Annual Report


Areas of the Forum’s activities in 2016
• ensuring free and fair elections
• having zero political prisoners (the cases of Ilmi Umerov, the EaP CSF members Hovsep Khurshudyan
and Levon Barshegyan, and Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko)

• ensuring the respect of human rights, particularly in the disputed territories
• mitigating security threats in EaP region and reaching the lasting peace in the South Caucasus
• Providing civil society participation in monitoring and implementation of reforms in higher education in
EaP countries
• advancing visa liberalisation for Georgia and Ukraine
• working for the amelioration of the operating environment for the civil society, in particular revising the
civil society legislation in Azerbaijan, and
• proper funding for the civil society of the region
• assessing EaP CSF effectiveness, outcomes\impact, new pro-active formats of activity
• many others

EaP CSF representatives channelled their position to the EU and EaP
Ministers and EU institutions at 4 EaP Ministerial meetings and
at Euronest Parliamentary Assembly

EaP Ministerial Meeting
23 May
Brussels, Belgium

EaP Ministerial Meeting
12 July
Kyiv, Ukraine

EaP Ministerial Meeting
18 October

> 60 EaP CSF participants took part in 30 official Eastern Partnership
platforms, panels and other EaP meetings

3 joint conferences for National Platforms
• Security Conference “Security Challenges of the EU’s Eastern Neighborhood” - 28-29 July
Tbilisi, Georgia
• Human Rights Conference “On the frontline: human rights situation in the EaP countries” 19-20 September Chisinau, Moldova

• Public Participation in Higher Education Modernisation: civil society role in the
implementation of the Roadmap for higher education reform in Belarus – 23-24 September,

Working Groups Meetings
Messages channelled to > 20 representatives of the EU institutions during
5 annual Working Group meetings

WG1 on 1-2 June

WG initiatives and EaP CSF campaigns
• Youth Conference “Youth for Rights” 27-28
October Bratislava, Slovakia
• #Visafree Campaign for Georgia and Ukraine,
4 June, Brussels, Belgium

Re-granting Scheme as WGs Support

Second year of EaP CSF regranting
59 proposals received
18 projects funded
Total amount of 321 165 EUR
Results by the end of 2016:

Monitoring missions as an instrument of
the EaP CSF
• Mission of the EaP CSF on the civil society, media and human rights situation to Armenia on 9-15
August 2016
• following the 17-31 July events in order to assess the situation of non-governmental organisations
and the media in the aftermath the crisis
• supported by the Armenian National Platform of the EaP CSF and included leading experts in the
field of human rights from Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine
• Produced report with a series of recommendations
• Advocacy meetings in Brussels

Statements, policy input and events
 20 Steering Committee Statements
 > 30 Statements by the National Platform
Policy input to:
 DG NEAR consultation on funding civil society
 Opinion on women’s rights in the EaP of the EP
 Progress report for Georgia and Ukraine
 Council of the EU discussions on Crimea and Azerbaijan
 Many others
 > 20 events organised by EaP CSF that gathered
 > 700 participants in total
 > 250 attendees at the Annual Assembly

EaP CSF communication

• More functional and better structured website
• > 70 mentions in the media
• > 11000 followers on Facebook

The comings tasks and challenges in 2017
• EaP CSF input to EaP Summit (November 2017)
• Finding optimal configuration of CSF work with both EaP
countries with AA and countries without AA agenda
• Expanding role of CSOs in providing transparency and
accountability of inter-governmental “projects”
• Improvement of EaP CSF performance and outcomes

• Initiating new formats and solutions for sensitive topics in
EaP (disputed and\or unrecognised territories etc.)
• …

Thank you for your attention!