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Elliott Blaser

Critical Reflection
Paired with Martia, Abdul, and Caleb our E-Resource site was finished
efficiently with no anxiety aroused. Our site was made in Weebly’s webpage creator
and used one of the templates provided. The site consisted of eight individual pages
labeled: Home, Introduction, Robot or Human, Tips, Abdul – Human Act, Elliott –
Making of a Robot, Martia – Human Memory, and Caleb – Robot Emotions. On our
Home page we have the philosophical question of “Robot or Human?” and our
names. The next page is an introduction that brings more in depth questions onto
what defines a robot as human and some identifying questions. On our Robot or
Human page it brings more attention to the previous questions we had made to
think about what makes a robot human. For our Tips page three guidelines lay and
an annotated bibliography for the future students that may observe our site. After
the Tips page comes the rhetoric meat of our site, our individual pages. Each of
these pages were created and filled out individually then given a final look over by
each other member. Abdul digs deep by asking the question of “What makes us
human?” as this question may help solve what would define a robot as a human. I
go into the individual parts that make up a robot and to define a robot absolutely.
Next comes Martia who delves into the memories in humans which are a key piece
to solving this great question. Finally Caleb’s page tells of the emotions which
current robots can mimic and replicate as to display emotion.
As every group has a leader we had Martia be ours. With perseverance Martia
organized the work load between all of us. Martia tasked herself to make the outline
of the site for all of us to fill out. We all met in the library at an allotted time which
Abdul arranged and went to work. What I had finished during that work block was
primarily finding what sources I wanted to use and to assure they fit the guidelines.

Elliott Blaser
At a later time I went to fill in the site as we only met for an hour. We all worked
from Martia’s laptop to help with the design of the site. It was after the session that
we all knew what individual work needed to be done and pasted our contents onto a
google docs we made. About two days later we started moving our items from the
google docs to the site. We all presented our rough site to the class and took
constructive criticism from a fellow E-Resource group. Later we took in the
comments given and molded our site to look neater and more aesthetically
pleasing. I finished my page last and decided to try to assimilate the look of my
page to my group mates. By doing that I did the same font, font size, color, and
rough organization. After I had completed my page I went back and looked for any
mistakes to be found. I only found a few, there were a couple misspellings here and
there that I corrected.
For me, group work changes drastically based on size and selection of leader.
I enjoy groups of four or less with me not as the leader. The group size of four allows
for personal contact with each other member and little room for a member to slack
off. I personally dislike responsibility in most cases and being the leader of a group
is an ambiguous amount of responsibility as it fluctuates depending on how hard
working your team is. Martia was an excellent leader, one of the top group leaders
of my time. The rest of us were casually diligent and didn’t necessarily do work on
the spot but on our own time. Martia most of all kept us organized and set deadlines
one when she wanted to make a final review. I feel like group work is the best work.
It allows you to communicate with others on their expectations and see what middle
ground can be made. A collaboration of ideas also creates a vast pool from which to
pick from. The limiting factor is if a member is non-cooperative it may cause

Elliott Blaser
problems. I personally was late to the first meet but it did not slow progress down. I
was brought up to speed quickly and came in.