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Facilities Available to Exporters and Importers by bank here the some facilitates
for exporter which I study, Exporters are provided timely and adequate credit to
meet the exports commitments, Exporters are allowed pre and post-shipment
credit at competitive interest rates, Export Credit is made available both in
Indian Rupee and Foreign Currency as well, All eligible exporters are issued GOLD
CARD HOLDER status. In addition to better terms of credit, an additional in
principle export credit (standby) limit of 20% is sanctioned to Gold Card Holder
Exporters for a period of 3 years to meet their urgent credit needs for executing
sudden export orders, GOLD CARD HOLDER Exporters requests are processed
quickly within 25 days / 15 days and 7 days for fresh applications / renewals of
limit and ad hoc limits, respectively, GOLD CARD HOLDER exporters are given
preference in disbursal of foreign currency loans under PCFC. Then facilities
provide for importer by bank which are study, Bank provide import loan at
attractive rates to importers of imported inputs and capital goods, Import loan is
allowed in Indian Rupee and in Foreign Currency, To enable importers avail of
credit for their purchases, we also issue Documentary Credits (Letter of Credit
and Standby Letter of Credit) favouring overseas supplier, Import LCs are issued
and transmitted by fastest electronic means using SWIFT systems, "Trade Credit"
is arranged for importers in line with RBI guidelines. We arrange Buyers Credit
and Suppliers Credit. We issue Letter of Credit, Letter of Comfort, Letter of
Undertaking to facilitate importer arrange for Trade Credit at better rates.

Viswanathan Vipul Prakashan 3. Financial Market & Services By-Gawrdan Natrajan Himalaya Publication 4.BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS 1. International Banking and Finance www. Mancarenhas Wide Vision Publication WEB SITES www.mutualfunds. International Banking and Finance By- Himalaya Prakashan . Innovations In Banking and Insurance By-Romeo S.ucobank.

amfi. They traced the evolution of the EXIM Bank sector to the development of transnational corporations. These are: the extension of national tax www. limiting cross-border . In this context the evolution of the international banking came as a response to the modern phenomenon of capital which obviously goes beyond national borders.livemint. This permitted global access of world market information and subsequently its management and www.www.moneycontrol. intermittent fiscal and monetary instabilities. At the same time the rapid growth and boom of the technology sector gave a great incentive and facilitated the creation of the international EXIM Bank area. Under the traditional national and international sectors there were several constraints which gave the possibility for offshore activity to grow. the existence of foreign exchange controls and CONCLUSION Conclusion Many economists argued that EXIM Bank sector represented the new beginning of the international

stock exchange. . the admission of securities to capital markets.controls. There are 3 models of EXIM Bank centers from the perspective of taxation: with zero-tax (here even residents do not pay taxes). company laws which restricted business. the desire to avoid onshore laws and regulations which mandate the reservation of assets to spouses and heirs. systems of supervision and liquidity requirements. however. insurance regulations . These include: the need to provide for what is seen as the vulnerability of professionals and investors to creditors. More recently. the need for savings and investment vehicle for ordinary persons. conservative banking laws and regulations with regard to foreign and domestic industrial entry. it clearly shows the scope of such centers. Let us refer for example to taxation. EXIM Bank center came with innovative solutions to all these constraints that were mentioned above. tax at normal rates but exemption or other preferential treatment is granted to non-resident investors or investment for certain categories of income. other constraints onshore have served as an incentive element which pushed for offshore investment and have emphasized the importance of that investment. Also it has to be mentioned from the international perspective there was a lack of coherent set of international fiscal principles and laws in which transnational company could operate across border. with low-tax. constraints on the issue of foreign and domestic bonds. Notwithstanding the fact that the above categories refers only to tax aspects of EXIM Bank activity. The evolution of the EXIM Bank center is described from the perspective of its tax and banking functions.