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Tradition has it that. SrI RAmAnuja gave his “SrI bhAshya simhAsanam” to SrI naDadUr AzhwAn on the eve of his departure to the heavenly abode in the year 1137 AD and also the responsibility of spreading his SrI bhAshyam.�ीः वन्देंह वरदाय� तं वत्सािभज्ञानभूष भाष्यामृत �दानात् यः संजीवयित मामि vandeham varadAryam tam vatsAbhij~nAnabhUshaNam bhAshyAmrta pradAnAt yaH sanjIvayati mAmapi ABOUT SRI NADADUR AMMAL SrI naDadUr ammAL (1165 -1275AD) is one of the greatest AcAryas in the sampradAya of SrI RAmAnuja. Kamala. He is an AcArya held in high respect by both the Vadakalai and Tenkalai followers of SrI RAmAnuja. SrI naDadUr ammAL. . He kept up the tradition of discourses on SrI bhAshyam in the temple of Lord Varada at kAncIpuram and attracted many scholarly students. a village near kAnci. SrI naDadUr AzhwAn was a great logician and also hailed as the “beloved nephew” of SrI RAmAnuja. originally named by his parents as Varada. was born at NadadUr. SrI naDadUr ammAL obtained the name “ammAL” because Lord Varada himself called him “Mother (ammAL)!” moved by his motherly act when SrI naDadUr ammAL offered milk to him at a palatable temperature in the same manner a mother would to her child. SrI naDadUr ammAL was the grandson of SrI naDadUr AzhwAn who was the son of SrI RAmAnuja’s younger sister Smt.

serves as the best guide for students of SrI bhAshyam. The incident of SrI NaDadUr AmmAL blessing SwAmi DeSika.D) was the disciple of SrI Kidambi appuLLar who was also a student of SrI NaDadUr AmmAL. prostrate at this place first and only then enter the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Varada to have His darSan .NadAdUr AmmAL is the AcAryan of both SudarSana bhaTTar (the great grandson of SrI KUrattAzhwAn. during his discourses has been depicted in the form of a painting in the inner roof of the eastern prAkara of Lord Varada at the very site where the incident took place. even today. The great and famous Vedanta DeSika (1268 1368 A. The informed and wiser ones in our sampradAya. the boy. The services of SrI NaDadUr AmmAL to our SrI VaishNava sampradAya through SrutaprakASikA is thus unique and every one of us is indebted to him on this account. and the author of Sruta prakASikA) and AtrEya RAmAnuja also known as SrI AppuLLar (the maternal uncle of SwAmi DeSikan). SrI DeSika obtained the blessings of his grand preceptor as a child. SrutaprakASikA.

mangaLASAsana stotra on Lord VaradarAja. itihAsam (mahA bhAratam. hetipungava stava.AmmAL blessed us with several SrI sUkti-s (viz. hari vamsam).) tattva sAra. sAtvIka purANam (VishNu purANam). prameyamAlA. paratvAdi pancaka and (para) tattva nirNaya dealing with the establishment of VishNu as the Supreme Reality based on Sruti. prapanna pArijAta. .

Seshadri swAmi took over as the Managing Trustee of the Trust and has been continuing the service with the assistance of his younger brother Sri V. his eldest son SrI S.).Karunakaran swAmi.D. Villur NaDadUr Asukavi Sarvabhouma Srinidhi swAmi (19132001A. since 1955. After the departure of SrI Srinidhi swAmi in 2001. recipient of the President’s award and 24th scion of the SrI NaDadUr AmmAL lineage had been organizing a Vidwat sadas as an annual event to commemorate the birth day of the Great Guru. . The Vidwat sadas has been conducted for the last fifty seven years regularly.S. He formed a Charitable Trust to make this event eternal. a reputed scholar and poet in Sanskrit.ABOUT THE VIDWAT SADAS SrI U. Ve.

participating in the Vidwat sadas a traditional form of Seminar present topics from SrI bhAshyam and discussions are held on this among the scholars present. The scholars are honoured with decent sambhavanas and a set of dhoti-s. Their travel expenses are also reimbursed. Many suhrt-s have been sponsoring and supporting this vidwat sadas related kaimkaryam and sambhAvanA-s in the past. It will be a nice gesture in the service of sampradAya if a few of the blessed ones reading this note come forward to donate a sizeable amount to bridge the gap.000 (About US $ 1800/-) is required to make the event a success for this year. Now an amount of Rs 90.The scholars. thus promoting the study of SrI bhAshyam. or even take up sponsorship of the whole event. pArAyaNam of vedA-s and divya prabhandha-s are also part of this detailed event. Traditional tadiyArAdanam is also arranged during the five days. .

Gowrivakkam. Sivakami Nagar.HOW TO REMIT DONATIONS Donations can be sent by cheque or DD drawn favouring Sri Nadadoor Ammal Trust to the address below: Sri Nadadoor Ammal Trust. . IFS Code SBIN 000 7948. Chennai 600 073 Tel : 044 22780854 Alternatively they can be remitted electronically into the S/B Account of the Trust with State Bank of India. Account No 1024 1898 720. Selaiyur Branch through NEFT. 10 Bharathiyar Street.