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Republic of the Philippines

Supreme Court
Applicants for the Bar Examinations must file a verified petition in the form
prescribed by the Supreme Court (available at the Office of the Bar Confidant (OBC) for
free) from June 1 to July 15, accompanied by the following documents:
1. Birth Certificate (issued by the NSO or Local Civil Registrar) –
- original or certified true copy
- legible
- In case of any discrepancy of entries between the Birth Certificate and
Transcript of School Records. The applicant is however further required
to submit a corrected birth certificate or corrected school records
as the case may be.
- In the absence of birth certificate – Certificate of Late Registration.
2. Marriage Certificate (original or certified true copy)- for Married females only
3. Three (3) testimonials of good moral character each executed by a member
of the Philippine Bar (form may be furnished by the OBC for free).
4. Official Pre-Law Transcript (original or certified true copy)
- In case the Rizal Course is integrated with another subject(s) appearing
in the transcript, a certification from the school to that effect is required.
5. Official Law Transcript (original or certified true copy)
6. Certificate of no derogatory record.
7. Per Resolution NO. 2012-06 of the Legal Education Board, instead of the C-2
the School Registrar will issue or execute a certification under oath and noted
by the Law Dean that the examinee graduated a four (4) year law course and
his name is included in the LEB Certification.
8. Three (3) copies of latest un-retouched photos w/ name IMPRINTED thereon
– (1 ½ x 1 ½ )
9. Self-addressed and stamped envelope
1. PENDING CASES (civil, criminal, administrative, including cases filed
with the Prosecutor’s Office and Office of the Ombudsman)
- Certified true copy of Complaint/Information
- Certificate of pendency of the case/ Certificate of status

2. DECIDED CASES (civil, criminal, administrative, including cases filed with
the Prosecutor’s Office and Office of the Ombudsman)


Certified true copy of Complaint/information
Certified true copy of Decision
Certificate of Finality of Decision
Clearance from the Court, Prosecutor’s Office or From the Office of
the Ombudsman, as the case maybe

... _____________________ Amt..] 2........ major in ________________________ . ____ years of age... marked as Annex _____. attach original or certified true copy of marriage contract.. 1161) 6.E... [Note: Indicate any pending or dismissed civil. B. 3. and attaches for this purpose three (3) testimonials. state so: _________________________. and attaches for this purpose the original or certified true copy of the petitioner’s birth certificate..M.. No. Filipino citizen. 2006) For New Applicants Republic of the Philippines SUPREME COURT Manila In the Matter of the PETITION TO TAKE THE 20_____ BAR EXAMINATIONS. x.(Requirement in B. and attaches for this purpose the original copy of his/her transcript of law school records (bearing the corresponding certification of the Law Dean or School Registrar concerned and duly authenticated with the school’s official seal)..... He/She has no derogatory record in law school where he/she graduated. He/She is a person of good moral character.. nor has he/she any pending case or charge.R. He/She is ____________(civil status). rule or regulation before a prosecutor. and the Special Order issued by the Commission on Higher Education(CHED)... marked as Annex ____.: P___________________ ________________________________________________ Surname Given Name Middle Name Petitioner.. and the original copy of the certification (C-2) of CHED.. a law school officially approved and recognized by CHED. when applicable... He/She finished his/her high school education in 19___ at the ___________________________________________(school). criminal or administrative case against you and attach pertinent documents: ________________________] 4. judge.. public officer or administrative body of any crime or offense involving moral turpitude. each executed by a member of the Philippine Bar..... who are citizens of the Philippines. and attached for this purpose the original copy of the Certification of No Derogatory Record executed by the Law Dean........ having been born on ____________________________ at ____________________________ to spouses _________________________________ and ____________________________________.-x PETITION COMES NOW the undersigned petitioner and to this Honorable Court respectfully states: 1... and submits for this purpose the original transcript of records. [Notes:(1) If born outside of wedlock. marked as Annex _____.. marked as Annex _____.... marked as Annex _______. state how and when citizenship was acquired and attach pertinent documents: __________________________________________... He/She has not been charged with any act or omission punishable by law.. marked as Annexes __________. .. ___________________-N O. He/She regularly studied law for ______ calendar years (semestral/trimestral) and satisfactorily completed all the requirements for the prescribed law course at __________________________. marked as Annex ________.. when applicable.Rth01(Revised March 6.... and completed his/her pre-law course at the ____________________________ (school) for ______ calendar years with a bachelor’s degree in __________________________(course). (3) if a married female. Pd..(2) if not a natural-born Filipino citizen. No.- .. 5.

20 ____. marked as Annexes ___________. after being sworn in accordance with law. This is the first time that he/she is taking the Bar Examinations. _________________________________________ Affiant 2 . ___________________________. ___________________________________ Signature over Printed Name Thumbprint (Right Hand) ___________________________________ Address & Tel. that the allegations contained therein are true of my own knowledge. If related to any of the Justices or officials mentioned above. petitioner respectfully prays that he/she be allowed to take the 20___ Bar Examinations.7.S. No. depose and state. [Note. Philippines. He/She is related by consanguinity or affinity within the fourth civil degree to a member of the Supreme Court or official of the Office of the Bar Confidant.] WHEREFORE. that I am the Petitioner in the foregoing petition. and 9. _____________________________________. I. state name of said Justice or official and his/her relationship:____________________________. while Preparing for and taking the Bar Examinations ___________________________________ Permanent Address VERIFICATION Republic of the Philippines] ] S. He/She attaches herewith three (3) copies of his/her latest un-retouched photograph (1½”x1½). 8. ___________________. that I prepared the petition.

Notary Public Doc.SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this ________ day of ____________. Petition will not be accepted under any of the following instances: (a) If any of the blank herein is not properly filled. No. ____________ Book No. and (d) If filed beyond the deadline set by the Court.00 Documentary Stamp IMPORTANT REMINDERS 1. affiant having exhibited his/her Community Tax Certificate No. (c) If it does not strictly conform with the above form. including proof of payment of the Bar Examinations and other fees. 2. [Note: Write “N/A” on lines which are not applicable. ____________ Series of _____________ P15. 20___ at _________________________.] (b) If not accompanied by the required documents or papers. _______________________ issued at ______________________ on _________________. A self-addressed and stamped letter envelope (long) must be attached to the petition to be used in sending your Report of Rating in the Bar Examinations._____________ Page No. 3 .