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Samatchaya (Bell



“Nighthawks” Paragraph Analysis

In her poem, “Nighthawks,” Oats addresses the theme of isolation and how it
affected the red-dressed woman’s feelings. Earlier in the poem, the woman has been
confronted by a complicated situation that led her to a feeling of isolation because of
the unstable relationship between her and her lover, whom she used to have an affair
with. As a result, the man left his family and came to her, even though there are times
when he began to feel guilty and went to make phone calls with his family. According
to the evidence, the woman said that, “she swears she isn’t going to go through that
again, isn’t going to break down crying or begging” (16-17). Additionally, she also
said that, “this time though she isn’t going to demean herself” (36-37). Readers can
notice that the woman had been facing this kind of situation before. It is the situation
where she felt like being abandoned and worthless. As a result, it became a feeling of
isolation. She decided to change herself by doing a makeover in order to impress the
man and prevent him from leaving her again because she doesn’t want to be left