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Guidelines on Quality Assurance in

Medical Education

Prof. Dr. Md. Mahfuzar

Quality Assurance
• Guarantee that the
• Required standards are being
– (Australian Higher Education Council)

Contd. scholarship and research and . • Quality assurance –Totality of systems –resources and information devoted –to maintain and improve the quality and standards of teaching.

Purpose –Achieving academic standards –Improving teaching / learning quality and –Enhance students’ achievement .

Aims –Support academic staff –Improve performance of the institution –Provide communication between staff and stakeholders .

Principles • Accountability • Self evaluation • External peer review .

Outline of QA Guideline • Organizational framework –Council & committees • Operational framework –Course appraisal –Faculty development and review scheme .

Purpose of regional guideline • To establish a QA system • To adopt the needs of country • To incorporate framework according to their own .

Contd. • To improve healthcare system • To build up future service providers • To meet the challenges of undergraduate medical education • To expose students a series of learning experience using .

teaching quality of the institution • To support academic staffs for their personal development and job satisfaction • To identify needs of the community . • To achieve stated academic standard.Contd.

QA Framework • Organizational – National QAB responsible for • QA in undergraduate medical education • Ensure standards in all medical institutions • Review QA process through visits every 5 years • Members of NQAB (depends on countries protocol) .

–Local QAB • Academic Council • Course Committee • Phase Coordination Groups • Subject Coordinators • External Examiners • External Assessor .Contd.

Contd. . • Operational –Course appraisal –Faculty development & review scheme –External review • Each country will incorporate framework according to their own settings.

Organizational Framework of Local QAB LQAB Academic Council External Assessor Course Committee External Examiner Phase 1 Gr Gr Phase 2 Gr Phase 3 .

Operational Framework • Procedures and processes of monitoring & evaluation of MBBS course .

Procedures & process • Course Appraisal • Faculty Development and Review Scheme • External review .

• Academic Coordinator • Phase Coordinators • Subject coordinators .Contd.

Faculty Development & Review Scheme • Vice Principal • Head of Department (responsible for actual implementation) .

External review –By Government approved National QA Body (NQAB) –The NQAB will arrange visits to the colleges by a team of external reviewers in every 5 years –A report for the college to stimulate further improvement of standards .