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Luis Pavon

Humanities 1100
Course Reflection

I’m going to be honest and say this class wasn’t really my cup of tea. Having
a bi-weekly journal entry from the textbook wasn’t particularly exciting, but was
better than having tests every few weeks, however. I feel somewhat indifferent
about some of the material that was covered in class. I can definitely see how it can
appeal to other people (it seemed a LOT of other people were very engaged in the
in-class discussions ) and I thought that was very cool.
I’m not just going to talk about my indifference about the course. Some
material covered in the course, such as the different types of love, and civil
disobedience, were really interesting to me, to say the least. Having learned about
Henry David Thoreau in AP US History before, I only saw an objective view point, for
the purpose of getting a good grade in the test. In this class, I was able to hear
other people’s opinions about his civil disobedience, not just a static, 2-dimensional
analysis from a textbook. I also feel my understanding of love is now broader and
makes more sense than before. I used to think platonic love and unconditional love
were one and the same, but upon hearing the Ancient Greek words for multiple
types of love, such as Philia, Philautia and Agape, a window was opened for me,
which showed me that there were more than the three types of love I thought only

I think my biggest accomplishment in this course was passing it to be honest.
I’m not much of a person who can do critical thinking on a given text, especially
from a literature stand point. Another big accomplishment was getting out of the
house and going to an art museum with friends to write an analysis about different
art pieces. It was pretty hard for me to do that, because I’m really lazy and
unmotivated for some things. This assignment and the civic engagement paper
both literally helped me reach my accomplishment stated before.
Although my sentiments for this class were mixed, I still appreciate
everything you’ve taught us in lecture. It was a great semester, and I hope the next
is great for you as well!