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Academic Resources

Directions: Match the descriptions below with the appropriate department located on
_____I___Center for
________Dean of
__P______Disability and
______H__Financial Aid
_____M_Health Services
__K______Housing and
___A_____Office of
______G__Office of
________Summer School
_____B__TRiO Programs

A. Offers centralized services for your on campus
recruiting and employment needs that can assist you in
developing strategies to help students accomplish goals.
B. Provides low income, first generation students’
academic, personal, economical, and social support.
C. Educates students on expected standards of behavior and
provide consequences for student infractions.
D. This center offers assistance with grammar, mechanics
amongst other things involved in the writing process.
E. Designed to help students understand themselves better,
create and maintain healthy relationships, improve
academic performance, and help make satisfying life
F. This program allows gifted students to excel through
development and training series through honors courses.
G. Division within Academic Affairs to provide direction
for international affairs at NCAT.
H. The source of funds available to help pay for college.
Located in Dowdy Hall.
I. Provides advising, mentoring, and tutoring to students.
Teaches FRST-101 & MATH-099 classes. Located in
Academic Classroom Building (ACB).
J. Provides instructional materials and curriculum resources
for staff and students.
K. Helps students meet goals through educational, social,
and cultural programs that promote community in the
residence hall.
L. This organization is a liaison for students on campus.
They serve as a voice for students addressing any and all
concerns presented by the student body.
M. Provides clinical, pharmacy, laboratory, wellness, and
health education services.
N. Provides opportunities for students to be engaged
outside the classroom. Some activities include: workshops,
cultural events, leadership development, and service
O. Supports the educational, cultural, social, and
intellectual growth of the campus community about
individual differences and global issues.
P. This office meets the needs of our students who are
veterans, service members, or veteran dependents. In
addition, they realize that persons with documented and
medical conditions and disabilities may need services
and/or accommodations to participate in the academic
programs at NCAT.
Q. Allows students to participate in activities that promote
health & wellness.
R. Provides services such as: issuing transcripts, preparing
academic calendars and final exam schedules, conferring
degrees, enforcing FERPA

Recreation Center
Academic Excellence
Students Office
Veteran Services

Residence Life
Student Center
Career Services
International Programs
& Continuing