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Suthida Termthong

1 Feb 2016
Reduction in Military budget to end in South Korea
The Republic of Korea Army also known as the ROK Army, is the army of South Korea.
It is the largest of the military branches of the South Korean armed forces with 633,000
members. This size is maintained through conscription; South Korean men must complete 21
months of military service between the age of 18 and 35. The 1st of every October is celebrated
in South Korea as Armed Forces Day. It commemorates the day during the Korean War when
units of the ROK Army first crossed the 38th Parallel, thus leading the UN Coalition north into
North Korean territory for the first time.

Since after World War 2 in 2453, when Japan was control Korea, it has lost the upper part
which is North Korea today because of lost a War. This were occupied by the Soviet Socialist
Republic which is Russia today. While the lower part of Korea was occupied by US by the line
dividing the two countries, known as 38th parallel at a distance of 4 km borderline between the
Soviet Union gave independence to support a coalition government with the concept
“Communist” to North Korea. Some of Koreans not satisfy with this concept so they immigrants
to South Korea. This cause discrimination and the Korean War during the year 2493-2495.
Before a contract "The Korean Armistice Agreement," a truce ceasefire officially in 2496.

South Korea’s much smaller armed forces, by contrast, benefit from some of the best
American-supplied weapons and equipment, including more than 2,000 tanks and hundreds of
F5, F15 and F16 fighter jets and fighter bombers. On the other hand, North Korea’s have much
armed force. North Korean weapons can be roughly divided into three categories: those that
guarantee the survival of the regime, those that are useful for reunification, and those that are
useful for provocation. The North Korean People’s Army, Navy and Air Force may be
obsolescent and no match for U.S. and South Korean forces, but they’re increasingly irrelevant
in the long term.
South Korea fears Northern nuclear weapons not only because of their enormous
destructive power, but because they make the regime more difficult to remove. They also make
any sort of internally generated instability in North Korea more dangerous, because nukes could
slip away from the relatively secure hands of the North Korean government into a rogue faction
intent on using them.
In summary, Our country should add more budget to military to support our weapons and
army. To upgrade our military to look more powerful and prepare for a war. Add more budget not
to scare other country, but just prepare for a war and support ours alliance in the further.