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Transcript of an informal chat on electional astrology

and planetary hours
October 26, 1998
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Ed> Hi, Pauline
pauline> hello ed, are you here for the lecture, i am
Ed> Yes, that's why I'm here. Just a little early (to make sure everything
works right)
pauline> Are you a Virgo?
Ed> No. I'm a Leo. :-)
pauline> Have you been studying astrology long?
Ed> I've done astrology for more than 25 years.
pauline> Wow! I'm very impressed. That's great!
Ed> I think the more you get into it, the more fascinating it gets.
Ed> How long have you been studying?
pauline> I have been interested in it for many years,having others read my
chart. I started studying it for myself less than one month ago.
Ed> Oh! How do you like it so far?
pauline> I love it and hope to make it a regular part of my life! I am learning
it very quickly. However I realise it takes time to understand the patterns.
Ed> Yes. I think the real trick when you're first starting out is not to let
all the little details overwhelm you.
pauline> That's very good advice and I've made a great effort to get straight to
the fun stuff...Transits.
Ed> he-he. Yeah, the fun stuff.
pauline> Well, it does (might) help to know when they are coming. I haven't
gotten that far yet. I'm just trying to figure out which ones are happening for
me now.
Ed> There is just so much to explore. Like planetary hours, which Kaye will be
talking about tonight ..
Ed> I've been doing this all those years, but I've really never worked with
Ed> Always something new to learn.
pauline> So you work primarily with the natal chart?
Ed> Yes .. Natal, transits, and some electional
Ed> Planetary hours is really part of electional, but a somewhat different
pauline> Are there any books you recommend? - What is electional?
Ed> Electional astrology is choosing ("electing") a good time to begin a new
Ed> You use the chart for the moment and location where you begin the venture.
Ed> If you set up a good chart ahead of time, then the venture will go well.
pauline> OK, I'm interested in this.
Ed> Books ... hmmm...
Ed> One book I've always recommended is a little paperback called "Write Your
Own Horoscope," by Joseph Goodavage.
pauline> or any other recommendations?

Terri> Mary's on icq. I wrote it all down. yet eases you into many of the details. how long have you been studying astrology? *** sherilyn has entered Lecture Hall from 167-222-159.c-com. Terri> hiya Pauline Terri> hiya Ena Ed> Hi.tx. you can ask their opinion.Hello sherilyn! Terri> hi Sherilyn Ed> Hi. Sherilyn sherilyn> Hello everyone. Pauline? pauline> yes pauline> \ *** lisag has entered Lecture Hall from 208. Ed> Aha! Someone else! Hi. It's just about time for the lecture.ipt. Ed> Hi.. lisag> Hi Pauline Terri Ena Ena> Hi Lisa! pauline> Wow! That's great! Do YOU have any books you recommend? Ena> We're waiting for Kaye.houston-05-10rs.as4.. *** Terri has entered Lecture Hall from dyn-128-204... pauline> How many people can fit into the lecture hall? Ed> Pauline .she's having problems getting in through she must be on her way Ena> Good! :-) Terri>! pauline> Thank you . Ena> I just spoke with Kaye and she's having trouble getting on through aol! :( Ena> It keeps knocking her off. too. Ed> Yeah.Ed> It's very easy to understand. Ena> Lisa is an Instructor and when Mary gets Pauline.. Ena Ena> Hello Terri! pauline> Hello Ena Ena> Hi Ed! Terri> Mary said she's coming... But I haven't heard from her today Ena> And you to Pauline. Ed> The "Only here at OCA..mtvernon... pauline> OK.50 people Ed> (I can make it bigger.I would suggest taking classes. but at the moment it's 50) Ena> There are several students here. she is one.. I wonder how she will there anyway I can fix this silly chatwindow so it fills my whole screen? . but I think it's still in print. Pauline. I know Ed." books are also very good. Lisa lisag> Hi Ed pauline> Hello Lisa Ena> Yes.thank you very much! Ed> It's old (from the 60s or 70s)..I've been studying astrology for over 30 years. Terri> hiya Lisa Terri> here comes Mary Ena> been practicing for 18 years and teaching for 12.att. Ed> <muttering under his breath about AOL> Ena> Wre you asking me how long I've been studying astrology. Ed> By Marion March and Joan McEvers pauline> Thanks... Terri Terri> hiya :) Terri> evening. I'm wondering where everyone else a couple of :) pauline> Hello Terri! *** Ena has entered Lecture Hall from dial15.

I forgot. you can also right click onto the Ewgie burron and hit Maximize and it will do it.ags. and had to use browser mode instead of windows Ena> Hello Susan! Terri> well. Susan Ena> Hi Susan! Terri> I just moved the screen over and pushed the boxes Terri> oops Ena> Well. and this one really is the best I've found. :) I deal with java applets on Ena> Oh God! Mary you didn't know that.bellsouth. I'll take a look at that.. Terri? MaryO> oh.hate them.. too :) Terri> I have my own forum and i'm staff in the new age forum Terri> mine is a reiki forum Ed> Oh .. Terri...I really like it! *** swelch has entered Lecture Hall from host-209-214-177-28.. Ed> Hi.... you might look into the Basic class taught by Jackie Goldstein Ena> Oh yes. what an improvement! I'm been improvising..bellsouth...dialsprint.. Ed> What do you do on Delphi.duh Ed> Took me a long time to track it down. by all means. it's a really good program. Ed. Ena.duh. Ed> I looked at a LOT of them . Mary sherilyn> Hi. Terri> oh. it is.. it's a small problem! :) Ed> No. Ena> When you get it.. y/all.. Terri> is this a telnet program? Terri> hiya Swelch Ena> and considering how far we've come.. MaryO> I did orientation with my old computer. <grin> swelch> I went to class and no one was there but they don't seem to be here either..ags. Ena> and I'll give you the next instruction. too Ena> Terri (and whomever else is having problems) look for the Ewgie button down at the bottom bar.*** MaryO has entered Lecture Hall from sdn-ar-001nmalbuP308. Terri> good job. we do? Terri who? Terri> we did? Terri> Terri/Yerri . Ena> Yes. I didn't know that . *** SusanW has left chat. Terri> oh. <g> MaryO> Hi! lisag> Hi Mary pauline> Thanks Ed.If you want to take an introductory class here. *** SusanW has entered Lecture Hall from host-209-214-177-28. Terri> hiya Mary! Ed> Pauline .I'll know that next time MaryO> Ena. MaryO> Good crowd tonight :) MaryO> and I think Paige is coming. It's a Java applet.fixed's the best java applet I've ever seen swelch> Hi. Ed> Otherwise.. says applet below.makes me nuts. Mary Terri> it's all the way over to the've never been to an orientation? Ed> That off-center screen is the one thing that bugs me most about this chat program.. tell me so. Terri. ed and terri know each other from genie. Ed> Hi. Terri> aha..

. But it's nice to see old Genieites MaryO> was still genially lurking in the background when you joined the new age staff Ed> This place is swarming with old Genieites. :-) MaryO> Ed was our guru and resident genius :) Ena> Sherilyn and Mary...what's your last name? Do you know Marla?? swelch> I'm leaving to check my classroom again. Ed> Pauline .. or after the lecture.. yes. Terri> I think Mary got bumped Ed> Tell her "hi" when you see her. Terri> Ed. I'll have to go to the library too..not offhand.. Terri> she's still on icq sherilyn> ok Ed> Terri . MaryO> retrogrades in their financial applications MaryO> moving on quickly to some pretty interesting ways of looking at stocks and funds *** Ena has left chat. Terri> re's Mary Ed> Re's. pauline> OK. sherilyn> Ed. MaryO> Kaye teaches financial astrology. Mary. where is everybody going? *** swelch has left chat.. Don't know GF (at least by that name) Ed> Anyways . Terri> they are living together now. it's Perrone. Makes you realize what all you don't know about astrology. Terri> Marla's in charge of New Age on Delphi. Ed> Ena has an appointment she needs to be at .like Moon void of course. Ed> <blush> Terri> <grin> pauline> Yes. Mary .... new age forum Ed started the whole astrology. Terri> oops *** MaryO has left chat. but there are some files Kaye provided regarding the planetary hours.dialsprint. though. Thanks..GF=Goldfish Ed> Ah ..getting married in June. Ed..... Terri> (the gods hate us? ::giggle::) Ed> The files explain briefly the meanings of the planetary hours. can you tell everyone some about Kaye's material while we're waiting for her to get in? Terri> <g> Mary thinks highly of you... I remember. I may be back. Terri> ::stops gossiping:: Ed> We didn't get these up until late this afternoon. pauline> Anybody have any astrological explanations for why this is (isn't ) happening? Ed> They are in the library where you can view/download them.. *** MaryO has entered Lecture Hall from sdn-ar-001nmalbuP308. Terri> you know GF and Tigerlily? Ed> I remember Tigerlily. Ed> Back to our topic at hand for a moment . Ed> I'm not sure what happened to Mary. I know Marla. no.the whole gang is there.MaryO> Terri. Ed> Ack! Terri> ack is right. can we hear about Kaye's material? sherilyn> There's an awful lot to learn. Ed> Either now. and also how to calculate them..starting with the kind of practical MaryO> applications we can all use every day.thought he Terri> I don't think we met on Genie.. Yes.

. Terri> am I still here? ::giggle:: Terri> oh. MaryO> Right... good. Ed> But instead of using a complete chart. then Venus. Saturn.realized I'd forgotten to print Kaye's lecture notes from the library Ed> Pauline and I were talking a little bit about electional astrology earlier . Etc.. Mary..... :-( Terri> bummer Ed> And planetary hours are related to electional .. then Moon. still no news.electional is deciding on a good moment to begin a venture . then sunset to sunrise pauline> Still with you. good MaryO> Sunrise on Sunday starts with Sun's hour. MaryO> Tuesday with Mars.. MaryO> they use a different order than we usually do.Ed? pauline> Related in what way Ed? Ed> Sherilyn . :) Ed> Pauline .. No.. though. Ed> Planetary hours are also used for deciding "good times" to do certain things .and it's a very effective way to MaryO> judge whether something new is in harmony with the cosmos MaryO> I frequently ask clients about the exact time they met a new romantic friend MaryO> or a new business prospect... Ed> The "hours" are actually equal divisions of the daylight hours and the nighttime hours. Mars and back to Sun MaryO> by sunset MaryO> Kaye's library files tell you how to calculate the hours MaryO> once you get the hang of it. you really don't need them ahead of time. MaryO> but it takes a little practice Ed> Each day at sunrise begins with the hour of a certain planet. Ed> Mary . or do they come from the chart? pauline> (how do you tell a Mars hour?) MaryO> Pauline. MaryO> Anyone heard from Kaye? Ed> No. pauline> I understand so far..Monday starts with the Moon pauline> Ok.. sherilyn> Do we need the lecture notes to understand what is going on tonight .. and they are calculated from sunrise to sunset. Ed> Terri . Terri> is ena going to post this lecture? Ed> They're good for reference.. Ed> Then you move through the planets in order from there. you should be aggressive.. Ed> For example: During a Mars hour.MaryO> Hi..and it's amazing how much the timing MaryO> form the hours will tell you about how the relationship will proceed . Jpiter. Want to continue? pauline> Are the hours already divided.... receptive.yes Terri> oh.. you use the nature of the particular hour. you were talking when you got bumped. Ed> So they're all (as Mary pointed out) practical applications of astrology -when to do certain things in the real if the venture were a newborn baby. Ed> It uses a complete chart for that moment -. then Mercury. I get it . it's easy. During a Moon hour. hours start at sunrise every day.

. I totally agree... Stephanie MaryO> or if you're going shopping.ags. MaryO> or the time you closed on your house or signed a lease.... hour-by-hour. if I were going to call an editor about a writing assignment. pauline> Mary..MaryO> Kaye's very good at practical applications for these basic astrological processes Terri> brb pauline> So I could create a natal chart for the day I started my job to see how it will go? MaryO> for the day and time you started the job. month to you might want the Venus hour...... and you have some particular thing to do.. .and you want to MaryO> coordinate that with the things you do MaryO> especially if you don't have TIME to do a full chart Ed> If you do the complete chart for the time you started your job. MaryO> Mercury's hour will be good Ed> But if you're at work.. MaryO> you probably don't even remember when you first met MaryO> but you can avoid the Mars hours of the day when everyone feels like being up and active *** Stephanie has entered Lecture Hall from cm530858-a. MaryO> the hours are useful in the same way that knowing about a void of course moon is useful pauline> Mmmmmmm.yes. MaryO> for example.Stephanie Stephanie> Hi All :) sherilyn> what about stocks.especially Stephanie> Hi Ed! MaryO> for clothing or jewelry or holiday gifts lisag> Hi Stephanie MaryO> Hi. though. the planetary hour at that time will give you an idea of whether it's a good time to do that thing. MaryO> let's say you want a quiet chat with an old bet! Ed> Pauline . etc. pauline> The chart is long term and the hours are usefull for action decision making? Ed> Right Ed> Hours are .Mary? pauline> I need two Venus hours for shopping (hee hee) MaryO> :::smile::: MaryO> I don't know as much as I wish I did about that .bellsouth.. but different... That's different from the planetar hours.. well. Stephanie! Stephanie> And hi Lisa! Terri> hi Stephanie sherilyn> Hi.tx. sherilyn> Ok MaryO> Kaye says Jupiter's good for business and collecting money <g> MaryO> but I might want to look it over during a Mercury hour MaryO> and we each can take initiative in lots of ways with the hour for the planet . *** swelch has entered Lecture Hall from host-209-214-177-28.. :-) pauline> Gotcha! MaryO> and some things aren't WORTH the time and effort to do a full it will show you how the job overall will go ..that's an electional chart Ed> They're related . Ed> day to day.home... Good stuff! MaryO> they tell you the present "mind set" of the universe. MaryO> but ed's right. Ed> Hi.ftwrth1. Sherilyn.

.i'll work something out with my class Terri> ok.... probably Jupiter Ed> I read that in Kaye's material. MaryO> sure.MaryO> that rules our ascendant and natal sign MaryO> In my case. Ed> Nite *** Ed has left chat. everyone. *** lisag has left chat.. *** Stephanie has left chat....see you all laters *** pauline has left chat. pauline. cast a chart and see if it's a good time to start .I'll try to be here.. Ed pauline> Same time etc? OK Nice meeting you all! MaryO> See you all next week Ed> Same time. ed... and I hadn't known that about using planetary hours. thanks Ed! :) sherilyn> Okay with me.... and she was wondering if it's okay with everyone to do this again next week Stephanie> Oh.? Ed> She still can't log on...(whatever it is I want to start MaryO> Yes.i teach 101 at this time. Ed> (about your personal Sun and asc rulers) MaryO> i hadn't thought about it. She's on the road. that makes the Sun's hours doubly useful for anything involving risk or initiative MaryO> so I might use a Sun hour to take a flyer on a stock. thanks Ed swelch> Bye all.but when I did it made sense and i could MaryO> verify it from some past decisions that worked out (when I had the charts) pauline> Could I move forward in time.election astrology is about choosing MaryO> the time to start things. :) MaryO> Thanks. yes. play a hunch MaryO> but for more serious research. Kaye just called me MaryO> and? pauline> yes.. and can't get her modem working right. Stephanie> OK. ****** End of transcript ****** . and that's how it works Ed> Sorry . sherilyn> Bye *** sherilyn has left chat. *** swelch has left chat. same station.. Ed> Thank you. no :( Ed> Same time. :-) Ed> She sends her apologies. *** Terri has left chat. *** MaryO has left chat.. Terri> thanks Ed. of course you can.