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Relationships and Harmony

(Version 2.0)

What we feel, that is our emotions, are a key factor in relationships. Let us say
something about them.
Human emotions by their positivity:
1. A lower emotional spectrum (love and pleasure of weak intensity)
2. A mean emotional spectrum (love and pleasure of medium intensity)
3. The highest emotional spectrum (love and pleasure of strong intensity)
Human emotions by their negativity:
1. A lower emotional spectrum (hate and displeasure of weak intensity)
2. A mean emotional spectrum (hate and displeasure of medium intensity)
3. The highest emotional spectrum (hate and displeasure of strong intensity)
Experiencing of the mean ones only: (= the way without extremes)
The first and the third emotional spectrums are removed and what remains is the
second one. I hope that you can imagine how it would look like without all the most
extreme passions, but also without all the weakest ones.
Experiencing of all emotions except for the most intensive ones:
The third emotional spectrum is removed and the first and the second one remain.
I hope that you can imagine how it would look like without all the most extreme
There are two ways of the distribution of the love (and of the other potential) that
we need:
Either we have all the pieces of love and support in the other people, who are
available to us any time we need them, or we are complete and all the potential we
need is included in our personality, being its part. However, such a "complete
condition" is typical of Gods, but not of us people who can never reach it fully, of
The old "Lukewarm Harmony" from my book "Amen"
Whereas the "Extreme Harmony" includes excessive good and excessive evil, its
lukewarm form is characterized by averagely intensive feelings without maximal good
and maximal evil. Not a single human being suffers too intensely, which is the main
thing that matters.

the entire sum of the light (= happiness) and the dark (= unhappiness) of the whole Picture of Human Souls should be very slightly under zero (at least 2%. Considering the total sum of everything what all the human souls are supposed to experience during one cycle of events in our Ball and now I am referring to "the Picture of Human Souls". However. Large Shepherd Dogs 80% power of the strongest. in the overall performance where everything is needed (resistance against colds. every human being has the average amount of personal happiness. Generally. Although in one discipline they can be overcame (for instance a Greyhound will run even faster than they do or a Bloodhound will track the game better than they do). it is already a bit wrong. 80% will of those who have the highest one and similarly. described above. that when we won't be too happy in our universe. the truth is that I am not fully sure about the value of the problematic place of the right third that decides the final result). Both "Heavenly" and "Hellish third" exclude the establishment of my "Lukewarm Harmony". ability to . about 30% big) is the average amount of human happiness much bigger.4 and . I was even considering the idea of taking beings existing in the other universes for neighbors in the meaning. But in the "Miscellaneous third" (the right one.At the time of the creation of my "Lukewarm Harmony". we won't be the cause of their possible excessive unhappiness (now I am referring to the balance of opposites. recently I have mentioned the range of . Some examples: 1. In our "Hellish third" (the left one. But if we consider the value of the society we live in or in which we will live in the future. which was my main criterion then). half light. The "Heavenly one" for being too good and the "Hellish one" for being too evil. you cannot avoid the biggest good. to avoid the biggest extremes in good and evil is advisable as well as to reach the average amount of happiness in every human being. 80% quickness of the most quick. in the "Heavenly third" and partly also in the best places of the "Miscellaneous one". Benefit of avoiding the extremes If we remove all the extremes and utilize well what has remained. The entire amount of happiness of the whole society is divided by the number of its members and every single one of them has the resulting amount at his disposal (and the balance of opposites already is not the main criterion here). It is only realizable without Hellish people. which was maybe too negative. quite dark. Because the "Heavenly third" looks like the opposite of the "Hellish third". The new "Lukewarm Harmony" Similarly to the old version of this harmony. the opinion of my young age was more or less correct. But it is impossible to be put in practice in the "Hellish third" of the Picture of Human Souls. and the "Miscellaneous third" is half light with one problematic place. about 35% big) is the average amount of happiness of normal people quite low. ability to fight beasts. since every society has a different amount of happiness at its disposal.8 %. we can get to very interesting results.

other to own children. or the best wrestler. By time: It often happens that the pieces of love located in others are not at hand when we need them. when people are still little kids.fight human enemies. other to (grand)parents. On the other hand. other to beloved pieces of land and similarly. One part of love is given to a girl/boy friend or a wife/husband. we can become "overeaten" by their ever-lasting closeness. Part of their life they are kids.g. We need the pieces of love experienced with the other relatives. being unreachable for us not because of some large distance. it can be too difficult for us to meet them when we need their closeness. they will turn to be the best ones. All our beloved people and favorite places should be reachable any time. they have grandparents. by becoming older. Most of the time. Every human being must be loved by the ideal part & amount of one's potential of love. other to friends. Relationships By potential: (= by intensity) No human being is loved by the entire potential of one's love. in a different country. or a splendid lawyer who knows the law. And each of these periods of life has its benefits that all are needed by the human soul somehow. they are getting their own children and later also grandchildren. And contrariwise when they are located too distant from us.). long walks. they lose them and later they lose also their parents. They are not founding themselves in the present. but because of the time. but in the past or in the future. together with losing firstly grandparents and then parents. Part of the potential that our soul needs is located in our childhood. We need all the love that we need. By place: Best is when our love is not fragmentized by such a way that is not suitable for us. friends and peer group. domestic animal etc. But he who knows the essentials of all that. everything is needed. And we need it :-) 3. when all our close people are located in the same apartment together with us. Martial arts It is not enough to be only the best kicker and striker. meaning not too close and at the same time not too distant. when we really need (to be in touch with) them. other to the other relatives. part in our adulthood and part in our old age. or a perfect psychologist who knows how to treat the other people. For example. You know. good social feeling to approach the other dogs in the pack etc. e. But as they grow older. I guess that in the majority of cases it would function this way and the most suitable thing is the harmonic fragmentation of our relationships. 2. We need the pieces of love experienced both with our parents & grandparents and with our children & grandchildren. knowing both how to . but at the same time no human being is not-loved at all (= to love neither too much nor too little). part adults and part old people.

use perfectly co-operating essentials of all the needed spectrums. because he does not know words from all the other letters. 5. as a whole. But he who knows the essential words from every letter. .kick and strike. at the same time how to approach people and how to do all that in the frame of the law. he. Foreign language He who knows all the existing words from one letter is not able to make himself understood in that language. Instead. and how to use the body in combative situations that require wrestling techniques. Lesson: Do not reach the maximum level in one spectrum. is more efficient than any of those one-sided professionals separated and alone. he will already be able to make himself understood in that language. 4. yet all of them are in ideal condition (which does not mean 'maximal') and co-operate perfectly. Supergod None of the pieces of his body excels another.

The result is a "root surplus" on the one hand. there we do not have our physical bodies and our soul does not express sexuality. every gender contains a very little bit of the traits & capabilities of the other one. Anyway. The principle of how intensely it experiences relationships can be illustrated by the model of a person.Bonus (genders and Heaven) When we are in the Heaven. be the man or the woman like the God has created you. the resulting amount would be the value of the intensity of love. by means of which that "androgynous" person experiences its relationship to close people. where they feel the streams of loving warmth between them and Heavenly plants & spiritual creatures. despite it every one of them is different than others who have got the same gender. However. Shortly. But if these traits & capabilities are about being equal. that is one-sidedness. too. Let us remember the origin of male and female gender (excerpt from my book "Supergod"): "It is a so-called "root diversion from the original center". having such a relationship to it that borders on erotic attraction.mysteria." More complex feelings can only be reached by the merge of the capabilities of the both genders. which is a modification of the model of the original androgynous & sexless human by the magnification of a part of the traits of his root and at the same time by the weakening of the remaining. By their intensity. which means a warmer hearted friendship (in the meaning of improved or even "upgraded"). It would be something between a normal relationship and a sexual one with orgasm. we speak about the spiritual one that is in the Heaven). which suggests "half a man half a woman". because in every opposite there is the element of its own opposite. Women have got a vagina and men a penis. but on the other hand there would not be any too cold relationships either. here on Earth everybody should follow the traits of his or her physical gender without any attempts to change anything about it.comment). the emotional spectrum of which includes both female and male feelings. And. However. Such an individual would like its body (above all. being a perfect merge of the both. Whereas the essence of each of the two genders is compatible with a different range of feelings. do not try to be like such a person! It is a theory that was explained here to make you understand the essence of genders and of love experienced by our souls in the Heaven. The same "improved relationship" would be valid for that to own self. on the other hand a "root deficit" (= a man or a woman . ____________________________________________ Source: http://pdfs. The way such a person would experience "his or her" or if you like "its" relationships. is unusual to us. to that in the range between the original physical gender and the androgynous & sexless model. these feelings can be compared to that on the border between a normal mood and an orgasm. there would be no extremely-intensive love like a sexual intercourse with orgasm. by their "sexuality". Because none of the two genders is in dominance. as much as during its physical life on Earth. . If we added up the intensity of love between two lovers and between two acquaintances or friends and divided it by two. only then it reaches the more complex spectrum of the Legal disclaimer: This document is educational and its text only represents the private opinion and subjective feelings of an individual.