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Hannan Shahid


Reg. # : 1535185

Strategic HRM

HR Bundle
1- Career planning
2- Continuous on-the-JOB Development
3- Regular training
4- Promotion
1. Flexible benefits
2. Ergonomic adjustment
3. Performance pay
4. Compressed working week
5. Performance appraisal
1. Participation
2. Task enrichment (knowledge transfer)
3. Reduced workload
4. Sideways jobs movement
5. Second career
1. Additional leave
2. Long career break
3. Early retirement
4. Demotion
5. Exemption from overtime working
6. Part-time work/ semi retirement
The practives that relating to employment development training &
particciption empowerment information sharing & compansation system are most
offered combind. An understanging of hogh performance work system suggest that
they are generly focus on skill requinmrnt discreationat work team working and
incentive enhancing orgionaizational commitment.

15 key Prentices associated with high performance, like

competicncy test team reward).1. Regular apprisals 5. Multi skilling 10. . Emplyee s relation practics to help built trust. Regular multi source feedback on performance 6. Information Provited on the Firm’s Performance targets 14. Flexible JOB Description 9. Use of psychometric test for selection 3. No complusry redundancies 15. Information provided on the Business Plan 13. Indiviidual performance related PAY 7. Relatics JOB Perview 2. Well development introduction training 4. Presence of Problems Solving Groups 12. Profit related Bounces 8. loyalty & identity in the organization. Commitment to single status HR Prctices To built skill levels motivation & ability (eg interviews. Presence of Work Improvement Teams 11.