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Maleic Anhydride is also one of the important intermediate in the fine

chemical industry, mainly in the manufacturing of agricultural
chemicals and additives for lubricating oil. In addition, it also serves as
a component for several copolymers in the polymer sectors .

further enhanced catalyst was developed by Monsanto, Denka, and
Halcon which led to the world’s first butane-to-maleic anhydride plant
which was started up by Monsanto in 1983. The plant incorporated an
energy efficient solvent-based product collection and refining system. It
was then the largest maleic anhydride production facility and later it
undergone debottlenecking project from a capacity of 59,000 tons per
year to 105,000 tons per year in 1999.
Many production methods for the production of maleic anhydride using
Benzene, Butene and butane.