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Amanda Henry

Revision Plan for Project 3

I think it has been helpful reading examples from past students and
current students. I was not clear with my definitions of countering
and forwarding and by analyzing other students’ statements, I now
have an idea of how to revise my own work. I also found it helpful
getting feedback because I learned that I had left some key point
out and during the peer-editing class I learned which parts of my
essay were not clear or were confusing to a reader.

I plan to revise my essay by organizing it more around Cox’s main
claims being: Smoke Signals challenges Hollywood stereotypes and
that Sherman Alexie centralizes the Coeur d’Alene land and
community without depicting aspects of Native cultures typically
exploited by Hollywood. I also plan to include more examples of how
Sherman Alexie forwards and comes to terms with other scholars.

In Part 1 I will address James Cox’s main points in his article about
the misinterpretation of Indigenous people in Hollywood and
Sherman Alexie’s use of unconventional characters in his film
Smoke Signals to change viewers’ interpretations of aspects of
Native cultures usually exoticized in cinema. I will use examples
from other scholars and discuss how Sherman Alexie comes to
terms with them. I will also describe the purpose of the article and
explain Cox’s message. In Part 2 I will extend and counter some of
Cox’s claims and use passages from Flight to support my examples.
I will analyze the characters in Flight and Smoke Signals and decide
whether or not they are really unconventional and do not forward
existing stereotypes.