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())__ less turns on secondary F ACCEPT “because Np=4800 and Ns=200" ACCEPT “sycoil < pycoil” NOT ‘secondary < primary” (i) VaV,=NZN, in any form F correct substitution F 10 F (iii) 1. decreases F 2 fans slower OR will not work e.c.f. from F (a) primary and secondary coils on iran core labelled 240 V ac. to primary, 12 V a.c. to secondary tums ratio shown or stated 20:1, stepdown (b) (l) must be constantly changing magnetic field (ll) magnetic field of primary passes through core to secondary magnetic field of secondary cuts coil, induces output ©) @) 18W (il) 5405 (a). VsfV2 or Ny/Nz oF VsN; oF ValNo in any form ) Allow full credit for use substitution correct and seen 25 tums with working seen Y and Z (either order) (b) 240 (v) (©) core iton NOT steel (d) good conductor OR low resistance OR to reduce heating OR for high efficiency IGNORE good/bad conductor of heat of 25 turns to give 12V, Bt a1 ca At Bt Bt Bi Bt Bt Bt Bt Al At