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ARTT 102 Design Studio: 2-Dimensional

Fall 2016
Bela Oehser

Course Number/ CRN


Initial Assessment
Course Days/Times
T/Th 9:00-11:40

Welcome to ARTT 102. Please think about the following questions and answer them as
best you can.
1) Why did you take ARTT 102?
Have you ever taken a design class before?
I'm majoring in graphic design, and I because I enjoy art, especially two dimensional
art. I've taken a handful of other design classes before.

2) What do you think ARTT 102 is about?

How to effectively communicate ideas through the means of two dimensional images.

3) List 3 things that you would like to learn, or expect to learn.

1. A more broad understanding of effective design techniques.
2. An introduction to new materials I haven't worked with previously.
3. Better technique for cleaner cutting with an exacto knife.
4) Can you name 3 visual artists?
Andy Warhol
Paul Klee
Pablo Picasso
5) Do you have a favorite visual artist? Why do you like this artist?
Andrew Hussie.
A freelance webcomic author and artist who draws in a contemporary and unique
style. The style he draws in is simplistic but also looks really good, and it gave me
more hope as an artist, knowing I could draw like that.

6) Have you visited any visual art museums, galleries or websites in the past two years?
If so, what was your favorite? Why?
Yes, I've been to the national gallery of art multiple times. I enjoy it for the split
sections of traditional art and contemporary art, both with interesting and enjoyable
pieces. I've also visited the American art meuseum.

7) Research online and find an example of what you feel is a good design. Insert it
in the space below on the left. Please try to size the image so it fits in the space. In
the space on the right, explain what you feel is good about the example you chose.

Twittering Machine Paul Klee

I enjoy this design for it's sense of
tension, it creates a sense of movement
and anxiety with heavy use of lines, and I
find it intriguing.

The Persistence of Memory

Salvador Dali
This painting has an enjoyable design,
giving an abstract sense of slow and
steady movement through the implication
of melting. It also has enough negative
space to let the viewer's eye rest,
allowing for a balance of order and chaos.

8) You will be introduced to a number of key concepts in this course. From the list below,
please write a definition for any concept that you think you understand now. Dont worry
about getting things right or wrong just include your best answers where you can. If
you dont know what a concept means, thats fine just say so.
Area instructors
populate this list for
the initial assessment

Gestalt Principles


Asymmetrical Balance



When an element of a design appears lopsided or uneven,

as if about to move.
The method of making certain elements stand out, and
appear more important.
The difference in color, value, shape, direction, or texture.


How light or dark something is.

Complementary Color

A color scheme that allows for each color to stand out.

Positive & Negative


The space in a design occupied by elements vs the space

left blank or empty.



The tendency humans have to complete unfinished

shapes or actions in their minds.
The level of quality in a design or work.

The way an element of a design would seem to feel to a

The intellectual purpose for which a design was
developed, what it means and is trying to communicate.

9) The terms creative, or creativity are often associated with art. Look up at least
two definitions, and re-phrase them into your own definition of creativity in the box

Creativity is the capability of looking at things in a different light, and

being able to formulate original ideas.

10) Based on your definition, how do you think creativity would fit into the process of
finding solutions to problems?

It allows those creative to think of unique solutions to problems, and

unique designs attract more attention from passerby.

11) Given your definition of creativity, do you think the example of the good design
that you included above in question 7 is creative? Explain why or why not.
Yes. Twittering Machine combines aspects of machine and nature to give off stark
contrast and an eerie vibe. The Persistence of Memory creates an abstract world,
containing both items of familiarity like clocks, and non objective forms, this transports
viewers into another world.

12) Give an example of something you think is creative, and explain why.
I think it's creative when people attempt things which haven't quite been done before, or
very little. It shows a person's ability to look past what they immediately see and think a
little deeper, and introduce to the world a new thing for others to see.

13) In what ways do you think you are creative?

I try to think of interesting ways to combine elements which are not usually put together,
I also try to think of new ways of creating an idea.

14) Do you think creativity can be learned?

Absolutely. I used to not be nearly as creative as I am now, although I can't say how I
learned it because I'm unsure, I can say it's definitely possible.

15. Which of the following would be a violation of academic integrity?

a. Turning your friends artwork in from last year with your name on it
b. Copying a paragraph from an Art History book and changing one or two words in
your written essay
c. Buying a custom-written research paper online
d. Using facts from a web page, but naming the website and author in your essay

A, B, and C are all violations of academic integrity, D, however, is permitted