholistic and a comprehensive understanding of family
planning methods. Which techniques will be most appropriate?
a. Symposium
c. Debate
b. Panel discussion
d. Forum
With the linguistically intelligent group in mind, which activity is
least effective?
a. Concept maps
c. Manipulative
b. Debates
d. Deductive reasoning
The mode of a score distribution is 25. This means that
a. Twenty-five is the score that occurs least distribution
b. Twenty-five is the score that occurs least
c. Twenty-five is the average of the score
d. There is no score of 25
What does a positively skewed store distribution imply?
a. The students must be highly intelligent
b. The scores are concentrated on the right side of the normal
distribution curve
c. The scores are evenly distributed


The scores are concentrated on the left side of the normal

98. To have a test with a coverage and with power to test analytical
thinking and case scoring?
Which type should the teachers use?
a. Alternate response
c. Completion
b. Short answer
d. Multiple choice
99. Who was a strong supporter of inclusive education for all
a. Rousseau
c. Dewey
b. Kung-fu-tau
d. Hegel
100. Which visual display is a result of students comprehension of a
selection read proven by his ability to organize and integrate
concepts and information gleaned from the selection?
a. Journal
c. Venn diagram
b. Story map
d. Semantit web
101. After showing the chart on families of different sizes and their
corresponding water consumption. Teacher L asked pupils this
question: What can you say about the size of families and their
average water consumption? To answer the question on which
specific skill is demanded of the pupils?
a. Drawing inferences
c. Evaluation
b. Recall
d. Stating generalization
102. Each teacher is said to be a trustee of the cultural and
educational heritage of the nation and is under obligation to
transmit to learners such heritage. Which practice makes him
fulfill such obligation?
a. Use of interactive teaching strategies
b. Observing continuing professional education
c. Use of the latest instruction technology
d. Study of the life of Filipino heroes
103. Ms. Cho gives a quiz to her class after teaching a lesson. What
does she give?
a. Diagnostic test
c. Performance
b. Summative test
d. Formative test
104. Teacher K believes that every learner can be helped to achieve
his full potential and so functions effectively when we satisfy his
needs. On what theory (ies) is Teacher Ks belief based?
a. Cognitive psychology
c. Behaviorist theory
b. Humanistic psychology
d. S-R theories
105. Which is a characteristic of a child with ADHD?
a. Inability to read
c. Poor health
b. Inattention
d. Inability to spell
106. With the graduations of objectives in the affective domain in
mind, under what level does developing a consistent philosophy
of life fall?
a. Organization
c. Characterization
b. Responding
d. Valuing
107. My students are dominantly a kinesthetic group. Which activities
should I have more?
a. Ecological field trips
c. Raping
b. Hands-on demonstrations d. Journal writing
108. A test item with a discrimination index of 10 is _______.
a. neither good or bad
c. reasonably good
b. poor
d. very good
109. Who of the following considers music as the highest form of
anesthetic creation because it cuts across the heart of the
a. Existentialist
c. Realistic
b. Idealist
d. Pragmatist
110. One group of psychologist said Wait until the child is ready. But
who said one can help the child to get ready by developing prerequisite skills in an interesting and meaningful way?
a. Gagne
c. Ebbinghaus
b. Brunner
d. Kohler
111. Which is a characteristic of whole language instruction?
a. It is formal and systematic instruction
b. It is not supportive of risk talking
c. It is natural learning

d. It is learning from part to whole

112. The following characterize a child-centered kindergarten, except:
a. Academic-oriented
b. Importance of play in development
c. Emphasis on individual uniqueness
d. Focus on the education of the whole child
113. Concurrent validity requires
a. Correlation study
c. Item difficulty
b. Item analysis
d. Peer consultation
114. What is a possible effect of a overcrowded curriculum?
a. Lifelong learning skills tend to be fully developed
b. There is greater concept understanding
c. The tendency is to give greater concept understanding
d. The tendency is to give greater emphasis on in-depth
115. There is lack of mastery of essential competencies. I want my
students to master the concept of social justice. Which series of
activities will be most effective?
a. Review-Pretest-teaching-posttest
b. Pretest-teaching-posttest
c. Pre-test on social justice-teaching-posttest-re-teaching for
unlearned concepts- post-test
d. Teaching-posttest
116. Instead of describing the steps in opening a document on file in
the computer, I ask my student to do it graphically. What should
be used?
a. Continuous scale
c. Concept pattern organizes
b. Fishbone diagram
d. Flow chart
117. When is medium the appropriate measure of central tendency?
a. Variance is heterogeneous
b. Distribution is a normal, and number of samples is more than
c. Variance is homogeneous
d. Distribution is skewed; and a number of samples is less than
118. The last year of pre-service education of education is student
teaching is _____.
a. Simulation
c. Demonstration
b. Hands-on
d. Role-playing
119. I use the gumamela to teach the parts of a complete flower. Later,
the flowers will be studied in comparison to the gumamela. What
teaching method did I use?
a. Problem-solving method c. Type-study method
b. Discovery method
d. Laboratory method
120. What functions are associated with the left-brain?
a. Verbal, logical, intuitive
b. Verbal, visual, intuitive
c. Verbal, intuitive, detail-oriented
d. Verbal, logical, detail-oriented
121. Fear of the dentist from a painful experience and fear of heights
from falling off a high chair when we were infants are learned
a. Insight
c. Operant conditioning
b. Classical conditioning
d. Imitation
122. Which one describes the percentile rank of a given score?
a. The percent of cases of a distribution below and above a
given score
b. The percent of cases of a distribution above the given score
c. The percent of cases of a distribution within the given score
d. The percent of cases of a distribution within the given score
123. Which may help an adolescent discover his identity?
a. Decision to follow one path only
b. Relating to people
c. Parents pushing in to follow a specific path
d. Exploring many different role in a healthy manner
124. Which process does not form part of creative thinking?
a. Curiosity
c. Originality
b. Imagination
d. Inside the box thinking
125. Using the principlesas a guide, describe how you will solve the
following problem situation is a simple thought question on ____.
a. Summarizing
c. Applying

b. Synthesizing
d. Analyzing
126. Which is supportive of the development of creative thinking?
a. Authoritarian teacher
c. Open-ended question
b. Judgmental atmosphere d. Convergent question
127. The variance, standard deviation, and range are all measure of:
a. Variability
c. Grouping
b. Central tendency
d. Partition values
128. Which term refers to a teacher helping a colleague grow
a. Independent study
c. Peer mentioning
b. Facilitating
d. Technology transfer
129. Ramil helps his classmate carry heavy books if their teacher sees
him and so praises Ramil. In which level of moral development
according to Kohlbergs theory?
a. Conventional
c. Pre-conventional
b. Non-conventional
d. Post conventional
130. The teacher gives indigenous achievement test to his 25
students. The test consists of 50 items. He wants to classify his
students performance based on the test result.
What is the appropriate measure of central tendency?
a. Any of the above
c. Median
b. Mode
d. Mean
131. Here is a sample TRUE-FALSE test item: ALL WOMEN HAVE A
LONGER LIFE-SPAN THAN MEN. What is wrong with the test
a. The test item is quoted verbatim from a textbook
b. The test item contains trivial details
c. A specific determiner dives cue to the answer
d. The test item is vague
132. The state shall protect and promote the right of all citizens to
quality education at all levels. Which government program is in
support of this?
a. Deregulated tuition fee hike
b. Re-introduction of the NEAT and the NSAT
c. Primary schools for indigenous peoples
d. Exclusion of children with special needs from the formal
133. In what way can familism contribute to nationhood?
a. Supporting the perpetuation for a family dynasty
b. Educating relatives of those in power that in the spirit of
familism they should
c. Stressing the idea that walang kuwentang tao kung yong
sariling kamag-anak ay hindi matulungan
d. Choosing candidate on the basis of blood relationships
134. Which question is the highest level of Blooms taxonomy of
objectives in the cognitive domain?
a. What two groups are present in an experimental design?
b. What could have happened if there was no control group?
c. Distinguish between control and experimental group
d. Judge the validity of the experimental design.
135. Which describes learning that students get when they go into
community immersion?
a. Symbolic
c. Experimental
b. Simulated
d. Theoretical
136. Teacher R helped his student recall that stalagmites grow on the
ground while stalactites grow on the ceiling of a cave by
associating G in stalagmites with groups and o with ceiling.
What did teacher R make use of?
a. Visual aid
c. Meaning maker device
b. Audio-visual aid
d. Mnemonic device
137. What primary criterion should guide a teacher in the choice of
instructional devices?
a. Attractiveness
c. Cost
b. Novelty
d. Appropriateness
138. Makabayan as a subject in the Restructured Basic Education
Curriculum is the Laboratory for life. What does this mean?
a. The biographies of heroes who are makabayan will be
b. Will be taught the true concept of being pagkamakabayan
c. Will be taught the Filipino strengths and weaknesses


Will demonstrate practical knowledge and skill that have

been gained in the other subjects
139. Referring to the characteristics of a Progressivist curriculum,
which does NOT belong to the group?
a. Flexible
c. Relevant
b. Child-centered
d. Subject-matter centered
140. The Self-expressive learner learns best from_______
a. Lectures
b. Activities that enlighten and enhance like myths and human
c. Drills
d. Personal expression and personal encounters
141. Which individualized teaching method makes use of workbooks,
teaching machines or computers?
a. Inquiry
c. Programmed instruction
b. Project method
d. Discovery method
142. With the re-structured Basic Education curriculum, which
teaching-learning feature does not apply
a. Interactive
c. Interdisciplinary
b. Teacher monologue
d. Creative thinking
143. In the faculty room everyone is talking about Teacher who is
tutoring for a fee her own pupil who is vying for honors. What is
the professional thing for the other teachers to do?
a. As a group report what the other teacher did.
b. Leave her alone, she might accuse you of meddling in her
c. Talk to the parents of the tutee. Tell them what teacher is
doing is unprofessional.
d. Correct her and remind her tutoring ones own pupil for a fee
is unethical.
144. For facts to be useful in a research, it is best to:
a. See if it is comparative
b. Gather additional facts for comparison
c. Use all original facts
d. Select classify and summarize them
145. Which types of statistics is meant to draw out complications
about the population from which the sample is taken.
a. Descriptive and inferential
b. Inferential
c. Correlational
d. Descriptive
146. When teacher 1 present sets of data then asks the students to
enter a conclusion, generalization or a patterns of relationship
which method does she use?
a. Process approach
b. Unit method
c. Inductive inquiry method
d. Type method
147. Which curriculum was in place before the 2002. Basic Education
a. 2-2 plan curriculum and College Preparatory Curriculum
b. 2-2 plan curriculum
c. New elementary/Secondary Education Curriculum
d. College preparatory curriculum
148. Which is supportive of the development of creative thinking?
a. Judgmental atmosphere
b. Convergent questions
c. Authoritarian teacher
d. Brainstorming technique
149. Teacher L is a typical idealist teacher. Which belief about
knowledge is he likely to advocate?
a. Knowledge through trial and error
b. Knowledge through hypothesis testing
c. Knowledge from direct, concrete experience
d. Knowledge through reasoning
150. What the role of the learner in the pre-structured Basic Education
a. Passive recipient of knowledge
b. Object of the pedagogy


Rivals of classmates in learning

Constructor of meaning

The only true wisdom is in
knowing you know nothing.



PROF. ED (Which development stage)