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Analyzing Character and
By J.D.

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and other minor factors is omitted. consciously or subconsciously. harmonious or inharmonious in the one case indicating that good judgment is used. interception. 2. 3. retrogradation.sentences. 1.--Determine the nature of the aspect. By this method anyone can read the message of a chart in a fairly intelligent manner. harmonious or inharmonious.--Combine the keywords of the two planets by themselves. With practice. .Abika. Steps Nos. to determine the character as given by the aspect in the abstract. The word "negative" is here used to denote the results of these qualities rather than the qualities themselves. 4. 10 without this preliminary work. and in the other that the person goes to extremes in the activities indicated by the aspect. There has been an idea in the past that a high degree of intuition was necessary before one could hope to do this. The positive qualities are used in addition to the basic keywords with harmonious aspects. taking into account the aspect. and houses to form key-phrases.--Ascertain the keywords for the two signs containing the two planets. There are three sets. as only the advanced student needs to consider them. the students will arrive at the point where they will be able to omit the first nine steps and give the net result of No. key. But this idea has largely been disproved. then the final summing up of these to arrive at a composite judgment. The basic keywords apply in all cases. however. signs.2 ASTROLOGICAL KEYWORD SYSTEM INTRODUCTION The system herein set forth is an analytical method of reading the horoscopical chart. The negative qualities of the sign are used with the basic keywords when the planet is adversely aspected. It is developed along the lines indicated by Max Heindel in The Message of The Stars. and key-paragraphs. 5. It consists simply in combining the keywords of the planets.--Look up the keywords of the two planets entering into the aspect. Reference to dignities. Get any book for free on: www. before the summation in Step No. indicating whether the qualities of the two planets will work together or in opposition to each other. 1 to 9 inclusive are preliminary and analytical in character to show the student the reasoning which must be done. The negative qualities are used in addition to the basic keywords with inharmonious aspects.--Combine the keywords of each planet with the keywords of the sign in which it is placed to determine the corresponding type of character. pages 405-408. Anyone who can combine simple elements and reason from cause to effect can combine the keywords in a chart to ascertain at least the essential part of its message. 10 is possible. The positive qualities of the sign are used in addition to its basic keywords when the planet in it is in good aspect.

--Consider the action of the affairs of one house upon the affairs of the other as brought about by the aspect between the two planets. 9. 7. and an inharmonious aspect will cause the affairs of one house to detract from those of the other. correlate and balance similarly the effects of all the planets.--Correlate and balance all the elements above mentioned into one composite judgment which will express in everyday language the net results without any reference to aspects of other astrological elements. a harmonious aspect will enable the affairs of one house to reinforce those of the other.--Combine the keywords of each planet with the keywords of the house in which it is placed. following the method indicated in No. that is. NATURE OF THE SIGN Cardinal signs--Initiative. 8. 8.--When reading an entire horoscope.--Ascertain the keywords for the two houses containing the two planets. emotion KEYWORDS OF THE SIGNS Get any book for free on: www. leaving out of consideration temporarily the aspect in order to determine the planetary influence in the house.--Consider the reaction of the affairs of the second of the two houses upon those of the first.Abika. activity Fixed Signs --Stability Common Signs--Flexibility Fire Signs--Spiritual power. house and sign positions. and aspects. 11. impulse Earth Signs--Materialism Air Signs--Intellectuality Water Signs--Spiritual and psychic 3 . 10.ASTROLOGICAL KEYWORD SYSTEM 6.

autocracy. military affairs. art.Abika. work with hands. emotional fluctuation. TAURUS BASIC--Determination. POSITIVE--Regeneration. POSITIVE--Endurance. purity. hygienics. argumentativeness. mentality. nobility. sex. analysis. POSITIVE--Affection. loyalty. superficiality. POSITIVE--Balance. indolence. dignity. VIRGO BASIC--Service. lack of poise. artistic ability. interest in mundane affairs. courage. NEGATIVE--Arrogance. indecision. harmony. . NEGATIVE--Clannishness. ability for secret investigations.4 ASTROLOGICAL KEYWORD SYSTEM ARIES BASIC--Self-esteem. dualism. NEGATIVE--Self-will. capacity for home building. NEGATIVE--Indecision. resourcefulness. hopefulness. vanity. restlessness. enterprise. impressionability. NEGATIVE--Criticism. NEGATIVE--Obstinacy. generosity. magic. POSITIVE--Sympathy. studiousness. POSITIVE--Discrimination. courage. GEMINI BASIC--Intellectuality. cruelty. healing power. brusqueness. POSITIVE--Ambition. surgery. cynicism. initiative. overbearance. NEGATIVE--Changeability. LEO BASIC--Vitality. pioneering. LIBRA BASIC--Capacity for partnership. justice. thoroughness. courtesy. conservatism. introspection. sensitiveness. temper. fear of disease. SCORPIO BASIC--Secret forces of nature. literary affairs. authority. timidity. overbearing. POSITIVE--Versatility. artistry. CANCER BASIC--Love of home. ostentatiousness. Get any book for free on: www.

pessimism. diplomacy. sense of unity with all life. suspicion. philosophy. law. mysticism. jealousy.5 ASTROLOGICAL KEYWORD SYSTEM NEGATIVE--Discord. willfulness. NEGATIVE--Despotism. POSITIVE--Generosity. misuse of sex. inspiration. KEYWORDS OF THE PLANETS THE SUN BASIC--Individuality. science. AQUARIUS BASIC--Humanitarianism. unforgiveness. Get any book for free on: www. men. secretiveness. arrogance. orthodox religion. vitality. universal friendship. ambition. undervaluation of personal friendship. what one really is. dogmatism. resentfulness. CAPRICORN BASIC--Position. introspection. sorrow. honors. POSITIVE--justice. animalistic qualities. ripe destiny. those in authority. . ostentation. organization. NEGATIVE--Pride. lack of confidence. will. passion. POSITIVE--Generosity. cooperation. new systems. POSITIVE--Progressiveness. chief ambitions. fanaticism. NEGATIVE--Impracticableness. PISCES BASIC--Sensitiveness to superphysical influences. idealism. SAGITTARIUS BASIC--Aspiration.Abika. caution. love of out-door life and athletics. POSITIVE--Intuitiveness. procrastination. corporations. economy. lack of ambition. temper. compassion. dignity. NEGATIVE--Over-confidence. NEGATIVE--Psychic negativeness. authority. dictatorship. vindictiveness. justice without mercy. renunciation.

bombast. forgetfulness. SATURN BASIC--Contraction. NEGATIVE--Negativeness. knowledge through reason. concentration. slowness. procrastination. inconstancy. POSITIVE--Faithfulness. sentimentality. self-expression of all kinds. dishonesty. social instincts and activities. enthusiasm. indecision. sloth. popularity. POSITIVE--Quick-wittedness. art. discipline. thrift. NEGATIVE--Overconfidence. obstruction. charity. fretfulness. impulsiveness. POSITIVE--Benevolence. change. personal love. deliberation. . POSITIVE--Positive psychic qualities. POSITIVE--Harmony. vulgarity. literary ability. dissoluteness. indolence. fearfulness. destructiveness. endurance. NEGATIVE--Crystallization. dissipation. vanity. success. incorrect impressions. honor. nervousness. women.Abika. worry. VENUS BASIC--Attraction. coalition. broad-mindedness. speaking. procrastination. orthodox religious tendencies. egotism. MARS BASIC--Dynamic energy. stability. indecision. clumsiness. gallantry. executive ability. imagination. lustfulness. artistic ability. NEGATIVE--Restlessness. cohesion. NEGATIVE--Sensuality. coarseness. courage. conservatism. ornamentation. justice. cheerfulness. profanity. reverence. diplomacy. instinctual mind. writing. audacity. limitation. ideation. optimism. fecundation. dreaming. lawlessness. analysis system. respect for law.6 ASTROLOGICAL KEYWORD SYSTEM THE MOON BASIC--Personality. caution. emotions. temper. gestures. gossip. dexterity. passion. frivolity. enterprise. conservatism. prodigality. tact. vacillation. persistence. NEGATIVE--Combativeness. legal ability. laziness. eloquence. demagogy. personal magnetism. economy. selfishness. Get any book for free on: www. deceit. the people. sportiness. extravagance. JUPITER BASIC--Expansion. beauty. building qualities. visionariness. opulence. MERCURY BASIC--Reason. POSITIVE--Constructiveness. showiness. suavity. vision.

incoherence. relations with employers and employees.--The home. devotion. 4th. erupting. occult tragedy. unconventionality. KEYWORDS OF THE HOUSES 1st. morbidity. cynicism. fanaticism. viz. short journeys.--Beginnings. fraud. underworld. URANUS BASIC--The Awakener. intuition. bohemianism. mediumship. the public. speculation. avarice. death. . publications. fanaticism.--Servicem. music. POSITIVE--Regeneration. anarchy. prophecy. 5th. revivification. cause of death. education. independence. provoking. suspicion. health and sickness. NEGATIVE--Eccentricity. black magic. enlivening. romance. sudden action.--Lower mind and speaking. NEGATIVE--Force. POSITIVE--Spirituality. breaking open. and mines. regimentation. sensuality. 8th.Abika.--Finance. severity. POSITIVE--Progressiveness. decomposition. freedom given by money. germinating. brothers and sisters. irresponsibility. early environment. regeneration. conditions at end of life. marriage.--Partnership. motivation to strive for spiritual power. destruction. transmutation.. physical body. defiance. inspiration. occultism. dishonesty. Divinity.7 ASTROLOGICAL KEYWORD SYSTEM materialism. licentiousness. knowledge from sources above reason. universal welfare. inventiveness. NEGATIVE--Delusions. NEPTUNE BASIC--Superphysical entities of all degrees and impressions from them. PLUTO BASIC--Renewing. transition. positive clairvoyance. 6th. spasmodic action. 7th. 3rd. the mother.--Pleasure. struggle. melancholy. intuition. superphysical beings. secretiveness. pessimism. impersonality. universality. children. clairvoyance. love of liberty. Get any book for free on: www. universal love of humanity. 2nd. altruism. reorganizing.--Legacies. originality. chaotic mental conditions. lands. deception.

--Profession. hopes. 98-99. and wishes. Therefore the opposition of Jupiter in Leo to the Sun in Aquarius. which constitute the two poles of one department of nature. assistance. The keywords of the sextile and trine are verbs which express reinforcement. usually brings into play the two directly opposite signs of the zodiac. The keywords of the conjunction are the same as those for the trine or the square depending respectively on whether the conjunction is harmonious or inharmonious. the father.--Paying debts of destiny. altruistic love for the children of all people. universal. law. the sign of militarism and force. mysticism. for example.--Higher mind. In the case of advanced egos the opposition may become an aspect of great power. inharmony. and cooperation. or detraction. The keywords of the square are verbs which express obstruction. 11th. with the affairs ruled by the other planet and its sign and house. religion. For instance. Get any book for free on: www. institutions for care of unfortunates. 10th. 12th. The opposition. is not as inharmonious as the square between Jupiter in Leo and the Sun in Scorpio. Aquarius represents the impersonal. its sign and house. For information as to the harmony and inharmony of conjunctions see Simplified Scientific Astrology. pp. KEYWORDS OF ASPECTS The keyword of an aspect is usually a VERB DENOTING ACTION which connects the affairs ruled by one planet. secrecy. humanity. however. standing in 8 .--Friends. Leo represents the personal love for one's one children. limitations.ASTROLOGICAL KEYWORD SYSTEM 9th. namely. The keywords of the opposition in the case of the average person are similar to those of the square.Abika. Therefore these two signs have a certain affinity between them which tends to reduce the inharmony of the opposition and make it less than that of the square. long journeys.

and the only way to get a reasonable line on which one of these will develop is first to ascertain the key to the chart as a whole.Abika. EXAMPLE OF THE METHOD OF READING AN ASPECT The Sun in Capricorn in the 7th House. position. Planets in houses give the circumstantial details of the life. Sextile to Saturn in Scorpio in the 5th House: STEPS Get any book for free on: www. Any planet emits exactly the same vibrations at all times. and that legacies therefore will play a comparatively unimportant part in his life even if he should receive any. Then. if in the same chart there are planets in the 8th house. we judge that the native will be more interested in the two latter matters than in legacies of money or property. NO EVIL IN PLANETARY VIBRATIONS: There is no evil in any planet. or configuration may represent any one of a number of . The key is usually found in some strong group of planets or in the ruling planet. For instance. The only evil that may result from planetary vibrations comes from out misuse of them or our inability to control them. he will be interested in the mystical aspect of life. since he is mystically inclined.9 ASTROLOGICAL KEYWORD SYSTEM GENERAL NOTES Planets represent the driving forces. Signs represent the static forces which color and modify the influence of the planets. KEY TO THE CHART: Astrology is a science of probabilities. The aspects indicate harmony or disharmony between the planetary influences. which rules legacies and also latent occult ability and regeneration. if a person has the 12th house occupied by two or three of the strong planets. we know that he is more or less of the mystical type and therefore. Planets in signs indicate the character and inner capacities. But the square between two planets tends to incite to excess in the use of these vibrations and to carry activities that come under their influence to such an extreme that they become evil. Any aspect.

4. Serious (Saturn) in pleasures (5th). Capability of effort (Sun) sustained (Saturn) over a long period.--The keywords of the Sun may be found on page 6 and the keywords of Saturn on page 8. 6.--The Sun in the 7th house: The main ambitions of the life (Sun) are in connection with partnerships (7th) and the public or some form of publicity (7th).--Sun in Capricorn: Justice (Capricorn) blended with generosity (Sun). 7.--The sextile aspect is harmonious indicating that the native uses good judgment in all matters ruled by this aspect. using the Sevenfold combination of Keywords: Here we have seven keywords to combine into a key sentence or paragraph. Through persistence and diplomacy (Saturn) the native has the capacity to succeed in publishing (5th) articles or books on chemistry or occult philosophy (Scorpio) or some other branch of science. 8. Saturn in the 5th house: Conservative (Saturn) in educational methods (5th).com 10 .--The Sun sextile Saturn: Diplomacy and tact (Saturn) in all dealings with men (Sun). Ambition (Sun) for position and honor (Capricorn).--The keywords of Scorpio and Capricorn will be found on pages 5 and 6.Abika. Capricorn. These books would bring (sextile) Get any book for free on: www. These keywords are those of the Sun. Use the basic and positive keywords in both cases. Few (Saturn) children (5th). Gives a generous. Saturn. System (Saturn) in publishing matters (5th). 3.--Action of the 5th house affairs upon those of the 7th. 5th house. Conservative (Saturn) in methods of healing (Scorpio). 5. Saturn in Scorpio: Persistence and concentration (Saturn) in investigating the secret forces of nature (Scorpio) such as those of chemistry or occultism. also in investments (5th).--The keywords of the 5th and 7th houses may be found on page 10. virile (Sun) marriage partner (7th). 7th house. 2. and the sextile. Scorpio. Use the basic and positive keywords in both cases.ASTROLOGICAL KEYWORD SYSTEM 1.

10 given at once. and will probably marry a woman of the vital. persistent.--Reaction of the 7th house affairs upon those of the 5th. H e is generous to a certain degree but prudence rules his generosity. He has an ambition to rise in the world. and capable of sustained effort in any chosen line of endeavor. they will. He is serious in his pleasures. and is capable of holding positions of responsibility. He may specialize in or make any one of these his major work. He is worthy of trust. and through his thrift (Saturn) he would conserve the income from his books (5th). commands the confidence of men. He should be successful in marriage. educational work. may be omitted after sufficient practice. and enhance (sextile) his position in the world (Capricorn).Abika. He should be successful in entering into partnerships which will promote his material interests. he is patient. commanding type who is also ambitious for material success. who will perceive his ability and help him to rise to places of authority and trust. He will gain the confidence of men in positions of prominence. and the net result of Step No. the preliminary analysis of Steps No's. He would thus be enabled to start an educational system (5th) devoted to some of the secret science (Scorpio) or to healing (Scorpio) through the power of concentration (Saturn).--Summation in non-technical language: Character of the Native: The individual has a strong. His rise will be slow but steady. however. inclusive. 10. gain (sextile) him the confidence of men in authority (Sun). using the Sevenfold Combination of keywords: Partnerships (7th) are likely to be formed with those in authority (Sun). The resulting publicity (7th) would help (sextile) him to sell the books he had published (5th). and through them the native rises in position and power (Capricorn). He will have few children. but subjected to considerable discipline. be well brought up. He has the possibility of succeeding in the field of publications. He will obtain throughout his life a considerable amount of favorable publicity as the result of the above conditions. He is conservative in his business methods and has good judgment in the matter of investments. 1 to 9. 9. stable character so far as this aspect 11 . As indicated on page 1. or the investment field. he has a liking for the secret sciences and the ability to investigate them by analytical means. ALTERNATE METHOD Get any book for free on: www.ASTROLOGICAL KEYWORD SYSTEM him publicity (7th). in which he will use diplomacy and be faithful to his trust.

This is in reality an expansion of Step No. Get any book for free on: www. Then combine these into a sentence that indicates a 12 .ASTROLOGICAL KEYWORD SYSTEM An abbreviated method which. omitting all the other steps. is merely to select a keyword for each of the planets. rosfshp@rosicrucian. and houses involved and also one for the aspect. reasonable deduction. 8. each indicating some possible aspect or phase of the life. By using different keywords several such sentences may be made. does not give as complete results as the above. signs.