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Tour to Iran

Ayatollah Khomeini
He was the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the leader of the 1979 Iranian Revolution that
saw the overthrow of the Pahlavimonarchy and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran. Following
the revolution, Khomeini became the country's Supreme Leader, a position created in the constitution
of the Islamic Republic as the highest-ranking political and religious authority of the nation, which he
held until his death.
Prices for entering the mosque
The Mosque of Imam or Shah Mosque
0.31 USD / 10000 IRR
To visit the Mosque
Take off your shoes, and put it into a plastic bag provided (no charge)
Clean yourself (wudu) before entering Mosque
Women should wear clothes covering wrists and ankles.
Mem and womwn clothes : no slim fit
No food in the pray hall
Men and women should be apart from each other in the mosque


record the airplane announcement


Day 1:

landed 7.30
got out of the airport 8.30
arrive at Naghsh-e Jahan Square 9.30
go into the mosque of the shah 9.45
go into Ali Qapu palace 11
eat at azadegan tea house 13
go to Sheikh Lotf allah mosque 14.30
go to Isfahan Grand Bazaar 15
Come and pick up 19
arrive at the hotel

leave hotel 9
arrive at Isfahan music museum 9.15
walk to the Bastani traditional restaurant 11.30
arrive at the restaurant 12
go to Khaju bridge 13.30
leave khaju bridge and go back to hotel 15.30
leave hotel 18
arrive at restaurant 18.30
leave the restaurant 20

Day 2:

The Iran government system is a combination. The president role also need to be presented in
sessions and answering questions. The president also has power to remove minister if he wish. The role
of Iranian president is seemed to be closed to the role of priminister. The president is chosen directly
meaning that he do not need to be the leader of the majority population in the parliament. The
government system of Iran merge all the weaknesses of both the president and priminister system as
well as some strenghts.

DAY 1:
Scene 1: In the airplane *announcement*

Scene 2: In the shuttle bus

Tour guide 1:
- Good morning and welcome everyone to Isfahan, the paradise of Iran. So first, let me
officially introduce myself to all of you, Im Pizza and I will be your tour guide throughout the
whole day today. There will also be another tour guide that will be helping us out but
unfortunately hes not here yet. So I guess we will meet him at The Naghsh-e Jahan Square
- So first of all, does anyone in here know the capital city of Iran?
- tourist:
- Nope! Tehran is actually the capital city of Iran, not Isfahan. But Isfahan, the city that
we are in right now, is considered as one of the most important cities in Iran as it is located in
almost the centre of Iran and has many tourist attraction. Iran has total area of about 16
millions square kilometers with a population up 81 millions people
- What about the the first king of Iran, does anyone know what his name is?
- Yes!! Thats right. Reza Shah Pahlavi was the first king. After WW1, when the
ottoman empire was divided into different countries, there was an internal conflict within
Persia. Reza Shah Pahlavi then led the military and tookover Tehran and established himself
as the first king of Iran.
- Ayatollah Khomeini is another important person of Iran since he was the founder of
Islamic republic and the leader of the 1979 Iranian revolution. Back to when Mohammad Reza
Shah was the king, there were many opposition against him due to the way hu ruled the
countrry. So Ayatollah Khomeini, who was at fist exiled to live in other countries came back
and conduct a revolution. This revolution involved in replacing the Pahlavi dynasty with
Islamic republic, which resulted in Iran turning into an islamic republic based on constitutional
democracy up until now. This islamic republic is basically a republic where no king is needed
to lead the government (King does not have authority to rule the government) So, the reason
Ayatollah Khomeini was very famous was because he was the only leader who combined
both political and religious authority of the nation into the consitution of the Islamic republic.
- Oops. I might have been talking about the history of Iran for too long because we are
now reaching our first destination. So, before we are going to leave the bus, I would like to
ask you all to pull out your tour package and look at the schedule for the two days trip in Iran.
As you already know, the first place we are going to today is Naghsh-e Jahan Square. this
place is surrounded by the imam mosque, Ali Qapu palace, Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque, and
Isfahan Grand Bazaar. So we will stay there for the whole day and hopefullly we will be able
to visit all of those four places. Do you guys have any concerns about the schedule for today?
If not, then lets go!
Scene 3: At the Naghsh-e Jahan Square
Tour guide 1:
- Oh there he is, Mr. Late.

Tour guide 2:
- Hello guys. Apologize for coming late today but I had an urgent accident at home. My
name is Anon, I was born here, in Isfahan, and I worked as a tour guide for this agency for 10

years already. So ask me anything you want to know about Iran, I am here to answer your
- This place that you guys are standing at right now is called the Naghsh-i Jahan
square. Also known as Imam Square, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the middle
of Isfahan city. This place was built in the reign of Shah Abbas the Great at the beginning of
the seventeenth century. The buildings you'll be seeing around the square are from the
Safavid era. The Mosque we'll be touring, the Imam Mosque, (change slide) is located on the
south side of the square, with the Ali Quapu palace to the West. Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque is
on the eastern side of the square. We'll be coming from the North, through the Grand Bazaar.
- So before we are entering the Mosque of the Shah I will need to inform you guys
about the etiquettes:
- Remove your hats and shoes, dont point your feet at the primary wall, that is the one
pointed towards Mecca, No food, No talking, and be sure to wear as long a clothes as
possible. Also the women must cover their hair. I must inform you that during any form of
ritual, you may not take any pictures.
Tour guide 1:
- hmm... I hope you guys were all paying attention to what Mr. Anon just said because
these information are very important. Iranian people are very strict about these rules, so it is
necessary that you take them seriously because it is one of the things that will show how we
respect others cultural differences.
Scene 4: In the mosque of the Shah
Tour guide 2:
- Imam Mosque is a mosque standing in the south side of Naghsh-i Jahan Square.
This piece of Islamic and Persian architecture was built during the Safavid Period, and still
stands today as a testiment to the awesomeness of Persian architecture. It is a UNESCO
world-heritage site. Its construction began in 1611, and it mainly owes it magnificence to the
beauty of its seven-color mosaic tiles and calligraphic inscriptions.
- I will let you guys take photos around the mosque for about half an hour and after that
we will meet at the same place before we came in here. Please be on time so that we dont
go off schedule.
Scene 5: In front of the mosque of the Shah
Tour guide 1:
- Did you get to take a lot of photos with the mosque?
- .., tell me something about the Mosque of the shah?
- ANSWER from the tourist.
- Now lets walk to the west side to the Ali Qapu Palace.
Scene 6: At the Ali Qapu palace
Tour guide 2:
- Opposite to the Sheikh Lotf Allah mosque, the Ali Qapu palace is located in the
western side of the Naghsh-i Jahann Square. In 1597, they started to build this palace for use
as an entertaining place for the Shahs guests. The palace has four floors, and also a
veranda, which is similar to a balcony. This palace had the greatest height in 17th century with
52 rooms, decorated with ancient stuff. The doors were made from gold and silver. However,
the visitors are not allowed to visit some of the room within the palace.
Tour guide 1:
- Before visiting the next cultural place, the Lotf allah Mosque, we will stop for a brunch
at Isfahan Grand Bazaar.
Tour guide 2:
- Lets go then because Im sure that everyone is starving to death.

Scene 7: At Azadegan tea house.

Tour guide 1:
- This cafe we are stopping at is called Azadegan tea house. This cafe is very well
known for tea and its antique decoration. Many Iranian people like to visit here as it is a great
place to sit and enjoy the surroundings.
Tour guide 2:
- First meal we are having here (change slide) is Iranian flat bread with some veggies
and fried eggs--- simple but delicious brunch for everyone.
Tour guide 1:
- Well we spend longer than I thought at the cafe, so unfortunately we do not not have
enough time to go inside the Lotf Allah Mosque. But we will still be going to see the front part
and take some pictures.
Scene 8: In front of the Lotf allah Mosque
Tour guide 1:
- Sheikh Lotfollah mosque is located in the center of Esfahan. It was built in1599, as a
dedication to Shah Abbas father in law, Sheikh Lotf. So this mosque was basically named
after his fathers name. The mosque was made from wood with geometric carving, and it took
about 20 years to build. It is said to be the most beautifully decorated mosque with the best
mosaic of the era.
Tour guide 2:
- Pizza, I think we should head to Isfahan Grand Bazaar now, or else everyone willl not
have enough time to shop around since there are so many shops there.
Tour guide 1:
- OK, lets go then. I will take you guys to the Isfahan Grand Bazaar first and if you
guys want to come back and take some more pictures here then you can. But I dont think any
of you will come back because those shops at the Bazaar will basically attract all of you.
Scene 9: In front Isfahan Grand Bazaar (Day)
Tour guide 2:
- The Isfahan Grand bazaar is not just any shopping center, it is a one of a kind. For
one thing, the grand Bazaar of Isfahan is a completely covered town. Dating back to the 17th
century it is one of the oldest and largest Bazaars in the Middle East. In the old days, the
Bazaar provided everything people needed to live and so the people lived, worship, sell, buy,
and die in the Bazaar. The grand Bazaar is like a very Grand tree that branches out into
lanes, consisting of various Hojreh (shops) in each specializing in different goods from
carpets to handicrafts. The main axis is connected to the Seljuk town (the old town). The axis
passes in front the Shah mosque as well.
Scene 10: Inside Isfahan Grand Bazaar (Day)
Tour guide 1:
- So you guys will have roughly about 4 hours to walk around the shops or go to take
some more pictures at the Naghsh-e Jahan Square. But make sure that you all come back
here at 7 pm so we can head back to your hotel as soon as possible. Oh, I forgot to tell you
that the other two tour guides will be picking you guys up and will be looking after all of you

Tour guide 2:
- But we will be meeting you at the airport tomorrow night.
Tour guide 1:

Yes thats right. So see you tomorrow and enjoy shopping guys.

(change slide to the clock and change to Isfahan grand bazaar )

Scene 11: At Isfahan Grand Bazaar (Night)
Tour guide 3:
- Hello all of my lovely tourist. Im Jeen and this is Pangpun. Both of us will be taking
over Anon and Pizzas job for the rest of today and tomorrow. So we will take you to the hotel
now so you guys can go and relax before touring again tomorrow.
Scene 12: In the Bus
Tour guide 4:
- For tonight, you guys will be staying at Abbasi Hotel, also known as Shah Abbas
Hotel. It is located in the middle of Isfahan, so it will not take us so long to get there. This hotel
was built in the last 300 years during the period of Sultan Husayn of Safavid. During that time
it was used as a shelter for passengers. The Abbasi hotel hits one of the best hotels in
Isfahan as it has wonderful restaurants and architecture. The facilities and furnitures within
the hotel are also simple but luxury, creating good atmosphere for the guests.
Scene 13: Hotel
Tour guide 3:
- I have already sort out the key card for all of your rooms already so you can just go
up to your room straight away. You guys do not need to pack your things tonight because
tomorrow we will come back to this hotel again.
- So morning call tomorrow at 7am, eat breakfast at the hotel at 8 and come to the bus
at 9. This bus will be parking here since 8 am, so if anyone finish early then it is ok to come
and sit here.
- Does anyone want to change anything? If not, then see you all tomorrow.
Tour guide 3+4:
- Good night.
(change slide)

DAY 2:

Scene 1: In the bus

Tour guide 3:
- Good morning.
Tour guide 4:
- Why do you guys look so sleepy? Well hopefully you all had a good sleep last night
because today we will be spending a lot of time on walking and sightseeing around the city.
Tour guide 3:
- So, the first place we are visitting this morning is Isfahan music museum. This
museum hits one of the top attractions in Isfahan as there are varieties of ancient music
instruments and interesting facts about different musicians.
Tour guide 4:
- Does anyone in here like music?
- Tourist:
- Then Im sure you will fall in love with this place! and you will also gain tons of
knowledges from this museum. If we are lucky enough, we might get to see an actual
performance of traditional iranian songs.
Scene 2: At Isfahan music museum
Tour guide 3:
- Here we are at the Isfahan music museum.
- The place we are at right now is awarded to be the best private museum in Iran lately.
This museum provides the collections of music instruments collected by the local musicians,
Mehrdad Jaihooni and Shahriar Shokrani in December 2015. There are rougly about three
hundreds pieces of instruments came from all over Iran. The instrument called the
Kamencheh is said to be the origin of modern violin, and the instrument called tar is said to be
the old guitar. The drums at that time were made from animal skins. Other than these, you
can see ney or what is called the reed flute, nomadic camel bells, and harp. All of the
instruments are shown with descriptions available in English and Fasri. Music performance is
also available in the Museum.
- You guys have about two hours to walk around the museum and souvenir shop. And
we will meet here at 12pm. Please be on time so we could get to the restaurant as soon as
Tour guide 4:
- How was it everyone? Great? Well I guess you all are starving so lets head to Bastani
traditional restaurant. It will take us about roughly 10 minutes to the restaurant, so I decided
that we willl walk there since the weather is perfect today.
Tour guide 3:
- On the way walking to the restaurant, you will see Iranian houses and buildings so
feel free to take some pictures.
Scene 3: Bastani Traditional restaurant
Tour guide 3:
- Yes we finally made it to the restaurant.
- I already reserved the table and ordered some Iranian traditional food for everyone,
so you guys can go in straightaway. No need to wait for the queue.
- So the first dish we have here (change slide) is the Beriani Iranian food, and it is the
signature food for this restaurant.

Scene 4: Khaju Bridge

Tour guide 4:

- I guess you guys are all full and are ready for more sightseeing before leaving, am I
- Well the next place we are heading to is Khaju Bridge. This will not take us so long to
get there, maybe about 20 minutes from the restaurant we just left.
- The khaju bridge we are approching right now is considered as the oldest bridge in
Isfahan and it is very well known for its persian architecture. In the middle of the bridge, a
pavillion sort existed, this is basically a place for the Shah Abbas to come and sit and admire
the view. This Khaju bridge is not only a normal bridge, but it also served as a weir, building,
teahouse, or a place for social events.
Tour guide 3:
- We will now take you back to your hotel so you guys have some time to pack your
things up from yesterday before leaving to Thailand tonight. About 6 pm, we will meet you
down at the lobby to check out and get ready to the last fantabulos meal in Isfahan.
Scene 5: clock 7 PM
(change slide)
Scene 6: Shahrzad restaurant
Tour guide 4:
- The restaurant you guys are sitting in right now is called shahrzad. This restaurant is
located in the heart of Isfahan and it is popular for its lively atmosphere and tasty food.
Shahrzad restaurant is decorated with stained-glass windows and intricate mirror work. The
quality of their food is very high and they have varieties of food choices. The food that I have
ordered for you guys this meal is (change slide) Joojah kebab, which is the traditional Iranian
dish. The trip to isfahan will not be completed without trying joojeh kebab.
- This kebab you have in front of you is made of a whole chicken marinated in lemon
and onion, and basted with saffron and butter. Normally Iranian people would eat them with
rice and grilled sweetcorn.
Scene 7: clock 8 PM
Tour guide 3:
- I hope you are all full because it is unfortunately 8 pm already and I guess we have to
get to the airport very quickly since your flight will be leaving at 11 pm.
Scene 8: Isfahan Airport
Tour guide 1:
- Thank you very much for choosing our agency
Tour guide 2:
- We hope that you had a lot of fun for the past 2 days
Tour guide 3:
- Hopefully, we will see you soon in Thailand or in Iran again.
Tour guide 4:
- Thank you very much and have safe flight back to Thailand.