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Computer Science: Top Ten Careers

Anthony DiMeglio
Professor Baird
CSIS 1030
08 December 2016

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Computer Science: Top Ten Careers
Humanity is in the midst of the Digital Age; every day new fields emerge in the with more jobs
becoming available. Computer Science has flourished tremendously in recent years with the uprising
demand for computers to power people’s everyday lives. The career fields of Computer Science are
quickly rising to some of the most demanding jobs on the market today, through the course of this paper
we will cover the ten most desired jobs in this prominent and ever growing field. It is now time to
venture into the Top Ten Careers in Computer Science in today’s job market.
Top Ten:
The most desired job for those who have a degree in computer science is currently a Software
Developer, with this career it is projected that it will grow at least 17 percent in the course of just ten
years, this is a faster rate than average. It should also come to no surprise that this field comes in at
number one since almost everybody is using a computer of some sort from a Desktop Computer all the
way down to the tiniest smart watch all of these devices are using software applications. The roles of
these developers range from creating new applications to modifying current applications; the overall goal
is to optimize the operational efficiency. When we look at it from an educational perspective over 80%
of the Software Developers have only a Bachelor's degree, this brings in more employees at a fast rate
than if they would require a Master's. At an average of $100,000 a year only contributes to it being the
most desirable job in computer science.
Moving away from the most desired, in second place is a Computer System Analyst. The job
outlook for this career field comes in at 21 percent which is just slightly higher than Software
Developers; the educational requirement is the same with a Bachelor’s degree. Typical job duties

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include having to consult with management so they may determine the role of the organization's systems
currently in use, which in turn would improve the company's systems which are currently being used.
The analyst can also enhance the computer systems compatibility to allow form information to be
accessed and shared with more ease.
Similarly, there are Computer System Engineers which is the third most desired job in computers on
the market today. They tend to pick up where the analyst leaves off; they will develop solutions to the
problems in which the analyst diagnose. Engineers also do more than just developing solutions the also
design and test systems as well. They can also update current equipment to allow for it to work with
newly installed software. However, the job growth in this field is as little as 3%, so the demand for new
Engineers is not yet that high.
On the other hand as high as 14 percent growth is predicted for Network Systems
Administrators which takes fourth place. This field can be rigorous as the previously mentioned careers;
they are in charge of maintaining the company's network system to include the components which go
along with it. If the company has a website, it the administrator's job to ensure that it functions properly
on a regular basis and they must also ensure the computers within the company are all running in
coherence with one another with the appropriate security updates and patches one them. These are also
the guy and gals that organize the company's LAN and WANS, it also pays an average of $75,000 per
Right behind the Network Admins comes the Database Administrator’s in the number five spot,
they work to store and organize the company's data. This is a vital job for any employer; they first want
to ensure that their data is secure and also backup incase of a system failure; this is a role of the
Database Administrators. Along with that task, they are also in charge of ensuring the databases work

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correctly and it is also their responsibility to maintain databases and merge any old database with up to
date ones. There is also a high demand for these type of jobs at 21 percent projected growth.
A less prompt career with a projected growth of 3 percent is Business Intelligence Analyst; they
come in the number six spot. It is the job of these individuals to provide not only the financial but also
the market intelligence for the company. Moving onto a more popular career is the Web Developers
which is often referred to as the Webmaster, there is a high demand for them at a projected 21 percent.
Since every company is moving more and more towards the cloud there has been a high demand for
Web Developers to create and maintain the companies websites; there is more to this field than just
maintaining. The webmaster must ensure that the site is appealing to the users and visitors, the easier the
site, the longer someone would want to stay on it thus the potential for the company to make more
Another important career in the workforce is that of a Computer Programmer, which takes the
number eight spot. It is their job to not right code but to also test code when there are problems in the
computer's software applications. They right and fix the code so that the program flows in the manner
that it is meant to, they will often work in close collaboration with software developers since both fields
overlap one another. As important as computer programmers are their job projection is declining at a -8
percent, the pay, on the other hand, is $80,000 a year.
At number nine are the champions to computer programmers are Software Systems
Developers, who on the other hand have a projected 21 percent growth in their field in the next ten
years. They are similar to computer programmers by designing and developing programs instead of
creating them. Now we see why the two areas work so closely together; it is also the responsibility of
the developers to analyze data and recommend and new installations to the company.

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Last but certainly not least is a Software quality assurance (QA) tester taking the number ten
spot on our list. These guys test the plans to find any software errors and then keep track of their
findings. They more play the role of computer inspectors of the company. Their field, however, is not
projected to increase to well over the next ten years. They are only expected to increase by 3 to 7
percent, on the contrary, they can make up to $ 84,000 annually.
These are only the top ten careers in computer science there are hundreds of others to choose
from, in fact, the field in which I am heading into was not even mentioned in the top ten. Cyber Security,
it is still a new career field that was unheard of just a few years ago. However, with all the threats and
attack there has been an increased need for these cyber security technicians. Although this list gives
plenty of good career choices within Computer Science, you are always best to go with what you enjoy
doing and what you are good best at doing. You should not set your goal to be a software developer if
you do not enjoy it, instead, do your research and find the career that both fills your needs and wants.
When you find a job in which you are interested in being sure to take a look at its projected growth
over the course of the next ten years, if it has a promising growth then it would be much safer and
secure to go with over a job that has a negative projection.

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