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Olivas, Alexis
Professor Batty
English 28
9 November 2016
Clinton Still Trumps Trump Even If She Lost the Election
In retrospect, the 2016 presidential election is one to remember. From Trump mentioning
that he wanted to build a huge wall on the border between Mexico and the U.S. to saying all
Hispanics are rapists, he gave quite a show. Clinton gave a less foolish show, when compared to
Trumps, with her email controversy. Even though he said many undignifying things, they
managed to put them on the top of publicity. Trump only ever spoke terrible things about
immigrants. He would talk about stereotypes as truths. Hillary thought otherwise. She supported
immigrants in this country and showed them respect. In order to make her seem as a liar, people
against her other than just Trump would not let go of her biggest lie, the deleted emails.
Although there were some dilemmas as previously mentioned upon Hillary Clinton, her
immigration policies are what our nation needed such as immigration legislation, the
encouragement of immigrants to become naturalized citizens, and the change of detention
policies ).
Immigration legislation was a plan Clinton had for this country. In a video made in 2015,
Clinton states how she believes that there should be legislations which lead to full and equal
citizenship (

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ath-to-full-and-equal-citizenship.htm ). Along with that she wants to end the time limits on
undocumented immigrants leaving the country as part of the process to citizenship. These people
are expected to go away and not come back to the U.S. until they can legally return. She believed
doing this was important because in not doing so more families will continue to be separated and
torn apart. Clinton states that, families in which members have different legal statuses are
confronted with a decision to separate and go back to their native countries in order to fix their
status (

). Nazario also states in her book Enriques Journey that

mothers leave their children behind and have a hard time deciding whether to go back to them
because reentering the U.S. will also be difficult. As stated previously, Clinton believes the
enforcement of immigration legislations are important but along with that immigrants eventually
becoming naturalized citizens.
Immigrants becoming naturalized citizens was important to Clinton. In an interview she
states that, I will work to expand fee waivers so that those seeking naturalization [will not
have lack of money as an obstacle] (
-Hillary-News-Views-4-14-National-Action-Network-Verizon-Immigration-Climate-Justice ).
Aside from that she wants to promote education so that immigrants can better understand the
naturalization process. Also, she wants to help those who do not know English to learn it
through language programs. Clinton promises to help the nations estimated 42 million
immigrants integrate into the United States by reducing language, education and economic
barriers (

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-clinton-vs-trump-immigration/ ). In other words, she wants to make sure all immigrants have a
greater opportunity to accomplish this goal of citizenship. Aside from this she also wants to
change detention policies.
The change of detention policies means replacing it with supervised releases instead.
Clinton was planning to end detention centers with her presidency for the parents and children
who arrive in this country, in desperate, life threatening situations (https://www.hillaryclinton
.com/issues/immigration-reform/ ). She planned to detain and deport only the individuals who
pose a threat to this country and giving everyone a fair chance to explain and prove their stories
as well ( ). This will also help the
overincarceration in these private centers. Along with that the inhumane treatment in the
detention centers can come to an end or at least get significantly reduced. Clinton has stated in an
interview that things there are so bad that she is "very worried about detention and detention
facilities for people who are vulnerable and for children (
es/2015/05/06/hillary-clinton-criticizes-immigrant-detention-practices-under-obama ).
Hillary Clinton had visions for this nation which are much needed in this country. A large
number of the population are immigrants. Immigrants make up important factors in the society,
the education, and the economy of the United States. Clinton might have said otherwise years
ago but many things change throughout time and that includes her ideas and propositions. Trump
does not show even the tiniest chance that he might support or go along with what Clinton
envisions. Trump won the election and along with that racism, hate, and discrimination won too.
Trump may have won the presidency but Clinton still trumps Trump even if she lost the election.

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