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Historical Context and Contemporary Trends: Literature

Historical Context
Project Management - As the name suggests, study in this field
will help me in planning, maintaining and execution of any project
from initial stage to final stage. This is helpful in every
concentration we want to study along with our day to day
activities. Most of the time of a Project Manager is consumed in
communication whether physical or through any other medium so
as to keep all the persons in a project in the loop. The Project
Manager have a broad knowledge of every field and he works
mutually with technical staff as well as senior management. By
having Project Management as a concentration, we can acquire
Leadership and Time Management qualities as well as budgeting,
ability to make decisions even when the project is falling apart.
This area is a never ending one and will not be out of scope ever.
Planning ahead is a huge part of it and that skill is acquired by a
project manager over a period of time. Every project has a
budget, time frame in which it has to be completed and the scope
of it. All these three are the major aspect of being a Project
Manager. To be a good Project Manager, one should be able to
make decisions that is best for all. We cant make decisions which
will fulfill the needs of senior management of a company but
ignores the requirements of the clients. Project Managers are so
far effective in making decisions and doing negotiations for
everyone to be satisfied.
Communication Engineering This field is related to improving
the data transfers between two computers which may be near or
across the globe. As a communication engineer, our job is to
select the best material used for laying the network. In general,
Communication market is expanding at a high rate. Expanding
nature of this area can be seen as the internet speeds have
touched high rate over the last decade. The advancement in
satellites and optical fiber technology have made real time
transfer of audio and video like Skype or any messenger. This

growth in technology have resulted in performance of every field

we can imagine like defense, space, health care, schools.
Generally, Communication Engineers are responsible to provide
high speed data services like currently ongoing 5G technology in
Networking Security With the increase in wireless
communication and the use of internet over the last two decades,
security is a serious concern. The job of networking security
engineer is to provide both hardware and software protection to
our devices and our data that is on our computer and also that is
being transferred. A lot of crimes are happening over the internet
in different forms like identity theft, hacker attacks, stealing of
sensitive information like bank details. Due to these, security
concerns are also increasing. So a lot of Networking Security jobs
have been opened recently. All the institutions and offices are
hiring people who can set up the security measures for them.
Every institution/ organization is concerned with its security and
that is where Networking security Engineer comes in. After the
installation, maintenance of the network is also required and due
to this the scope for the Networking Security Engineer is vast.
Contemporary Trends
Due to todays tightening budgets and high time constraints,
Project Managers are always under pressure. This is leading to the
enhancement of their skills by developing faster decision making
under pressure. The changing trend of Project Managers to have
leadership qualities is already being taken into consideration by
many organizations. Now days, certification and experience is not
the only thing that is considered in selecting a project manager
for a specific job. Ability to lead the team is the changing trend
which must be acquired over time.
The main challenge already faced by communication engineering
is efficient management of the increasing complexity of personnel
and technology. As seen in the book Rise of the Robots, artificial
intelligent machines have made a breakthrough in the innovation
and technology. The technology in the current decade is rising

exponentially as compared to the last few decades. Alternative

solutions are being searched in order to fulfil the need of high
bandwidth and data rates. The basic problems which needs to be
fixed are complexity of the layout, security, scalability, fault
tolerance, fast integration of new technologies with the old one
and a good business model. Here the project manager comes into
work. These changes which are to be made in existing structure
can be well managed by the project managers as they will be able
to get a proper estimate of time, cost and scope for these
projects. The new upcoming innovation which is currently being
tested is 5G which will not only provide better connectivity and
data speeds but also better security. It will also address to
network congestion, energy efficiency, cost and connection to
billions of people and devices.
Now days fiber cables are used everywhere for the better
transmission of data packets. 2014 was the year of fiber
everywhere propelled by efforts to improve connectivity and
address demand increases from the use of high definition video,
3G/4G, streaming, podcast and other broadband services. This
increased demand exposed existing bottlenecks in the
communications infrastructure, and the solution that the doctor
prescribed was a fresh new round of investments and activity in
fiber (FTTx).
Cybersecurity is a critical issue. As everything is on server now
days, only protecting the system which have user data is not
enough. Infrastructure of networks, routers, domain name servers
which connect the world should also be protected. The trends in
networking security is changing on a regular basis due to the
changes in the type of cybercrimes. They have increased a lot in
the last decade and so are the security measures.
The universal problem with the current curriculum in
Communication Engineering is that there are no management
courses offered. Due to this, most of the graduates do not have
the skills to work independently and have to rely a lot on

functional managers. Having Project Management,

Communication and Security together can be a solution to this
problem and will increase the overall efficiency and productivity.
Adding networking security to this will surely help me figure out if
our network is compromised or how to fix it. This will be effective
if there is a security breach in the network as we can stop the
stolen packages to be received by the hacker. Also, by the skills
acquired by project management program, I will be able to check
the budgeting, risk management and other aspects of the project
which will definitely be more efficient and time saving. Having
these courses and doing group projects in RIT will definitely help
me in gaining knowledge and exposure to different ideas. It will
help me prepare well to go out in the world and fulfil my dreams.
Management courses offered in RIT have a great course structure
including assignments and class activities. PMP certification
course is also provided for free to the students which is the most
recognizable certification for a project manager job. We can start
with certifications like CAPM if we are not having enough
experience in management for a PMP certification.
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