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FHS 2500 Activity/ Lesson Plan: ONE HOUR BLOCK

PART 1: Preparing the Activity and Planning for Implementation

Fall 2016
Lab Assignment week 10: Implement 1-Hour Block (see Process Guidelines for submission and evaluation due dates) - You and your lab
instructor will identify a 1-hour block of time when you will be in complete control of the classroom. This time will be for a full hour of open center
time. You will plan, prepare, and facilitate all activities, self-help skills, behaviors, etc. The lab instructor and other lab students will assist you. Use
corresponding Activity Plan Form. Hand plan in as hard copy, not in Canvas. Due 10/5, 2016
Student Name: Jordyn Aldrich

Time period (One hour): 09:00-10:00

Todays Date: 10/5/2016

Date of Activity Implementation: 10/26/2016

Course Instructor Approval before Implementation: _____________________________________

Date: _______________________

Behavioral Objectives (Minimum of 3; for 3 separate activities)

1. During large group I want the kids to show their creativity when I ask them to show me how a caterpillar and a butterfly move around. I want
to see the organic movement that the children come up with.
2. During the art center, I will be observing the childs dominant hand. Whether theyre right handed, left handed, or use both.
3. During creative dramatics, I will observe how the children portray their eating habits. Whether they choose the healthy foods, pizza, if they
pretend that it is something totally different.
Learning Centers (7 minimum)
1. Large Motor Activities

2. Language and Literacy

3. Sensory Materials

4. Creative Arts

During large group time, I am going to have the children either be a caterpillar or a butterfly, their
choice, and we are going to move around as these insects.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle will be the focus of the literacy portion of large group
time. Other than this, there will be a variety of the childrens book set out for them.
Different sized and colored pom pons with bug nets. Since the caterpillar in the book is different colors,
starts small and then grows into a butterfly, they can pretend the pom pons are caterpillars.
Paper plates with paint for the children to create their own caterpillar. The children will paint the plates
and once theyre done, I want to make a caterpillar out of the plates and display it in the room.

5. Science
6. Math
7. Creative Dramatics

There will be different insects and magnifying glasses out for the children to get a closer look at them.
While some children are observing the bugs under the magnifying glasses, I will have a sheet with
outlines of the bugs with numbers placed below.
Kitchen and cooking center will be used to tie in the book to the dramatics play area. The book was
about the caterpillar eating everything. I want to see what the kids reveal that they are interested in.

Planning for Implementation

What materials do you need to supply?
All of the materials should be available at the lab school.
What materials would you like to have the lab school supply?
Pom pons
Bug nets
The book The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Paint brushes
Magnifying glasses
All dramatic play supplies
Address the documentation to be completed (how, when, who, what?) and how you will assess if your Learning Objectives have been met:
I will be collecting various forms of data. My objective with the children utilizing the paper plates to create art on is to have them combine to make
a caterpillar like the one in the story I read to them. I will also be taking pictures of the children in action working with the other centers after large
group time.
Attach to this document:
____ Statement as to what you have observed to explain why you have chosen this topic and/or activities
____ Step-by-step Instructions for each activity (list activities above, then provide procedures for each item on separate page)
Coordination between Student and Lab Teacher

I discussed this lesson plan with the lab teacher before the due date ____ (Students Initials)