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Bayu ..... badminton with his friend now.
a. plays


b. played
b. visited
b. comes
b. has sent

d. will send

b. have been seeing

c. have seen

d. saw

b. will be celebrating

c. Will celebrate

d. were celebrating

b. visited

c. have been visiting

d. are visiting

c. tidies

d. tidy

Karina always ..... her own room after she gets up.
a. is tidying


c. sent

We ..... for her for forty minutes.
a. have visited


d. will come

At this time next year we ..... her birthday.
a. celebrate


c. was coming

I am sure I ..... him two years ago.
a. am seeing


d. will visit

She ..... me this postcard three days ago.
a. sends


c. have been visiting

Putri sometimes ..... to Tasikmalaya twice a week.
a. came


d. was playing

The students ..... their teacher in his house yesterday.
a. visit


c. is playing


b. tidied

: “Have you seen Putri ?”

Manager : “Yes, sir. She ..... a letter in her room now.”
a. was typing

b. will be typing

c. is typing

d. has been typing

10. I ..... my clothes for camping when you phoned me last night.
a. am preparing

b. have been preparing

c. was preparing

d. have prepared

11. Putri always ..... her mother although she is just eight years old.
a. is helping

b. helped

c. helps

d. help

c. played

d. are

12. They ..... the play station for two hours.
a. have played

b. have been playing

13. Putri started working here in 1999. She ..... here for four yeras.
a. works

b. has been working

c. is working

d. will be working

c. sleep

d. sleeping

14. Putri often ..... in the living room.
a. sleeps

b. slept

15. The passengers of the aeroplane ..... when the plane hit the mountain last week.
a. are sleeping

b. have been sleeping

c. were sleeping

d. have slept

c. was having

d. will have

16. Rangga sometimes ..... fried rice for breakfast.
a. has

b. have

17. I was sleeping when my father ..... the announcement about me on the radio.
a. heard

b. was hearing

c. hears

d. will be

c. is starting

d. start

18. I ..... studying at SMU next year.
a. will start

b. started

Will gets e. would spoke b. he ____an accident.. is doing d.. . is going 21. Listened 24. his homework tomorrow at present time.. Listens e.19. If you ____ too loud. Will pass d. to berastagi on Sundays. is working b.. If she ____ harder. He always . a. Will get d. pass b. would work works 22. would got c. does b. I will not hear you clearly a. will be doing c. will spoke a. Will listen d. got b. am passing c. Susan would get their permission if she ____ to what your parents said a.. Will speaks 25. goes b. she will finish her paper in time. were listening c. If the driver drives carelessly. Will do c. I ____ the test a. Speaks d.. Would get 23. work d. a. would listen b. e. Won’t passed e. a. went d. a. If I didn’t study last night.. Wouldn’t pass c. Rangga .. has been going 20. worked c. Speak e.