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Team Titans || Group Charter


Dr. Leslie Bruce
Heather Carrillo, Danielle Espinosa, Sarah Garcia, Akshar Patel
iFixit Group Charter
20 September 2016 1
Coinciding with the ultimate goal of iFixit, Team Titans’ mission is to eliminate
electronic waste by creating a step-by-step guide to take apart and repair the
Soundstage High Definition Wireless Speaker. This guide will be shared on iFixit,
a free online service that allows everyday electronic users to repair their devices
at home, saving money and preventing unnecessary e-waste. Sarah Garcia,
project manager, will oversee group productivity as well as store the device.
Akshar Patel, research manager, will find academic and reliable sources to be
used in our iFixit article. Heather Carrillo, photography and design manager, will
photograph the progress of taking apart our device, using her own camera, as
well as design the layout of our article. Lastly Danielle Espinosa, editing
manager, will edit and oversee the grammar, diction, syntax, and overall flow of
the iFixit article and any additional group written work.

Team MembersSarah Garcia - Project Manager
Heather Carrillo - Photography and Design Manager
Akshar Patel - Research Manager
Danielle Espinosa - Editing Manager


Produce quality work in a timely manner through group collaboration,
communication, and determination. Quality work meaning the effort must
reflect the requirements of the assignment given by the professor.
Terry (2015) suggests that communication from every member promotes trust
and cooperation. Group communication will be done through the GroupMe
app. Emergencies or urgent messages can be made over phone call or sent to
the GroupMe as soon as possible. Do not mute the app for any circumstance. A
24-hour notice is required if a meeting cannot be attended. Mandatory replies
must be sent within 24 hours of the original message.

Team Meetings Mondays and/or Fridays in Mihaylo (tentative)
Time and locations TBD.
Conflict Resolving

Majority Vote: When a conflict arises, propose various solutions as a group. The
various solutions will then be voted on and majority vote wins. For every
offense a group member commits, he/she must buy snacks for the entire group
in consolidation.

Corrective Policy

Group will function around a three-strike system. A group member will be fired
after receiving a combination of any three of the following offenses:
- Late responses
- Not finishing share of work before due date
- Not informing other group members of absence
- Making important/grade-affecting decisions without group members’

09/20 - Group Charter (via Ti)
09/28 - Draft of Proposal & iFixit email message (due in class)
09/28 - Final Proposal & iFixit email (via Ti)
09/30 - Disassembly of Device
10/05 - Timesheet #1 (due in class)
10/10 - iFixit Troubleshooting (via Ti)
10/12 - Timesheet #2 (due in class)
10/12 - iFixit Device page (via Ti)
10/19 - Timesheet #3 (due in class)
10/26 - Timesheet #4 (due in class)
10/26 - Completed iFixit Guide (via Ti)
11/07 - Draft of Eval Memo & Completed iFixit Guides ready for
online review (due in class)
11/10 - iFixit Final Proj Folder (via Ti)
11/28 & 30 - Portfolio Group Conference
12/05 - Draft of Portfolio Cover Letter (due in class)
12/07 - Draft of Revised Portfolio Doc (due in class)
12/08 - Portfolio (via Ti)

Assignment and Due

What was worked on

How long it was
worked on

By Who

Charter: 9/20


25 Minutes


10 Minutes

-Edited/ Revised, Logo
and added signatures

45 Minutes

DE(total time 45

10 minutes

SG (total time 10

30 minutes

HC (TT: 55 min)

60 minutes

AP(TT:1.17 hours)

30 minutes

SG(TT: 40 min)

30 minutes

DE(TT:1.33 hours)

-Revised and drafted
final proposal and
-Sent email

20 minutes

HC(TT: 1.25 hours), AP
(TT:1.5 hours), SG (TT:1
DE(TT:1.67 hours)

Disassembly of Device:

-disassembled device,
took pictures, wrote
down steps and
troubles encountered

2.5 hours

HC(TT: 3.75 hours), AP
(TT: 4 hours), SG
(TT:3.5 hours)

Timesheet 1: 10/05 in


5 minutes

HC(TT: 3.83 hours),
AP(TT: 4.08 hours),
SG(TT:358 hours),
DE(TT:1.75 hours)

Disassembly of Device
#2 10/02

-disassembled device,
took pictures, toggled
with settings

-2 hrs

HC(TT: 5.83 hours),
AP(TT:6.08 hours),
SG(TT:5.58 hours),
DE(TT:3.75 hours)

iFixit Troubleshooting
page: 10/10 11:55pm

-written and edited

-1.5 hrs

HC(TT:7.33 hours),
AP(TT:7.58 hours)
SG(TT:7.08 hous,

Draft of Proposal and
iFixit email draft: 9/28
in class

Final Proposal and iFixit
email: 9/29 11:55 pm

-Timeline and research
-Research on issues
with device
-Introduction and
-Abstract and email

5 minutes

HC (total time: 25
AP(total time 10

DE(TT:5.25 hours)
iFixit Device page 10/12 -drafted
11:55 pm (Titanium)

- 4.5 hrs

HC(TT:9.43 hours),
AP(TT:9.58 hours),
SG(TT:7.83 hours),
DE(TT: 7.25 hours)

Timesheet 2: 10/12 in


-5 mins

HC(TT: 9.48 hours)

Timesheet 3: 10/19 in


-5 mins

SG(TT:7.88 hours),

One complete guide to
iFixit: 10/26 (upload
response to Titanium
by 11:55)


-30 mins

HC (TT: 9.98 hrs),
AP (TT: 10.08 hrs),
SG (TT: 8.28 hrs),

Timesheet 4: 10/26 in


-10 mins

SG (TT: 8.38 hrs)

Draft of Evaluation and
Completed iFixit
guides: 11/07 in class


-4.75 hrs

HC (TT: 11.48 hrs),
AP (TT: 11.58 hrs),
SG (TT: 8.93 hrs),
DE (TT: 8.75 hrs)

iFixit Final Project
Folder: 11/10 by 11:55

-edited & submitted
-drafted & edited

-6.50 hrs

SG (TT: 9.43 hrs)
HC (TT: 13.48 hrs),
AP (TT: 13.58 hrs),
DE (TT: 10.45 hrs)

(1) Markel, M. (2016). Practical Strategies for Technical Communication. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s.
Terry, B. D. (2015). Working in Groups: The Importance of Communication in Developing Trust and
Cooperation. Retrieved September 19, 2016, from