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Sustainable business through responsible investment & good corporate citizenship

Call for Consultants

Trainers for Workshop Series on Corporate Responsibility

Capacity Building for Better Business (C3B)

June 2010

The Corporate Responsibility Forum Liberia

The Corporate Responsibility Forum of Liberia is a private sector initiative that aims
to promote responsible investment, good corporate citizenship and collective action
for the sustainable development of Liberia. With a focus on capacity building and
knowledge transfer among Forum members and the private sector, its objectives are

i. coordinate corporate responsibility programmes and provide a forum for the

sharing of lessons, experiences and best practices on corporate responsibility
in the private sector;
ii. support capacity building and good business practices among companies and
iii. provide ongoing support and advice for small medium enterprises with
regards to good business practices and local economic integration (local
supply chain management); and
iv. mobilize private sector resources in support of specific government
development initiatives.

An Executive Committee comprising six companies and the Government of Liberia

manages the affairs of the CR Forum. The GTZ Centre for Cooperation with the
Private Sector provides technical support to the CR Forum.

Capacity Building for Better Business (C3B) Project

The business climate in Liberia is gradually improving, spurred on by reforms
implemented by the government. Yet, despite significant gains, challenges and

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obstacles remain in the way business is done. Addressing these problems requires a
combination of short-, medium- and long-term approaches.

Through the Capacity Building for Better Business (C3B) Project, the CR Forum
Liberia seeks to strengthen capacity of business to deal with contemporary business
and associated social issues that are relevant to the creation of a vibrant private
sector in Liberia. It will run a series of workshops and seminars that will introduce
and share best practices on partnerships in supply chain management, business and
human rights, stakeholder and community engagement, corporate philanthropy, anti-
corruption and disclosures, and business and the environment.

Participants will receive a certificate of participation (from CR Forum Liberia) after

completion of a workshop/seminar.

Call for Consultants

The Corporate Responsibility Forum Liberia is seeking a qualified individual and/or
agency to conduct one of the workshops of the C3B Project: Partnerships in Local
Supply Chains.

Topic/Theme Workshop Objective & Content Outline + Recommended

Additional Reference
Partnerships Small businesses in Liberia are crucial to spurring economic growth
in Local and the building of a vibrant middle class. Many small, Liberian-
Supply Chains owned businesses struggle to compete with similar, foreign-owned
businesses with access to large capital and business experience.

The Partnerships in Local Supply Chains workshop will outline

areas of possible partnerships between small businesses and large
companies in local economic integration and supply chain
management. It will identify opportunities and challenges and explore
ways of influencing national policy on support to small businesses. It
will also include components dealing with best practices on small
business management.

Additional Content Outline:

• The need for inclusive business/local economic integration
• Local supply chain/value chain management
• Poverty Foot
• Partnerships and public private partnerships
• Related concepts: Bottom of the Pyramid, Poverty Foot Print
Evaluation, etc.
• Optional: GTZ PPP facilities and opportunities

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Topic/Theme Workshop Objective & Content Outline + Recommended
Additional Reference
Recommended (additional) Reference:
-An Introduction to Partnerships for Sustainable Development in
-Capacity Development for Partnerships in South Africa: Increasing
Service Delivery through Partnerships between the Private and
Public Sector
-The Partnering Toolbox (IBLF)

Presentation: The seminar will be held in July 2010. The target

participants of this business seminar will be CR Forum members and
small and medium businesses.

How to Apply
1. A cover letter describing candidate’s suitability
2. A brief description of the proposed training methodology and approach
3. Updated curriculum vitae of the Trainer and, if applicable, the Profile of his/her
4. At least one evidence of experience in facilitating similar workshop or seminar,
especially in Sub-Saharan or West Africa
5. The training/professional fees in US Dollars calculated on the following basis:
One Workshop Session of 4 hours offered a total of three times (i.e. 12 Credit
Hours). If trainer resides outside of the Republic of Liberia, additional
reimbursable costs (i.e. flight costs, visa, per-diem, airport transfer, etc) should
be clearly stated. The total cost of that trainer will, therefore, be calculated as:
training/professional fee + reimbursable fee.

Deadline for submission of EOIs is June 25, 2010

Please send all submissions by email to the Secretariat: or

For more information on the Corporate Responsibility Forum, visit

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