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Linna Hernandez

March 30, 2015
Edu 214
Technology Use

I-Pads in Classrooms
When walking into an elementary school, middle school, high school or a university,
technology is something that is being used in the every classrooms. There are computers,
printers, projectors, smart boards, Elmo’s, and even I-Pads. The use of I-Pads in classroom is
something that is emerging in today’s education. Many wonder how I-Pads can have an impact
or benefit in today’s education because many parents consider I-Pads for being used only fun
games. It is very important to know that I-Pads can be used in a way where it can be used
effectively in the classrooms and not only just for games (Beschorner, B. & Hutchison, A.,
I-Pads is a form of a tablet, created by the company Apple, which can connect to Wi-Fi
and access the internet in seconds. I-Pads can also downloaded many games, as well as
educational apps. For example, Accelerated Reader, which is a program used in Clark County
School District, where students test themselves on books the students read is an app that can be
downloaded on the I-Pad. In order to download educational apps that can be used in the
classroom, teachers have to create an apple account and then search for the name of the apps.
The app store where teachers can download the apps is already included with in the devices of
the I-Pad.
As someone who loves and uses all the Apple devices like for example, the I-Pod and IPhone, I-Pads was something I wanted to talk about and found very interesting. They are so easy

to use and can be used anywhere at any time. I-Pads can do so much like downloading many
apps such as the AR app which was mention earlier. When used in classrooms students can move
“freely within, beyond and between multiple environments and between topics and disciplinary
contents and contexts” (Beschorner, B. & Hutchison, A., 2013). I-Pads is something that is
definitely being used in every classrooms in elementary, middle, and high school. When I went
to the Perkins Elementary School for the interview, both the teacher and principal I talked to said
they wanted more I-Pads in the classrooms. Mrs. Williams has I-Pads in her class room and so
does the library where the students can also access them. The devices are being used a lot by
both the student and teacher.
Since technology is a tool that the world depends on and children today are growing up
with technology, it is clear that I-Pads is a technology that can benefit in today’s classroom. It
can improve in student’s literacy. Students can use the processes of reading, writing, listening,
and speaking, with just an iPad in class. According to Riley, “Ipads can be used as e-book
readers to effectively support personalized learning.” In a recent study, researchers used I-Pads
in a classroom for pre-school for seven weeks to see the progress of students. Each week
teachers would assigned different apps for the students to use. For example, the first and second
week students use apps for writing and speaking. The third and fourth week, students would use
apps that encourage “listening and print awareness”. The last three weeks, such as the fifth,
sixth, and seventh week, they had other apps that also allowed students to write, speak, and
listen (Beschorner, B. & Hutchison, A., 2013). The teachers would use these apps in a way where

they were able to teach in their lesson plan for literacy. When using the apps for writing
“students started to view themselves as writers while using different types of writing forms”
(Beschorner, B. & Hutchison, A, 2013).

The use of I-Pads can increased the student’s social interaction when working with their
peer in the classroom. This devices is something that is emerging in our lives and will benefit in
today’s education. With the emerging of the I-Pads, it will allow “students to prepare for more
formal reading and writing instruction in subsequent years of schooling” (Beschorner, B. &

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