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Grade 1/2 Basketball

Broad Curriculum Content

Students in Levels 5 and 6 are supported to make decisions to enhance their health, safety and
participation in physical activity. The content also provides opportunities for students to learn through
movement. It supports them in broadening the range and complexity of fundamental movement skills
they are able to perform in a range of settings, including indoor, outdoor and aquatic. They learn how to
select, transfer and apply simple movement skills and sequences individually, in groups and in teams.
Students also further develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to movement by
exploring simple rule systems and safe use of equipment in a variety of physical activities and games.
Through active participation, they investigate the bodys response to different types of physical activities.
In addition, students develop personal and social skills such as cooperation, decision making, problemsolving and persistence during movement activities.
2 weeks (4 x 30min sessions)
Big Ideas

How does playing sport contribute to my Health?

Enduring Understandings

The impact of trying my best on successful team performance

The impact of Fundamental Motor Skills on learning complex movements

Essential Questions

How does your personal safety and behavior impact our learning community?

How do practice, perseverance and effort impact performance?

How can you contribute to the success of the team?

How can you apply skills from other sports to assist in successfully participating in basketball?

Standards addressed:

Perform fundamental movement skills in different movement situations in indoor, outdoor and aquatic
settings (VCHPEM080)

Discuss the bodys reactions to participating in physical activities (VCHPEM083)

Use strategies to work in group situations when participating in physical activities (VCHPEM085)

Key Knowledge, Understandings, and skills

Describing and demonstrating how to include others in physical activity (RE, RS, AP, FMS)

Participating in new and unfamiliar activities and describing how they felt about the experience (HBPA)

Performing fundamental movement skills involving controlling objects with equipment and different parts of
the body (RE, AP, FMS)


Ongoing feedback provided to students throughout the unit



As mentioned in the last lesson during the Unit Plan (observation of students performing activities)


Prac & learning activities

Grab a basketball and practice bouncing the ball in the

Introduce the unit of basketball.
Warm Up walls
Using the balls from the DO NOW, students must dribble the
balls when running.

With students in the middle red circle, teacher calls out a

number between 1-4
The students must dribble their ball and touch the number
of walls that the teacher called and return to the middle.
Repeat 3-4 times.

Skills Dribbling
Every student is to have a ball, lined up on the sideline
Teaching points:

Skill Application #

Use fingers, not palm to dribble

Push the ball to the ground, dont slap it
Ball shouldnt bounce above belly button height
Strong position, bottom low, eyes up

Walk across the court individually, focusing on the above

teaching points. Repeat this under the control of the
teacher. Try and provide feedback each time or individually.
Once majority of students have reasonable control, repeat
above with the opposite hand and crossing over

Skill Application #

Each student still with their own ball. Dribble amongst

traffic (other students) within the three point line and the
base line.
After 30sec or so, change this area to within the netball goal
Focus on continuous dribble and moving in a controlled

Basketball Relays
Divide the class into 3-4 teams depending on numbers
(roughly 4-5 per team). Explain each of the relays before
getting students to complete. Focus is on completing
properly rather than winning.



Dribble the ball up and around the cone before returning

and passing ball to the next person.
Dribble the ball from the starting baseline up to the other
baseline. At the line, they bounce the ball 5 times as quickly
as possible then return to their group, passing the ball to
the next student. Repeat
As above. At the end baseline, the student completes 3
passes into the wall and then returns to the group.
Space team mates between the two cones. First students
dribbles the ball, zig zagging in and out of their team
mates. When they go past all students in their team and
return to their spot, they pass the ball to the next student
and they repeat.
Any other relays that involve ball movement (tunnel ball,
under and over etc)

Grab a basketball and practice bouncing the ball in the


Recap the teaching points of the skills from last week
Warm Up Ship,
Shark, Shore

Baseline = Ship

Baseline = Shore

Centre line = Shark

Observation shooting

Starting with all students on one baseline (Ship). The

teacher calls either ship, shark or shore.
The students run to that line associated with the command.
Once all arrived and set again, the teacher calls another
command (ship, shark or shore). The students then run to
that line.
After a couple of practices, a competition can be held where
the last two to make the line after each command stand out
to the side.
Last student left wins that game.

Allow all students to utilise a volleyball (basketball if required

those stronger students) and participate in an informal
5mins of shooting at the ring trying to get a goal.

Focus on students ability to use power from the legs and

arms, whether they can make the height of the ring and
This activity is used for observation purposes only and for
future planning

As per lesson 1. Focus on improved technique with dribbling
and overall ball handling.



Grab a basketball and practice bouncing the ball in the


Emphasise the teaching points of the skills from last week
Warm Up on my
Each student has a basketball and starts in the red middle

Game 6s

The teacher calls a line associated with the basketball court

(eg- baseline @ that (pointing) end). The students then
must dribble the ball to that line.
When all students are set, the teacher calls out another (egthree point line at that end). The students must dribble the
ball to that line
Repeat (eg- centre red circle, sidelines, baselines, three
point line etc)

A basketball based game, with a focus on passing, catching

and moving away from your opponent



Split the class into 4 even teams

Using both three point areas

Grab a basketball and practice bouncing the ball in the

stadium or shooting

Emphasise the teaching points of the skills from last week
Warm Up Ship,
Shark, Shore
Refer to Lesson 2 for instructions


Allow students to swap to a volleyball if they choose.

Students are to practice their shooting at either end of the
court (roughly have half the class at each end).
Encourage students to use their legs to increase power
Focus on observing; ability to make height, bend legs and
hopefully fix errors to make shots.

Use this as a final activity to grade the students should it be

required. Focus grading on dribbling skills (control, technique

Normal dribble around cone and back

Space about teams allowing a in and out weave relay to
test students control