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A study on

New Product Development
Our Product is Fresh Mango Juice
Group name: Friendship


A Report on
New Product Development
Our Product is Fresh Mango Juice

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Anika Khorshid
CBA – College of Business Administration

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Group name: Friendship
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Md. Khorshed Alam




Md.Imam Uddin




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Date of Submission: 05.08.2012


July 31,2012
Anika Khorshid
Course instructor
CBA – College of Business Administration
IUBAT (International University of Business Agriculture & Technology)
4 Embankment Drive Road, Sector 10
Uttara Dhaka, 1230.

Subject: Letter of Transmittal.

We are very pleased to submit our report on Fresh Mango Juice. It was a great opportunity for us to work as a
reporter on the topic of “Fresh Mango Juice.” That you have asked us to prepare on 31th July, 2012. In this
report we have to complicated our knowledge what we learn from our academic career & give experience about
Fresh Mango Juice. We tried to give our greatest effort on preparing this report as best.
Considering the level of hard working, information, processing, and analysis we believe that this report is a
complete one. We hope that our study will meet your expectation as well.

Sincerely yours,
Group Leader

Md. Khorshed Alam
ID #10302026


Khorshed Alam ID 10302026 Program BBA 02 Md.”Has only been prepared for the fulfillment of the course of MGT401.Imam Uddin 10302045 BBA 03 Sonya Akter 10302025 BBA Signatures 4 . This report is not prepared for any other purposes. this assignment on the topic of “Fresh Mango Juice.Student Declaration We are the students of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Thanking you Serial 01 Name Md. at the IUBAT-International University of Business Agriculture and Technology and declaring that.

5 . their help and support made it possible for to make this assignment into a desired & successful ending.B. I would also like to express my sincere appreciation to his wholehearted support and guidance.M. for giving us an opportunity to prepare this assignment. Many thanks are due to Tanvir H Dewan course coordinators of collage of Business Administration & A. Monirul Haq for their help and encouragement. I am grateful to all of them. I would like to thank and convey our honorable faculty Anika Khorshid (CBA) IUBAT.Acknowledgement It is a great pleasure to prepare assignment on this subject and gain an experience on performance Appraisal.

Table of content 6 .

Particular 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 Page no. Student Declaration Acknowledgement Executive summary Introduction Objectives i ii iii iv v vi 8 9 9 Goals 10 9 Mission 11 9 Vision 12 13 14 15 16 10 Scope Methodology Limitation Background information 10 10 10-11 11 Source of data 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 11 Types of Product Product Review Company Overview Mango Juice History of Mango Yummy Mango Juice Blends Mango Production Current market analysis Review of competitors Review of distribution 12 12 12 13 13 13 13 14 14 14 Distribution channel 28 29 30 14 Financial Projection Chemical composition 14 15 SWOT Analysis 31 32 33 15 Analysis of competition solution 15-16 16 Customer Promotion 34 35 36 37 38 39 17 Finance sought Product Marketing Pricing Strategies Place or Distribution Advertising and Promotion Health Benefits 18 19 19 19-20 20 7 . Title Fly Title page Letter of Transmittal.Serial no.

Mangoes are very rich in fiber content. referring to the shape and size). Its pulp blends well to yield a smooth creamy juice. our product is mango juice. sulphur. mango is widely cultivated as a fruit tree in frost-free tropical and warmer subtropical climates throughout the Indian subcontinent. • fresh juice has a number of health benefits that have been documented over many years. Owing to such a high level popularity. Mangoes are an excellent source of Vitamins A and C. the Caribbean. when we collect mango and we make best use of our home grown mangoes and produce fresh mangoes juice. Australia and Southeast Asia. Summer is the only season. a variety of sweet mango is best suited to prepare mango juice. Mangoes are known as the king of all fruits. the mango is also applicable as a blend in several drink recipes. vitamin B6 and 'vitamin .Introduction We want to develop the product. ranging from the "turpentine mango" (named for its strong taste of turpentine) to the heaves de Toro (literally "eggs of the bull". • fresh juice is a highly nutritional fruit that can be put through your juicer to achieve juice with great healing powers. North. including the popular ones as. a euphemism for "bull's testicles". It is full of vitamins and minerals. 8 . It is easily cultivated yielding more than 1. iodine. In the present times.000 varieties. ‘Subarnarekha’. • Green fresh juice contains a number of minerals and vitamins including potassium. The juice of mango is very beneficial for our health. South and Central America. Mango juice is a known health drink and is popular all over the world. chlorine. vitamin C. It contains antioxidants which are very good for many ailments. South and Central Africa.

This objectives are given to the below      Quality maintenance and improvement. providing for all their needs always with the assurance of outstanding quality. Gain competitive advantage over all the competitors. 9 . To become one of the biggest names in international fruit and vegetable processing industry. Gain competitive advantage over all the competitors.Objectives It provides the fresh juice as an indicator to identify carbon in a variety of substances. Satisfied customers. To double sales and expand production capacity every 7 – 8 years. It is providing “Achieving social values with sustainable fiscal advantage for all our stakeholders. Hold on to the current customers and again gain customer loyalty. Hold on to the current customers and gain customer loyalty. Mission Establish Healthy Juice as the Local areas which are leading source of healthy energy in the form of nutritional juices to making a difference through our values .” Our product Fresh Mango Juice has some own objectives. Vision Discover all over the Bangladesh from nutritional juices. Goals • • • • Quality maintenance and improvement. Satisfied customers.

AMCL was launched in 1985 as an agri-business venture to:  Serve small farmers with inputs. FRESH has proven itself as – Local product but of international standard. This project paper is prepared as marketing plan of a product which brand name is Fresh Mango Juice. The largest fruit and vegetable processing industry in Bangladesh with countrywide distribution network AMCL’s FRESH is an established brand of Bangladesh with an extensive sales force all over the country. sales and distribution. Methodology To prepare this report standard methods of report writing have been used. Background information FRESH stands for Program for Rural Advancement Nationally. The required data were collected by using secondary sources. We may say that as a strong market.Scope The market of soft drinks and beverage is very competitive. For writing this report different types of data were needed to complete tabulate and analyze. The comparisons may not be effective enough. For collecting data from secondary sources go through various web sites. FRESH have a well-developed infrastructure for production. Limitation The study suffered a number of limitations     Lack of the part of experience of the researchers. 10 . Unconfirmed accuracy of certain information acquired. After completion of the data these were sorted into different categories. Lack of time for preparing the report.

video conference etc. we also collect information from our experience. AMCL are very keen to adopt a new technology as it is discovered because of being in such a competitive market. Machinery for all these lines are being installed. pickling. health and hygienic standards which are of affordable price and within the reach of target consumers. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C and contains large amounts of glutamine. AMCL therefore set up a factory on 8 acres in Ghorasal with machinery for bottling and canning in May 1991. They often have to do meetings by doing teleconferences. Soon it was apparent that a processing facility was imperative for a sustainable venture. Being a major exporter FRESH has to communicate a lot with outside suppliers.  Exports of agricultural products. FRESH has taken this communication issue very seriously. an amino acid that has antiinflammatory properties. Acids will donate hydrogen ions in an aqueous solutions Source of data Our source of data is internet other company profile. FRESH’s R & D are always working hard for a better technology of production. Types of Product • There are three types: • Green : It has more phytonutrients than the green fresh juice. pulping. modified and fabricated continuously. The factory has expanded substantially over the last 9 years in all spheres of food processing e.g. published magazine by other company etc. retailers or consumers. internet shopping. AMCL provides with good quality products conforming to local tastes. The color of the juice changes in response to changes in its hydrogen ion concentration. concentrating as well as installation of Bangladesh’s first Tetra-Pack facility and a modern Extrusion plant for snack food. This is the first and largest ISO 9001 certified food processing industry in Bangladesh. expanded. bottling. 11 . All departments’ administrative works are done through connected computers using the best software and hardware. Therefore this section is very important for AMCL. canning.  Organizing contract growers to grow specific crops. Marketing farm produce for profits.

 fresh juice Company Limited as the performing with their marketing strategies are used very effectively in market position.  It provides diet and regular bright beverages and still beverages such as 100 percent natural juice.  fresh juice stands for Program for Rural Advancement Nationally. Even the companies active in the processed mango products world market. and a generally unhealthy lifestyle demand immediate attention. In the scorching summer season. The cold mango juice comes as the rescuer. have been developing innovative recipes to enhance flavor and aroma to serve consumers' tastes. the loss of appetite. ice & a pinch of ground cardamom mixed into water/milk with sugar comes out as the extremely nutritious mango juice. Product Review: Fresh Puffed Rice (Muri) 500gs Spice Powder Coriander Fresh Spice Powder Turmeric Fresh Frooto Mango Juice 250mlFresh Hot Tomato Sauce 1LFresh Mixed Fruits Jam Fresh Frooti Orange Juice Company Overview  The fresh juice sCompany Ltd is a nonalcoholic & no preservative beverage company. Recent studies in the related field involve the detail analysis of flavor compounds from mango 12 . with yellowish-green color. The fresh juice Company will grow up in build and became the largest fruit processor in Bangladesh Mango Juice The Luscious Mango Juice The cold. providing the only real way to super-boost the energy levels while enjoying the food. sweet & heavenly blend of mango pulp. • The vitamin C content of red fresh juice is 6-8 times higher than that of the green fresh juice • And savoy : While Savoy has a bumpy texture. lack of exercise. thus can help prevent Alzheimer's disease.• Red : Red fresh juice contain anthocyanin (red pigment/color) is an antioxidant that can help protect brain cells.

mango is one of the most popularly exploited fruits for food. the Caribbean. monoterpene hydrocarbons. Australia and Southeast Asia. fragrance and color. In India. but. History of Mango The earliest mention of mango. such as Nam Doc Mai. which introduced it first to Pernambuco's captaincy. The mango arrived in Brazil in the 16th century. aroma and texture. and from there to the rest of the country. flavor. including the popular ones. taste.both qualitatively and quantitatively. juice. Despite of being a popular fruit globally. South and Central America. Mangifera indica. West Indies and Southern North America by the 10th century AD. ranging Yummy Mango Juice Blends Owing to such a high level popularity. North.puree through cross-flow microfiltration on microporous ceramic alumina membrane and subsequent concentration of permeate by reverse osmosis. it is addressed as the queen of fruits in tropical areas of the world. This has led to mangoes being available as a fair trade item in some countries. in 1498. The blending mango nectar from different varieties. In the present times. the mango is also applicable as a blend in several drink recipes.000 different varieties of mangos." is in the Hindu scripture dating back to 4000 BCE.) is also grown in other regions of the world. are also being studied for having clear idea of consumers' preferences. Mango (Mangifera indica L. Mango Production Having more than three-quarters of the world's production in the Asian region. there are more than 1. brought by Portuguese hands. In the present times. mangoes have been produced in the Indian Subcontinent and reached East Asia between the 5th-4th century BC. Having attractive flavor. Due care is taken to recover the major aromatic chemical compounds. Witnessing a cultivation timeline of thousands of years. yield fruits in containers 13 . South and Central Africa. They were transported to the regions of Brazil. mango is widely cultivated as a fruit tree in frost-free tropical and warmer subtropical climates throughout the Indian subcontinent. that means "the great fruit bearer. based on their aromatic compounds. It is easily cultivated yielding more than 1. the farmers cultivating this fruit receive a low price in return of their produce. Dwarf or semi-dwarf varieties. It was brought to the Occidental world by the navigator Vasco da Gama.000 varieties.

Frutrika.offices and crowded areas so that people can purchase the product easily when the like to consume. guava. Lemu . pineapple. Most market shares will be holding by Fresh mango Juice next Fresh . orange and guava. Among them Fresh Juice will be the leader of juice sector in Bangladesh. RC cola . lemon. Juice in can The Juice in cans are hygienically produced by state to the art machine from flavors of mango.Current market analysis According to the information from different sources Fresh mango juice will be leader in the juice sector of soft drinks market. Furto are in the position. orange.Fressh Mango Juice in aseptic pack. Fresh.Pepsi. So Fresh mango juice deal with this chain: Manufacturer>Wholesaler > Retailer > Customer Distribution channel Company using mobile shop in the shopping malls . After Fresh mango Juice.Frutrika and then Fruto.mojo. Review of competitors Currently there are so many juice companies in our country. and mango – pine. We will make our consumer by Value Delivery Network. Financial Projection • Projected Turnover in recently Year • Net Sales Income (NSI) of approximately 1 million • Gross margin 20% of NSI • Particular elements are: 14 . Review of distribution Juice primarily use existing distributors for distributing their product Fresh Mango juice then they make some new channels and assign some distributors to promote their product to all over the country. Available favors in this category are :mango. URO cola. Except Fresh.

B6.  First mover’s advantage: Fresh Mango juice entered the market when the product was still very new to the consumers and there was little or no presence of any other local companies with such investment. Government has been supporting Fresh Mango Juice in many ways like subsidies export subsidies tariffs on foreign competitors etc. Despite its huge size Fresh Mango Juice has been able to maintain labor productivity and increasing sales. B2. iodine. As mentioned earlier it is the largest fruit and vegetable processing industry 15 . It labor productivity is twice as much as any other local company in the market. magnesium.• Raw Material • Packaging Material • Labor • FOH • COGS Chemical composition provides. K. E SWOT Analysis Strength:  Government support: Being the biggest local force in the industry AMCL always hade Government by its side. Therefore Fresh Mango Juice had the first mover’s advantage which they are still enjoying till now.  Internal strength: AMCL has a very powerful management team to juice a strong gigantic workforce. arsenic. copper.  Market share: FRESH AMCL has a great competitive advantage over the other competitors. zinc. B5. Vitamins A. lipids.PP. iron. B1. fruit albumin. U. sodium. carbohydrates. B9. phosphorus. calcium. sulfur. B3.

Balch. although some users note an increase in intestinal gas." • It is seasonal product that’s why we can collect the products of raw Bangladesh and holds the biggest share in markets in Bangladesh among the local companies.  The equipments are :  Equipments • 1000Blender machine • High speed machine 16 . • We stored these products huge & save it long time & make it as natural juice for the all kinds of customers. asthma.  Develop the high technology equipments. Problems About fresh juice • fresh juice juice produces no significant side effects. • Drink fresh juice juice 25-50 ml everyday to treat headache. bronchitis and other digestion problems. Solutions About fresh juice • Use fresh juice juice with water on a ratio of one or two parts water for every four parts of juice. FRESH will be the largest sales in fruit drinks after Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. author of "Prescription for Dietary Wellness. Technology  Use of new technology machine to produce this product. If this poses a problem. • It’s a new kind of product which is only for the cancer’s patient and health concerns people whom are very low in percentage.

• 5000 bowls • Water store machine • 1000 cover with plastic wrap etc. Rasna (India). for example Coca-Cola.  Fresh can be export to other countries. Threats 17 .  Internal weaknesses: Large size of the business and workforce makes it difficult to manage perfectly. RC-Cola. Virgin Cola. • Clean in Place (CIP) • Juice Mixing room • Mix Pasteurizer • Drying the fresh juice juice • Drying machine • Mix of pasting process • Treatment for pulp • Juice Extraction Weaknesses:  External threats: Too much competition from international organizations. Opportunities  Existing competitor of the current market is not that much strong which the Fresh company has. PepsiCo.  High growth rate in this industry.  Existing distribution channel is being used. As a result it often causes internal conflict. Shezan (Pakistan) etc.

Marketing Strategy Positioning Fresh always try to position their product through image differentiation. and desirable place in the mind of the consumer relative to competitors’ product. and product differentiation. Th e i r c o n t r a c t gr o w e r s c u l t i v a t e t h e c h o i c e s t f r u i t s a n d v e g e t a b l e s . Keeping in view the corporate mission B a n g l a d e s h ' s l a r g e s t g r o w e r a n d pr o c e s s o r o f f r u i t s a n d v e g e t a b l e s . economy etc. w h i c h ar e pr o c e s s e d i n t h e i r m o d e r n a n d hygienic factories to highest quality & international standards. distinctive. Fresh will use sup (unique selling proposition) for their product. Fresh will use logo and short advertisement so that people can consistently see the advertisement so the product will occupy a clear.  Political instability. a difference is worth establishing to the extent that it satisfies the following criteria. FRESH's biggest asset is their competent team of hands-on managers a n d d e d i c a t e d e m p l o y e e s .  Downward pressure on pricing. Competitor can produce the same product. Fresh founded 28 years ago by many entrepreneurs with experience in the product market o f B a n g l a d e s h .  Ø Important  Ø Distinctive  Ø Superior  Ø Communicables  Ø Affordable and Profitable  Current Market Situation of t h e G r o u p t h ey h a v e o v er t h e y e ar s d i v e r s i f i e d t h e i r a c t i v i t i e s i n s e v e r a l areas.  New innovation from other competitors could be a threat. D i f f e r e n t t y p e s o f 18 . To do brand differences that make a better differentiation or that has the potential to create company costs as well as customer benefits. because related marketing. F R E S H i s FRESH Group was born in 1980.

Carbonated Drinks. Today. They will not be able to feel the same way for the other soft drinks in the market. Along with this they are also very much concerned about their promotional activities. FRESH Group has grown up in stature and became the largest fruit and vegetable processor in Bangladesh. forecasts suggest that annual sales of such products will grow at more than 49 percent for the next 3 years. They will be able to differentiate our product in quality which is unique in the soft drinks market. It also has the distinction of achieving prestigious certificate like ISO 9001:2000. but also for its mouth watering quality confectionery products with high visual appeal and exciting texture. Snacks. Since its inception in 1980. FRESH is the pioneer in Bangladesh to be involved in contract farming and procures raw material directly from the farmers and processes through state of the art machinery at our several factories into hygienically packed food and drinks products. Product Marketing: For launching a product in the market. there is some procedure that should be followed by every marketer to move in the long run. Confectionery. Because our population is increasing day by day and products needed is also increasing. Our product will enable our customers to have a different experience to try our juice. Analysis of competition 19 . “FRESH” is currently the most well known household name among the millions of people in Bangladesh and abroad also. FRESH stands for Program for Rural Advancement Nationally. To gain market share in this environment. and being the largest exporter of processed agro products with compliance of HALAL & HACCP to more than 70 countries from Bangladesh. Marketing Mix: In our country many organizations are performing a lot of activities to make efficient and effective their working condition or make the organization profitable through marketing and taking so many challenges. Fresh must carefully target specific segments with features that delivers benefits value by each customer group. The brand “FRESH” has established itself in every category of food and beverage industry and can boost a product range from Juices. The FRESH Agricultural Marketing Company Limited is one of them who are performing their marketing strategy very effectively. “FRESH” its authentic refreshing juice drinks products. and Spices to even Dairy products. We intend to expand our presence to every corner of the world and strive to make “FRESH” a truly international brand to be recognized globally.p r o d u c t s i n c r e a s i n g l y p o p u l a r today.

packing and shipping supplies. We want to charge 250 ml Fresh soft drinks at the selling price of Tk. office supplies. We have to list all overhead expense items and total they divide the total overhead figure by the number of items per month (or time period we used above).32. repairs. payroll taxes. the prices for Fresh soft drinks are to be charged for 500 ml Tk. Overhead Expenses include rent. postage. The accuracy of our costing will depend on estimating logical amounts for all categories of expenses. we received the followingCompany Name Price Fruti(250ml) 15 Mojo (250ml) 15 Fresh(250 ml) 15 Table: Price of different brands. business telephone calls. cleaning. On the other hand.In food & beverage market there are many renowned companies having their juice products • Acme Juice • Pran Juice • Frooto Juice • Frutica Juice • Shezan Juic Pricing Strategies: We shall charge based on “Overhead Expenses” and “Cost Plus”. and maintenance. for 1000 ml Tk. delivery and freight charges. 60. insurance.14. gas and electricity. The answer is our overhead per item: Overhead + Materials + Labor = Total Cost/Item From the market research. Place or Distribution: 20 .

" Mango juice was poured into a test tube that contained viruses. stress. We are using mobile shop in the shopping malls. People who suffer from muscle cramps. One lab test turned up rather startling results that raised mangoes to the "highest perch. 21 . Health Benefits Revered not only for their exotic sweetness and juicy quality. Mangoes possess the phenols quercetin. They contain an enzyme similar to papa in papayas. anticancer. fisetin.We will primarily use our existing distributors for distributing our new product Fresh Juice then. NTV. isoquercitfin. mangoes are known for their many health blessings. We will also use our experience so that we can create attention to the customers. and anticardiovascular abilities. a soothing digestive aid. We will make our consumer by Value Delivery Network. The enzyme list continues with magneferin. Shortly. katechol oxidase. astragalin. and methylgallat. and lactase that not only protect the mango from insects. These proteolysis enzymes that break down proteins are effective meat tenderizers regularly used in tropical countries where mangoes are grown. Advertising and Promotion: The most successful advertising will be through BTV. Because of their high iron content they are suggested for treatment of anemia and are beneficial to women during pregnancy and menstruation. and heart problems can benefit from the high potassium and magnesium content that also helps those with acidosis. the viruses were destroyed. gallic acid. but help humans by stimulating metabolism and purifying the intestinal tract. ATN Bangle and RTV which are the most popular television channels in the country. In India mangoes are used as blood builders. We will also use some bill-boards and leaflets and we will hold a sport event to promote the product. Studies have shown that foods containing phenolic compounds have powerful antioxidant. offices and crowded areas so that people can purchase the product easily when they like to consume. we will make some new channels and assign some distributors to promote our product to all over the country. Channel I.

Vitamin C encourages your white blood cells to work more efficiently at destroying germs and bacteria. about 10 1/2 oz. Potassium also regulates blood pressure and the balance of fluids in your body. serving of mango juice contains two-thirds of your daily recommended vitamin C requirement.. One cup of mango fruit supplies about 325 mg of potassium.92 mg. If you're looking for a boost in potassium. Potassium Mango juice contains potassium. about 1 gram for a medium size. Iron Mangos supply a notable amount of iron. A serving of mango juice.7 grams of fiber. Beta-Carotene A serving of mango juice supplies one-quarter of the daily recommended beta-carotene intake. summing up at 8061 IU for that same medium size. Their sodium content ranks low at 4 mg.6 grams of total fat. but you can certainly benefit from its 3. An 8-oz. glass of mango juice supplies about two percent of your daily iron needs. Being of the plant kingdom. Like most fruits.63 mg. is a mighty impressive. Adding mangos to your diet can increase your intake of the essential nutrient. minerals and anti-oxidants that only packs 135 calories. The deep orange color of mangos supplies beta-carotene.Vitamin C Consuming enough vitamin C can help you prevent colds and flu. nerves and muscles function properly. look no further than a medium mango with its 322. It's the perfect fruit to replenish energy after heavy physical exercise like jogging or working out. Vitamin A and beta-carotene also work in conjunction to promote good skin and skeletal health. 22 . mangoes contain no cholesterol or saturated fat and contain only about . contains about 300 mg of potassium. An 8-oz. self-contained package of vitamins. if you suffer from an iron deficiency. without added water or sugar. which keeps your eyes healthy. Iron produces healthy red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout your body. Mango is a shining star in the beta carotene realm. the mango is low in protein. Nutritional Benefits One medium mango. Your body uses beta-carotene to make vitamin A. Magnesium content is 18. a mineral that helps your heart.

and iron at . this drink is extremely beneficial to consume during the following conditions:  Constipation  Excessive thirsty condition  Cancer  Heart diseases  Anemia  Pregnancy  Mental weakness  Stress Blessed with all the natural nutritive ingredients.3 mg of vitamin C and offers impressive numbers for vitamins B1. Calcium. with calcium at 20. Vitamin C. Vitamins B (B1. zesty and delightful flavor that just may taste like paradise itself. 27 mg. B2 and B3). Phosphorus and Potassium. and B6. but also for its intense.7 mg. there is little doubt that the mango is an exceptional fruit. mango juice possesses salient properties:  Relieves vita. increases pita & kappa  Hot in potency  Removes toxins 23 . Although these figures will vary with the different varieties and different sizes.Mango scores 57. Iron. Being regarded as the best summer time drink. Advantages of Mango Juice The mango juice is rich in Nutrients. B3. not only for its high-ranking nutrients. There's even a touch of zinc in our featured fruit. Vitamin A. B2.

nectars and drinks that have about 85% of the market share. The organized beverage market in India is ruled by mango juices.000 tones per day during the summer season. growth-arresting activity and antipromotion activity. However. Anticancer Properties Mango juice contains phenolic compounds which have antioxidant activity. about 38 million cases of mango-based drinks are consumed by Indians every year. 24 . Stomach Soothing The website said mangoes contain stomach soothing enzymes. may have "chemopreventative" properties. the fruit juice market in India is estimated to grow at about 30 per cent per annum. The study tested whether mango. An aphrodisiac  Invigorates nerve tissues  Energizes the body  Improves complexion  Global Scenario of Mango Juice The mango juices and mango-based drink segment is dominating both the overseas and domestic market. according to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition. the study said. as a fruit with high levels of phytochemicals. The total domestic processing capacity for the "King of Fruits" has gone up many times in the past two years and now is estimated at 12. which could be responsible for the contented feeling you get after eating mangoes or drinking mango juice. it is not yet known if the anticancer properties remain after digestion. Thus.

such as constipation. and traces of magnesium. Top 10 Benefits of Mango Juice Here are the top 10 benefits of mango juice :  Benefit #1 : Mango juice is very beneficial in improving memory and concentration. 25 . Minerals The website organicfacts. It prevents mental weakness. manganese.  Benefit #2 : Mango juice is very rich in beta-carotene which prevents heart diseases and other ailments. selenium. along with traces of vitamins E. Other Benefits o The website medindia.Iron Content Mangoes have high iron B and K. The fruit also has copper and potassium. Fun Fact o Mango fruit and leaves are used as floral decorations at celebrations and ceremonies in many countries. stress and heart problems could benefit from the fruit's high potassium and magnesium. Vitamins. heart diseases and stress. calcium. according to said mangoes and mango juice are high in Vitamin C and Vitamin said mango juice could benefit those who suffer from a number of ailments. The website also contends that those who have muscle cramps. iron and phosphorus.  Benefit #3 : Mango juice taken with milk helps in gaining weight. and are used as a treatment for anemia in some countries.

This juice is very effective for liver disorders.  Benefit #6 : Mango juice is helpful in curing the problem of heavy bleeding during menstruation. A.  Benefit #5 : Mango juice combats poor digestion and acidity.  Benefit #10 : Mango juice contains Vet.  Benefit #9 : Mango juice is beneficial for pregnant women and anemic people as it is rich in iron. they are very good for eyesight. Beside that we also focus the young 26 .  Benefit #8 : Regular intake of mango juice makes the complexion fair and the skin soft and shining. These compounds have powerful anticancer and antioxidant properties. This improves the sex life also. Benefit #4 : Mango juice is rich in phenol compounds. E which helps the hormonal system to function in a better manner. Target market Our main target market people are the young ages people who like to drink juice very much.  Benefit #7 : Since mangoes are rich in Vet. Mostly the school going students and the children.

then we will achieve our goals easily. Bill Board. Observing the situations. Budget: 27 . June: In June we will arrange meeting with our suppliers. Banners. In the primary stage we will produce 250ml and 500ml can. if our four month action programs will run well. On the other hand we will give advertise of our new product in the Television. Then we will start production new Fresh Juice. dealers. if situation will favorable then we go for Divisional dealers to distribute to the whole country. In this month we will start to produce 1000ml can. July: After meeting with the dealers we will provide sample Fresh Juice to our customers for getting publicity. arrange game.generation people. product development etc. Although our main target market is young people but we also prefer the people of adult and old ages people. Our product is low involvement and buyers show habitual buying behavior. And this month our product will be available in almost every shop of the country. and 500ml can for the consumers. Then we will launch our product in to the market. In this way we will continue our production and give a particular image to the mind of every customer. We will give small toys. September: In our last month of action program. at this stage we will produce 250ml can. And we believe that. Forecast and Financial analysis: It just a hypothetical forecasting and financial analysisThe brands of “Fresh Juice” will be introduced in September. Radio. and in the Poster. We make an action program for the next four months. at the third month we give extra benefits to the dealers and sellers to improve our sales. August: After doing our successful operations of two month. Observing and analyzing we take necessary actions to develop product sales and increase our profit. And talk about our new product’s quality.

 Consignment sales 20% growth rate year.This section will offer a financial overview four company as it relates to our marketing activities. Sales Forecast: The sales forecast is broken down into the three main revenue streams. 28 . We have shown break-even information. The sale forecast for the upcoming year is based on 30% growth rate. direct sales. consignment sales. women . children & patients who’s are affected by cancer. Growth rate for year 2006 to 2010 are based on percentage increases as follows:  Direct sales 20% growth rate per year  Web sales 50% growth rate per year. Web sales. ulcer & other kinds of diseases. Marketing & Sales • Target customers of fresh juice Juice are men.

35.20.00 fresh juice for Children(big size) fresh juice as natural juice (mini size) fresh juice as natural juice(medium size) Tk.00 TK.45. Pricing strategies Products of categories Pricing categories fresh juice for children(mini size) TK. then we will achieve our goals easily. Our running customer promotion is as following 500ml+ 5tk discount Finance sought • It just a hypothetical forecasting and financial analysis• The brands of “fresh juice ” will be introduced in December. We make an action program for the next four months.00 29 .50.90.00 TK. And we believe that.15.00 TK.• Different product • Delight customers • Product quality Customer Promotion It is important to increase instant volume and make the customer loyal to the product.00 Family Pack fresh juice as Soft drink TK. if our four month action programs will run well.

12.550.05 million and Tk.250.00 fresh juice for home pack Tk.44 million with EPS of Tk. 24.150. the company has reported net profit after tax of Tk.00 More than TK.1000. Control: Our control depends on the customer satisfaction. 21.fresh juice for medicine(mini size) fresh juice for medicine TK. Management Team • DEPARTMENTALIZATION • Board of Directors • Chairman • Managing Director • Deputy Managing Director • General Manager 30 . AMCL(FRESH) As per un-audited half yearly accounts as on 31.10 (July’10 to Dec’10).00 Profit/loss: January 31. 17. then we simply change our controlling techniques.29 as against Tk.31 respectively for the same period of the previous year.00 fresh juice for research TK. 19.2011. If customer demand different things with which they feel comfortable.

Employees: • Senior General Manager • General Manager • National Sales Manager • Brand Manager • Purchase executive • Research executive • Brand executives • Brand officers • Event management officers Implementation & Control • For control purposes. • Finally. progress. the management will monitor the total environment. the plan also allows for quarterly comparison of actual versus projected sales and expense. The company always has to maintain the TQM (Total Quality Management). and gap and will take the corrective actions if necessary. Recommendation • The Company may adopt time series analysis of forecasting method together with judgmental approach to get better forecast. 31 .• Assistant General Manager Etc.

To keep the same pace with this situation our company had decided to launch a Juice and it has a bright future in its market. 2011  The Journal of Nutrition: Nutrition and Disease  Soy Quick: Mango Juice  Organic Facts: Nutritional Value of Orange and Mango 32 . Conclusion: We all know that. Reader's Digest Association. As the product is innovative. Is it Healthy". innovative ideas.• The Company should aim to achieve economies of scale in the production and introduce experience curve as soon as Low Potassium (Hypokalemia)  National Agricultural Library: Just What is Iron?  "Is it Harmful. And once our Juice will reach to the hand of our targeted customers. today’s fast moving world respect the new. the consumers are going product will be a strong product mix for our company. Our company adds exclusive taste in fresh juice juice and our Product has some exclusive characteristics that will help us to acquire position in the minds of the customers References National Mango Board: About Mangoes MayoClinic. we will be able to capture the most market shares. 1999Article reviewed by Maya Black Last updated on: Feb 24. • The Company should give almost emphasis to go for exporting their world class quality products to the neighboring and other countries.

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