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Reason for Existence
Maran Gor is the goddess of the Earthquake. She represents the dark side of
the Earth Mother, even as Ernalda represents the benevolent side. She is
worshipped now only by those who seek the carnage which is her most
precious gift. In the grim areas where cults of women gather together to
placate the dark power of the earth, her temples come in all sizes. More
commonly, her cult consists of shrines within the temples of her sister gods.
Maran was born in the Green Age, along with her sisters, and was given rulership over the greatest and most terrible powers of Earth. She took many lovers,
and produced many children, these being the mighty quakebeasts of legend,
which shook the earth as they walked. Maran loved her children, whose
thundering movement brought joy to her heart, no matter the destruction they
In the Stagnant Age, the Evil Emperor came to power. He saw the quakebeasts
as pests, and commanded his warriors to destroy them. Jagrekriand and
Vestkarthan destroyed many of them, including the new warlike quakebeasts
Maran shaped to defend the others from the Fire Tribe. Seeing so many of her
children slain, Maran took up her mace, and marched to battle the Fire Tribe.
From then on, the goddess knew no joy.
Maran is the violent and rumbling earth, whose angry movements destroy the
enemies of the Earth Tribe. All Orlanthi know that when the ground shakes,
Maran is angry, and will immediately make propitiatory sacrifices to please her.
Maran is commonly worshipped as a subcult of Ernalda. However, Maran is also

worshipped as an independent cult. This is more common in places such as

Esrolia and Tarsh, and many traditional Orlanthi regard this form of worship as
dangerous and unpredictable.
Social Position
Maran is not a popular goddess amongst the Orlanthi, the few initiates to her in
each clan usually being primarily Babeester Gori axe warriors. Most of her
worshippers are found in Peace Clans, where they serve on the much smaller
fyrd and act as bodyguards to the clans' Ernalda priestesses.
In Dragon Pass, Maran has two great holy places: the first being the Shaker
Temple at the base of Wintertop, this sacred building has survived since the
Gods Age, and contains shrines to all the subcults of Maran. It is ruled by the
Shaker Priestess, the incarnation of Maran-Gor upon Glorantha, who is served
by forty seven male and female virgin cannibal initiates of Maran.
The second holy place of Maran is Giniiji, also known as Snake-pipe hollow. This
valley and the neighbouring ones were created when Maran crushed a waiting
army of Chaos. The remains of this army reformed from the bloody mess left
after the valley was made, and holy warriors of Maran are often found waging
holy wars against the Chaotic monsters found there.
Maran has relatively few full time priestesses maintaining her temples and
shrines. They are all celibate, pledging their love to their goddess rather than
to any man.
Maran Gor's ceremony day is Wildday.
Maran Gor's high holy day is Wildday of Disorder week in the Earth Season
Likes and Dislikes
Maran loves her sisters Ernalda and Esrola, and has pledged to protect these
two pacifists.
The Cult honours this pledge by always providing shelter and protection to
Priestesses of these two cults. Should either have suffered at the hands of a
man or Chaos, then the Cult will send a force of warriors to exact bloody
vengeance on their behalf.
She is often a rival of male war gods, such as Elmal and Urox, looking for
opportunities to tear down (both metaphorically and literally) their built up
assumptions of superiority.
The Cult is friendly with the War Women cults, such as Babeester Gor and
Vinga, as they are family through her sister Ernalda. They show respect to any
woman who is capable of defending herself and shows independent spirit.
All of Chaos is Maran's enemy, as is anything else that seeks to harm the Earth
tribe. She also hates the elves and ice giants for the slaying of her children, the

Membership Requirements
Lay Member
Maran-Gor cults have little to offer those who are not willing to fully commit
themselves to their temple and its greater well being. Women are offered
temporary shelter, so long as they contribute in some way towards the
temple's upkeep. Men who chance asking for the benedictions of the cult, often
run the risk of being placed in thralldom, or at the very least, in a submissive
position of servitude.
Those who choose to make an extended stay in a Maran-Gori temple will be
expected to make the choice to either join the cult's extended community, with
a view to full Initiation, or to leave by the end of the next Earth season.
Lay Members must attend regular worship at weekly services on Wildday. If the
Lay Member fails to attend, they can expect serious redress. Worse fates await
for any males who refuse to acknowledge Maran's power whilst under her roof.
Lay Members may learn Spirit Magic up to level 2.
All normal candidates for Initiation must be mature females. There is no culture
requirement for joining, only that their dedication to the Goddess is sincere.
They must forswear the direct worship of any benevolent Earth deity, knowing
that failure on this part or becoming apostate from the cult will involve deadly
They must have at least 50%+ in two of the following skills


Weapon Attack

Mineral Lore



They must devote 10% of their time and income to the cult, and must
surrender all personal time when their High Priestess calls for a duty of
A Maran-Gor Initiate will be given food and lodgings in any of the rare

dedicated Dark Earth temples found in the world. Should they be without a
place to call their own, they will likely be offered permanent residence in
exchange for a vow of service to the reigning High Priestess.
All Earth temples relating to the more benevolent Goddesses will be inclined
offer aid or shelter when requested, but will likely not want the Initiate to
remain long in their stead.
Males who have found themselves in a temple's good favour and/or are
concubines to existing female Initiates and Acolytes, may be accepted into the
Cult as Initiates. As with all instances of males joining Maran-Gor, there is much
prejudice to overcome and a looming expectation that the male Initiate will
'offer up his male aspect' as sacrifice to the Goddess.
Initiates gain access to further cult Spirit magic and also receive 100 hours of
free training in cult skills, and half price after that.
They must sacrifice a point of POW to Maran-Gor. They may sacrifice POW to
gain Divine magic from Maran-Gor. This magic will be spent until prayed for
again during Sacred Time or the cult High Holy day.
They may pray for and potentially receive aid from Divine Intervention.
Initiates may learn Spirit Magic up to level 4.
There are those amongst the supporting Lay Members and Initiates who feel a
true bond to the Earthshaker Goddess and are drawn along the path which
leads them closer to her. Whether this leads to full Priesthood or not, becoming
an Acolyte imbues the cult member with a much stronger divine connection.
Female acolytes of Maran-Gor need not be celibate, but may not be married.
Any sons born to the acolyte must be sacrificed. Daughters born must be
dedicated to the service of Maran-Gor or Babeester-Gor for as long as their
mother raises them.
Male Initiates may choose to become Acolytes, assuming that their Priestess
finds them sufficiently pious, and there are no more worthy candidates. To
reach this height however, the candidate must willingly become a eunuch, and
have his male aspect sacrificed to Maran-Gor
Those wishing to come Acolytes must pass a test of worthiness, set by their
High Priestess. They must also have at least 75% in four of the following skills:

Any Parry or Dodge
Weapon Attack
Mineral Lore

They must devote 20% of their time working for the cult and 50% of their
income to either their temple's coffers or used towards Cult aims.
Acolytes are expected to attend all the yearly and seasonal Holy Day
ceremonies, along with leading or assisting in weekly worship services. They
may be called upon to lead worship when no Priestess is present, teach cult
skills, perform divinations or other cult rituals.
Acolytes may not become Shaman or Sorcerers, unless otherwise stated.
Acolytes can train with all cult skills at half price, if a trainer with sufficient skill
is available.
Acolytes gain access to Reusable Divine magic for their Cult's Common Divine
magic. They may regain their spent Divine magic spells each week, by casting
the Worship Maran-Gor spell at an appropriate shrine, temple or holy place on
Wildday. Special and Associated Cult Divine magic remains either one-use or is
regained on High Holy Days/Sacred Time.
Acolytes may learn Spirit Magic up to level 6.
Rune Priest
Rune Priestesses are the leaders of the Maran-Gor cult and command a mixture
of fear, awe and respect from those who meet them. Only women may ascend
to this rank within the cult and all who do must forswear all love and joy
becoming celibate.
Candidates appeal to their temple's High Priestess or ideally, make a
pilgrimage to Shaker Temple in Dragon Pass and seek the Shaker Priestess'
blessing. In any case, the candidate must must have 90%+ in the following

Any Parry or Dodge Skill

and 90%+ in three of the following skills;

Weapon Attack
Mineral Lore


They must have a total of POW and cult Divine magic equalling 18+
The Priestess lives to serve her temple and her Goddess. They must dedicate
90% of their time and personal income to the benefit of the cult or towards cult
business. Their duties include leading worship ceremonies, performing Sacred
Time rituals to strengthen and renew the cult, teaching cult spirit and divine
magic, collecting tithes and ordaining new Initiates into the faith.
Rune Priestesses, with their deeper links to the Goddess, can learn more
powerful versions of cult spirit magic than Initiates or Acolytes. They are also
granted as much free time training in cult skills are they require, when trainers
of sufficient skill are available.
Rune Priestesses may gain an Allied Spirit from Maran-Gor. This will either be a
Gnome, which the Priestess has captured through use of the Command Gnome
miracle, awakened and bound to her service, or the spirit of a suitable
Quakebeast, should one be available. The Allied Spirit will have its intellect
awakened (3D6) and it will act as a normal familiar/allied spirit, able to learn
and cast spells.
Rune Priestesses may regain their spent Divine magic spells each week, by
casting the Worship Maran-Gor spell at an appropriate shrine, temple or holy
place on Clayday. This includes Special and Associated Cult Divine magic.
Rune Priestesses may learn Spirit Magic up to level 8.
Spirit Magic


Divine Magic

Worship Maran Gor

Dismiss Magic

Heal Wound
Soul Sight
Spirit Block
Blast Earth
Command Gnome
Command Quakebeast
Create Fissure
Shake Earth

Asrelia Provides Hide Wealth

Babeester Gor Provides Shield
Ernalda Provides Earthpower
Ty Kora Tek Provides Bless Grave
Voira Provides Invigorate