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Student-Teacher: Fatima Bilal

Date: 8 th-November- 2016

Grade Level:
grade EPC
2- section
3 Lesson Planning Template Year 2, Sem 1
Subject: English
Learning Outcome : By the end of this lesson students will be able to..
The story in the learner book. Page (62-64)
Activity book page (52)
The flash cards with the words (duck, frog, pond, tree,
nut, lion)
The black and white pictures.

Preparation (what do you need to do/make before class?

Bring the story with me.
Key vocabulary/ Target Language

Time: 5 minWhole

Duck, rabbit, tree, frog, lion, hurry, I dont know.

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small group activities) (pre-listening

Introduce the lesson by giving them flash cards with the words (rabbit, frog,lion,pond,nut and tree).
Show them the pictures of the characters in the story and ask them what is this?

Independent Experience (whole group activity 1) (while listening)

Time: 20 minWhole

After introducing the words and the pictures of the characters in the lesson, I will ask the students to circle on
the names that we took in the beginning of the lesson and circle on it while Im reading the story. (Listen and
Discriminate), for example I while Im reading the story, I will say the duck is stuck! and the students will
circle on the word (duck) because they already took it in the beginning of the lesson.
Independent Experience( whole group activity 2) (while listening)
In this activity I will give each student a black and white pictures of the characters in the story. And I will ask
them to color the pictures according to the descriptions that I have, so they have to listen to me so they can
color the pictures.
Independent Experience(pair work activity 3) (while listening)

Closing (post listening)

In the end of the lesson I will ask the students who was their favorite character and why did they loved the
And I will review with them the story.


5 minWhole

In this activity, the students will answer their questions in their activity book in pairs. One of the students will
ask her partner ( the tree is next to the pond), and her partner will see the picture, if right the student will say
(yes), if no she will say (no).

I assed the students in the class by monitoring them and checking if they need any help in solving the questions.

Reflection WWW/EBI
The lesson was about a story including animals in it, In my pre listening I introduced the flashcards and asked
the students if they know the meaning of the words and the students really knew some words already such as
(duck, lion and rabbit). The things that went well in my lesson is, when the students were excited and ready to
hear the story, and in my while listening when they all been focusing on the story to draw a circle around the
animals name, and that made me sure that theyre on the right track. But things could be better if I included a
post listening in my lesson, because I couldnt do a post listening activity because of the time, so I have to
manage my time too.
Next Steps in learning and teaching
Manage my time and include all the listening activity in the lesson.