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Suthida Termthong Puifai 1203

Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, 1942
The uncertain relationship of man and woman in the poem “ Nighthawks”, written by Joyce
Carol Oates. There are man and woman sitting silently beside each other with their own though.
Their relationship looks unhealthy. The man who often left her and return back to his family. The
woman start to recall the same situation that happen over and over and she though that could she
trust him again in this time. She knows the reaction of the man that he start to feel guilty and finally
he will going back to his family again. “He’ll start to feel guilty in a few days, she know the sign,
and actual smell, sweaty, rancid, like dirty sock; he’ll slip away to make telephone calls and she
swears she isn’t going to go through that again, isn’t going to break down crying or begging, nor is
she going to scream at him, she’s finished with all that” (12-19). Eventually, the same episode have
rerun again. The woman who would like to stop the relationship because the man break her confide.
Hence, this situation represents uncertainly of the man that affect their relationship and it become to
unhealthy relationship.