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Linna Hernandez

April 5, 2015
Edu 214
Assistive Technology

According to Silver-Pacuilla, “assistive technology is a subfield of educational
technology, for youth and adults, it is used to improve the functional capabilities of individuals
with disabilities”. There are assistive technology for speech, voice recognition, and word
prediction. SpeakQ is a “new program that is dedicated to improving accuracy for users with
voices that are difficult to recognize, users who stutter, and students with literacy difficulties”
(Silver-Pacuilla, H). It recognizes the student’s voice and pronunciation and also expands their
vocabulary. How this program is used is, by allowing the students command what they want to
say in a microphone and the program shows the text on a word processor. Not only can the
student speak to it but they can also write the text and the program will suggest words that are
hard to spell. In order for the student to be able to dictate what they want to say students need to
learn vocabulary of punctuation and formatting, according to Silver-Pacuilla.
I choose SpeakQ because I think it will really help with the students who struggle in
speaking or have a hard time in spelling. It is something that can improve in education and the
student. This program can be used in many different age groups. It does not only have to be used
with individual with disabilities, it can also help students who have a difficult time in writing and

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