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English 12 - Bishop


Department of Modern Languages
English 12 – Syllabus

Class Name:

English 12


Mr. Matthew Bishop

Course Description

The purpose of this class is to help students increase their confidence and proficiency in English.
This class aims to improve student writing, speaking, reading, and critical thinking abilities. As
graduating seniors, this is your opportunity to fine-tune the skills you have acquired at MUIDS,
and to prepare for life after high school. English will prepare you for university and give you an
advantage in your future careers. But more importantly, English will give you the freedom to
travel the world, connect with more people, and express yourself more fully.

Class Philosophy
This class is discussion-heavy and will behave like a seminar. To succeed in this class, students
must do the readings, have thoughts, and be willing to share them. In addition to improving
English fluency, this class will encourage critical thinking skills by having students analyze
literature, make connections across sources, and perform academic research.

We will complete four units this school year, and each unit will end with a final project
demonstrating your earned knowledge. The units for this year's 12th grade English class are:

Literary Analysis

(unit project: analytical essay)
(unit project: research essay)
(unit project: creative non-fiction essay)
(unit project: monologue memorization & performance)

Texts & Materials

English 12 - Bishop


1 Large Binder
1 Notebook:
Pens and/or pencils
Laptop and charger
Assigned texts and materials

35% … Projects, Essays, Exams – This includes all unit projects and long essays.

Projects / Essays – Students will complete a cumulative project at the end of each
unit. Students will be given time in-class to work on these projects, and their work
will be assessed using rubrics unique to that assignment. In the case of essays,
mandatory revisions may also be assigned.

25% … Assignments, Quizzes – This includes quizzes, short writing assignments, journals,
worksheets, annotations, notebook checks, and individual classwork.

Reading / Vocabulary Quizzes – (10-20 points) There will be weekly quizzes over
vocabulary and/or material covered that week. Students will be expected to complete
assigned readings on time, and they will complete reading comprehension quizzes to
demonstrate understanding. Students who are absent on a day a quiz is assigned will

receive a zero.
Journal – (10 points) Students will be required to keep a journal, and write an entry

every week in which they reflect upon a creative prompt.
Annotations – (10 points) Students will read, annotate and compose a written

response to a text once a week. Responses are graded using a rubric.
Student Binder – (40 points) Students must keep all classwork in a large binder,
which will be checked monthly. This includes quizzes, worksheets, handouts,
annotations, responses, notes, etc. Binders will be kept in the classroom cabinet.
Before notebook checks, students will be given a checklist of all material that should
be in the binder. Points will be lost for missing or incomplete assignments.

20% … Group Work – This includes all group discussion grades, literature circles, group work
done in class, and a weekly classroom English grade.

Literature Circles – (10 points) Students will be expected to participate in literature
circles in which they discuss the week’s reading with their peers. Students will be
given time in-class to prepare for literature circles, and assessed using a rubric. In
addition, students may be expected to record and present on their literature circle

Weekly Classroom English Use – (10 points) This is an English Language classroom;
therefore, only English may be used once class begins. For each instance of nonEnglish heard, one point will be deducted from the weekly total. This score applies to
every student.

English 12 - Bishop


20% … Participation, Attendance, Behavior – This includes attendance, tardiness, conduct,
class preparation, and class participation.

Individual Participation – (2 points / day) Students receive two points per day for
coming to class prepared and on time, as well as for speaking in English. Late
students will receive one point. Absent-Late students (more than 5 minutes) will
receive zero points. Students will lose points for being unprepared, not participating,
not having materials, sleeping, and/or being disruptive.
Grading Scheme


D+ / D

65-69.9 / 60-64.9

B+ / B

85-89.9 / 80-84.9



C+ / C

75-79.9 / 70-74.9

Tentative Schedule
Week 1

Course Introduction
What is analysis?

"The Death of the Author" - Barthes
"Nighthawks" - Oates

Week 2

TIQA Paragraph Structure
Ladder of Analysis
Plot, Summary, Theme

"The Colonel" - Forche
"Responsibility" - McDougall

Week 3

Mood and Tone

"Roanoke Pastoral" - Huddle
"In the Place des Vogues" - Wenthe

Week 4


"Eveline" - Joyce

Week 5


"I Heard a Fly Buzz--" - Dickinson
"After Apple-Picking" - Frost

Week 6

Literary Devices

"Dirge and Apologia" - Fasano
"Still Life in Landscape" - Olds

Week 7

Unit Project: Analytical Essay
Check #1

Week 8

Check #2 / Revision
Project Submission

Week 9

Academic English, Chapter 1: Writing a Paragraph

Week 10

Academic English, Chapter 2: Unity and Coherence

Week 11

Academic English, Chapter 3: Supporting Details

Week 12

Academic English, Chapter 4: From Paragraph to Essay

Week 13

Academic English, Chapter 8: Paraphrase and Summary

Week 14

Unit Project: Research Essay

Week 15

Unit Project: Research Essay
Check #1

Week 16

Check #2 / Revision
Project Submission

Week 17

Introduction to Non-Fiction

English 12 - Bishop

Versions of Reality

Week 18


"The Neoliberal Arts" - Deresiewicz

Week 19

Personal Essay

"The Limit" - Wiman

Week 20


Grizzly Man - Herzog

Week 21

Graphic Novel

Persepolis – "The Veil," "The Bicycle,"
"The Water Cell," "The Soup," "Tyrol"

Week 22

Unit Project: Personal Essay

Week 23

Unit Project: Personal Essay
Check #1

Week 24

Check #2 / Revision
Submit Project

Week 25

Introduction to Drama
Greek Conventions and Terms

Week 26

Oedipus, parts 1-2

Week 27

Oedipus, parts 3-4

Week 28

Oedipus, part 5
Freud's Analysis

Week 29

Unit Project: Monologues

Week 30

Submit Project

Week 31

Final Project: End-of-Year Portfolio

Week 32

Submit End-of-Year Portfolio

"My Oedipus Complex"

Attendance Policy

If a student plans to miss class due to exams (SAT, TOEFL, ONET), university
entrance exams, or university interviews, they should notate it on the class calendar.
Do this ASAP.

To receive an Excused Absence, students must provide an Excused Absence Form for
their teacher to sign at least one (1) day before the absence. This form can be found
at Student Services.

The teacher will not sign an Excused Absence Form after an absence occurs.

However, if students are absent due to sickness, and can obtain an Excused Absence
from Student Services, they should inform the teacher so that attendance points are
not lost.

Without the Excused Absence Form, all absences are considered non-excused.

Students will be unable to make-up any assignment missed due to an absence, even
if the absence is excused. The reality is that class time missed, for any reason, is
forever missed and students cannot receive credit for that. The only assignment
students are allowed to complete despite absences is the Journal.
Classroom Rules


English 12 - Bishop


Plagiarism is the act of stealing and using the words or ideas of another individual or
source as your own. Any student found to be copying the work of another student or
another source will receive a 0% for that assignment. Additionally, any student whose
work is copied by another student will earn a 0% for that assignment. Plagiarism is not
tolerated in this class. If any student is found to be involved in an act of plagiarism,
school administrators will be contacted.
One of the purposes of this course is to introduce academic and professional writing
standards and proper citation etiquette. We will be using the APA style for formatting
and referencing in all courses at MUIDS. Please become familiar with the following
website, as it will be an invaluable reference for the APA standards:

BE ON TIME. Refer to the MUIDS absence policy. If you are tardy, you will lose attendance
BE PREPARED. Students who come to a class without their English notebook or class readings
will lose attendance and participation points.
NO PHONES. If you are using your phone without permission, or if your phone is visible, it will
be taken and given to Student Services. In case of an emergency requiring your phone, let the
teacher know in advance.
days students will need to use laptops and/or tablets in class; some days they will not. Students
should not use laptops or tablets without teacher permission.
NO THAI. This is English class. Speaking in another language will reduce Weekly English Use
points for everyone in class.
NO THAI-ENGLISH DICTIONARIES. I will provide English dictionaries for use in-class; ThaiEnglish dictionaries are a crutch, and are not permitted.

English 12 - Bishop


Journal Entry / Notebook Rubric

Performance Level

Check plus
10 points

8 points

✓Check minus
6 point



At least one page in length
Grammatically correct, legible, few spelling mistakes.
Language is concrete and specific.
Contemplative and reflects on the student's life, experiences, and/or
surroundings in a way that is thoughtful or insightful.

At least three-quarters of a page in length.
Legible, mostly grammatically correct.
Somewhat thoughtful and reflects on the student's life, experiences, and/or
surroundings in a way that goes beyond summary and the listing of events.

At least half a page in length.
Mostly legible with significant grammatical mistakes.
Slightly thoughtful or contemplative, though mostly a summary or listing of

Does not submit journal entry on-time or in journal
Less than one half page in length
Only summary or listing of events

Analysis Rubric

Performance Level

Check plus
10 points

8 points


Full paragraph response (7-10+ sentences).
Legible and grammatically coherent.
Reflects upon the text in a substantive and thought-provoking way, and
addresses word choice, use of language, poetic forms, symbolism, etc.

Paragraph response (5-7 sentences).
Legible and mostly grammatically coherent.
Reflects upon the text in a mostly thoughtful way, and elaborates on some
sections of the poem, addressing basic concepts like meaning, tone, theme.

Short response (3-5 sentences).

English 12 - Bishop

✓Check minus


Mostly legible and somewhat grammatically coherent.
Considers the poem in a mostly superficial way, or does not address many of
the text's constructs.

Does not complete poetry response.
Unsatisfactory response (1-2 sentences).

6 point


English 12 - Bishop


Group Discussion / Literature Circle Rubric









All discussion is conducted in
All members speak, with no
single member dominating.
Members interact with one

Group members have
substantive discussion.
Members connect the text to
other topics/research/texts.
All members fulfill their

Speaking is natural and easy.
No loss of understanding
No problems with intonation
or pronunciation.

All group members have fully
prepped for discussion.
All members complete their
role sheets.
Members have read the text
thoroughly, taking notes.

All members are engaged
with discussion.
Members encourage others to


Almost all discussion is conducted
in English.
All members speak, although
some members speak more than
Speaking takes place in turns.

Group members have somewhat
substantive discussion.
Mostly a summary, or restating
ideas already discussed.
Some members lacking or
neglecting elements of their roles.

Speaking is somewhat natural,
with minor pauses.
Some parts of speech cannot be
Minor intonation or
pronunciation errors.

Some members have not fully
prepared for discussion.
Role sheets carelessly completed.
Some members seem unfamiliar
with the text.

Some members act uninterested
in the discussion.
At times exclusive of others in the


Some discussion occurs in Thai.
One or two group members do
very little discussion.
Long pauses in discussion, with
speaking taking place in turns.

Members have a mostly
superficial discussion.
Only a summary, many parts of
the conversation redundant.
Some members lacking many
elements of their roles.

Speaking is awkward, having
many gaps.
Several points being made
cannot be understood.
Significant problems with
intonation and pronunciation.

Many members have not fully
prepared for discussion.
Sections of role sheets
Many members seem unfamiliar
with the text.

Members seem obviously bored
with either discussion or text.
Some members are ignored
during discussion.

Several instances of Thai are
Some members do not speak.
Group goes off-topic, finishes
too early, and/or unengaged.
Members have no discussion.
No points are made about the
Some members fail to fulfill
their roles.
Speaking does not occur.
Much of what the group
member says cannot be
Severe problems with
intonation and pronunciation.
Group is unprepared to
discuss the text.
Unfinished role sheets, or
several carelessly completed.
Members have failed to do the
Members lounge in chairs, put
heads on desk.
Makes no attempt to converse
with or include others.

English 12 - Bishop

Enthusiastic and respectful,
even in disagreement.

Enthusiastic and respectful, but
only in agreement.

Judgmental or impatient with

Disrespectful attitude and