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Leslie Bruce
University Hall 435
800 N. State College Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92831
Dear Dr. Bruce,
This course grew me exponentially in my technical writing skills through achieving our
student learning objectives (SLO). I have displayed these achievements through various
assignments such as the group charter from the iFixit Project, the cover letter you are reading,
and an article from my Writer’s Notebook. I have placed these documents in this order to display
which assignments reveal most of the SLOs. As you continue reading, I will highlight how each
assignment demonstrates specific learning objectives.
The group charter displays majority of our student learning objects compared with other
assignments. This document demonstrates rhetorical focus, ethical citation, organization,
language and design, and collaboration. It is in a formal tone to address the audience, you and
my team members, in a professional manner. Sources cited within the text to support a few of
our statements. Such as in the Communication section, “Terry (2015) suggests that
communication from every member promotes trust and cooperation.” There are headings placed
to organize the topics discussed for clear communication. Throughout the group charter there is
also sensitivity to gender and cultural differences shown by the absence of bigoted comments.
Lastly, there was a great deal of collaboration in and out of class with my team by delegating
different sections to each member to complete the final document.
This cover letter shows rhetorical focus, persuasion, organization, and collaboration. It is
also written in a formal tone for the intended audience, you. The goal of this letter is to allow, or
persuade, you to see that I have mastered our entire student learning objectives by presenting
various document. Lastly, collaboration is complete through allowing my classmates to reproof
this letter. A comment from Heather Carrillo states, “You cover all the requirements, but need to
include the actual evidence and needs to be finished. Check for grammar. Other than that it’s
good!” I took her advice by finishing this letter and was cautious to keep my grammar concise.
Finally, an article from my Writer’s Notebook displays the last SLO, rhetorical focus of
informal writing. I have mastered this by making notes to myself in a casual tone of short
sentences. A snippet of my article, “The tone is slightly personal and straight forward which
appeals to the reader and gives clear communication of assignment. The style is formal. The
format is a letter format.”
Something I still need to progress in is watching my grammar tenses. The various
assignments and peer reviews has helped me improve from this challenge. Your course has also
aided to prepare me for my future career. Technical writing is essential for a professional job.
Thank you for being a supportive professor and for having an engaging course.
Sarah Garcia